Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Camp Redington has it's first guests from the website

3/4 inch rusty "pail" with painted wildflowers

1/2 inch pot of natural dried wildflowers

This is my first chance to use the internet except to quick check my mail for a week. Been gettin' great comments here and it sucks that I haven't had regular access lately. I'm so not prepared to give up the internet and hope that whatever happens we can all somehow still get online... think that's possible?

2ml painted bottle with untouched wildflowers

1 inch mini pot with handpainted wildflowers,
1/2 inch bear and cub

2 inch clay pot with painted wildflowers

1 inch mini handpainted wildflower bouquet with eagle

Fireweed and yarrow grows everywhere in the yard

Drying racks made of duct tape

Ron, Corina, me and Nordica made a big dinner for our camp's first guests. Our friends Jewel and Brenda have perfect timing.

Snap peas almost ready to be stolen off the vine

New minishelf I made out of the one that plopped into a water pot overnight, fell apart at the seams in the morning. My alteration holds 9, 2ml bottles, and now I'm gong to soak all those cute, dinky, useless shelves and rebuild them all to fit my bottled flowers.

new all Alaskan mini roombox

Chitina smoke keeps moving up our road. Copper's rising again too.

Smoking Garden

Host of the year

Our first "official" Camp Redington guests E and Ray, lovely, lovely folks who may just inspire Tim to actually open someday. Even though the email at CR's website is bad, E tracked me down via this blog and reserved their space. We had a lot of fun with them, fed them moose ribs their first night and Copper River Reds tonight when they came back from McCarthy. Today they drove Tim's 4 wheeler and then we shot my guns, a first for both of them. It was great to meet such open and friendly people who were interested in meeting us after they read the site. It meant we could totally relax around them, smoke, swear, have dirt on us, whatever... they didn't come to change us or judge us, just to enjoy meeting us. I liked them a lot, and we all got to see how easy and interesting it is to meet people who come here because we're so different.

The garage sale grill in action, and yes, I lit it myself this time!

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