Saturday, July 18, 2009

Vaccine Resistance Movement (VRM) on facebook

I joined this group after somebody invited me, even though I never went and checked it out first. This message is the first I've read of their information and thought it might be of some interest here. Looks like it will be worth my time to look at the legal aspects of their activism.

Hello everyone, this is an important update so please read through it and paste it on to others in your circle. We're moving ahead with our operations in several respects. After my recent interview with Dr.Bill Deagle and subsequent discussions with him it has become clear the Injunction route is our best bet. Deagle has smartly written up a new defense, what's called a PRO SE Citizen's Injunction to be served by you & me respectively to our applicable courts. We're drafting a Canadian version of it here to accommodate our laws as such. If you are an American less adjustment will be needed. Similar conversions must be done in your country of origin. Why is an Injunction so effective? Assuming you have followed all the correct procedures & the data is rock solid they MUST BY LAW see you in court. Meaning a judge will have to allow you to APPEAR & defend your charges. Stage 2 as we are calling it is KEY. Getting past the legal FRONT GATES. Then we'll co-ordinate a live video appearance to include Dr.Deagle, Dr.True Ott and others if possible to back the allegations & FORCE DISCOVERY. He has agreed to help us in the manner. He calls this the "Legal Militia". So keeping informed with me will be important as I can reach Deagle by phone. We have to ensure there is an organized headquarters to keep track of those who have served it where & what the reply has been. Thus we are now moving swiftly to set up a formal website away from FB (which lately has repeatedly threatened to delete my account). This new central base will manage chapters which we need to delegate nationwide/worldwide. We must keep track of those Injunctions served & how each court has responded. Once we have successful court date we can spread the precedent and use it to pressure other courts to agree to see us. Anyone wanting to serve their own file please get in touch with me directly forst. Make certain your Injunction is applicable to YOUR REGION. We'll also be making flyers, T shirts etc for circulation when ready. We'll be setting up a donation box money bomb on the new website and please send what you can once that is up & running. All the resources will be used to further our cause. We'll be setting up lecture tours to reach out to community groups/parents before it's too late. Knowledge has to get out as the Globalists are manipulating the press everywhere to ensure the public remains frightened & misinformed. It's up to us to get the word out hall by hall, parking lot by parking lot. Door to door if necessary. Anyone wanting to represent their constituency we'll set you as an Officer and you can help organize in your area. We have approximately 3 weeks to get this all set up. The hour is now. Those wanting to join the effort please E-mail me directly if so via my home box. Serious enquiries only as my capacity is limited -

DR.DEAGLE'S CITIZEN'S INJUNCTION (click on *more information* to access the complete file, bottom right hand corner of intro page);

We're also working closely with Dave MacLucas & JoAnne Cremer, founders of the excellent group site supporting Jane Burgermeister's amazing Criminal Injunction. Please join this other group and support their cause. Both Injunctions will be immensely powerful & awaken the masses if applied together.


For those just joining us please refer to these links for all related info -





Just a note our original petition is still essential. It will be utilized to roll out a formal Class Action suit once casualties start pouring in. Then we have documentable evidence to apply.


Godspeed and may the light of the truth always shine our way through these dark time.

Joel Lord/founder VRM


Bobby Garner said...

Whether vaccines are intrinsically safe or unsafe is not at all clear, but one thing is certain, they offer the vehicle for doing great harm, and we know with a high degree of certainty that the same people who propose to force these upon the population have a black heart and are determined to induce a great die off at the earliest opportunity.

That's one side of the coin. On the other side we have anti-vaccination groups, each and every one of which is aligned in some way with the New Age natural health movements.

The simple fact is that the enemy has control of all the exits. We must be creative and find another way. I personally believe it comes down to a case by case and individual by individual choice and action at the right time. There is no way to organize that, and if there were, it would be easily defeated.

Anonymous said...

Here is a legal assault kit to stop a forced vaccination plan hopefully immediately at the doctor's level:

Bobby Garner said...

One of the problems with the Legal Assault Kit is that it presumes the vaccine will be administered by doctors. No doubt many will, but one doesn't need to go to medical school to wield a needle. Ask a few million drug junkies.

The second thing is that it produces a feeling of accomplishment in the mind of the participant, when in fact nothing has been accomplished. It siphons off energy which could be better utilized in productive ways.

We'd better stop allowing these organizing clowns to do all the thinking. If we don't start thinking and acting by and for ourselves, nothing can or will change.

Joel Lord said...

Hi everyone. I'm Joel Lord, the founder of the Vaccine Resistance Movement. Our Petition 'A Universal Declaration of Resistance to Mandatory Vaccinations' has exceeded my wildest expectations, having already reached tens of thousands of people around the world. It's purpose is two-fold; to inform those still in the dark not only of the big picture but also to provide practical solutions through the coming storm. I can assure you wholeheartedly I have no affiliations with any cult or sect, I am not part of the New Age Movement as one of your forum guests might suggest, nor am I led by a selfish agenda of any kind. I am a parent, a concerned citizen who took action beyond my normal comfort levels is all, and by reaching out to a broader circle have enabled others to step forward and have their own voices heard. This is crucial to repairing our communities. Gov't has robbed us of our basic sovren rights. We are now facing a tremendous crisis with this H1N1 agenda, and can expect nothing short of Medical Marshal Law ruling over our bodies in the future if we buckle today. The Vaccine Industry is a scam. Many are waking up to this realization and it's not too late for others to open their eyes to the truth. Stand tall, be brave of heart and follow the facts, not the fear.