Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Swine Fluman by Chris Katko

Swine Fluman by Chris Katko

Ever since 9/11, I've been convinced the final act in this communitarian farce would be a health scare. I never did find the time to write an article about it and I don't have all the research for it in one place anymore. But I haven't forgotten what I read that led me to think that the communitarian "thinkers" consider it an optional way to gently force the reluctant nations into agreeing to give up their national sovereignty to the NWO's central ruling committees. For a long time I thought they would unleash some sort of horrible fast spreading sickness because their track record suggests they are not against biological warfare. Then I came to realize all they would need to do is use the media to spread the rumor of a global virus; either way the results will be the same. Global population reduction is a widely held belief and I hear support for it all the time from the people I meet. It's as if people take some kind of perverse pleasure in repeating the lie that "there's too many people." Several years ago when Michael Ruppert included it in his book about Peak Oil it changed the way we felt about his work. It's been one of those topics that define people's real loyalty for us.

That many people will surely die was hard to get my head around, and just thinking about it made me so depressed I stopped researching the topic. (I did the same thing with several other communitarian topics, including religion and pedophilia.) Bobby Garner's list of Population Reduction Quotes is one of the most frequented pages at this blog, maybe because it comes up number one in a google search for that exact term.

The whole meaning of "community health" needs to be written; I'm going to try to find the time to write it. And it needs to include a history of Obama's communitarian training.

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Lark said...

I suggest you write "the book" that defines "community health" - I know of few people more qualified. If you solicit feedback from your readers, I'm quite sure it could turn into a labor of love.

A co-produced effort... can have the magical qualities... that just might begin the effect... which will heal us all.

Call it the snowball effect - but only if you must.:)

We know certain... that whatever has been written about this topic to date... is completely ass-backwards... totally convoluted... and unnecessarily complicated. Probably, it is just dead wrong!