Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kill all communitarian bugs on sight!

These are not an Alaskan ladybug,
this is a ruthless killer lookalike.

Hired killers putting the beetles in a spider web.

The spider freaked out and moved today.

My garden (and everyone else's) was invaded by a mean little red beetle disguised as a ladybug. I knew something was eating my radishes and a few others. I asked Tim and he thought the y were "ladybugs" eating the bad miniature critters that were doing so much damage. Then Ron told me what they were and that Charlie Benjamin (one of the areas oldest farmers) told him to buy #7 from Home Depot. Well I never get to town anymore, so I decided to get rid of them the original organic way; I had a couple little girls help me pick them out by hand. They used their bare hands but I can't touch them and have to use my garden gloves. We've picked probably 500 in the last 24 hours. More keep coming so I scour the garden every hour or so, and I've been watering as I go, it's 18 hours of sun lately, so lots of growing action happening today!

Sign on the entrance door at the Merc

My Aunt Judy gave this hat to my dad (when Clinton was pres?), he gave it to Susan who just passed it on to me. I can't imagine what my dad's hats would say if he'd lived to see Obama elected.

Gary, me, and his "new" dump truck, a 1960 International
with only 28,000 miles on it. It was owned by the State.. go figure.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the Red Turnip beetle:



Anonymous said...

I bet that Charlie meant "Sevin" which is a pesticide that is death to bees. Picking the bugs off and drowning them in soapy water, I believe, is the communitarian-approved method of murder.


the tent lady said...

Thanks Pete! Don't know why anyone would want to kill bees... aren't they a good thing to have around? I have them under control now, finding a few here and there, but no major return happening. They did serious damage to some of my leaves, can't believe I watched them invade and said "welcome" to them all.

I'm glad we can reach consensus as to their fate. :) They have to die for the common good, and as high priestess I banish them forever!

Bobby Garner said...

Is that a double row set of teeth I see in this picture?
Congratulations Niki, you look terrific!