Monday, June 23, 2008

On the destruction of national law and HR6304

Several emails have come in about a recent Bill (HR 6304) that eliminated the 4th Amendment. It's interesting to see how many people think this Bill eliminated federal laws against unwarranted search and seizures. Like the Patriot Acts, it's getting a lot of attention, in both mainstream and the alternative press. Libertarian Ron Paul even synthesized with the communist ACLU to issue a statement against it. (How funny is that?) I'm beginning to wonder if this Bill isn't Wag the Dog. What else is going on right now that nobody is reporting? Anything?

Our people have lived under communitarian law for so long they can't tell the difference between the U.S. Constitution and U.N. Local Agenda 21. Anything that benefits the COMMUNITY over the INDIVIDUAL is communitarian law. Now if you oppose a communitarian regulation or requirement you are "anti-government." People accuse me of that ALL the time. They cannot grasp it anyway, so sometimes I respond: "I am PRO U.S. government, I absolutely respect U.S. law, but yes, I am most definitely ANTI-COMMUNITARIAN government, and I DO legally object to the supremacy of Communitarian Law and U.N. Local Agenda 21 in the USA."

Plus, FISA is a criminal/terrorist wiretapping/surveillance law that can hardly be expected to affect average Americans. Few will care and it will pass on in importance behind other "new" bills that will grant further power to federal COPS. That is the goal at every level of police/military enforcement... that's why the feds and the MILITARY are in charge of every new disaster area in the USA. We are already under soft communitarian martial law.)

And, they have to eliminate the 2nd amendment (the right to bear arms belongs to the "community"-- Etzioni) and then maybe some other Congressman will deem it necessary to eliminate the 1st (but not the "redress of grievances" part, because nobody besides Bob Schultz even knows it exists). Obama can easily endorse ALL new communitarian laws without losing much support because Americans don't care that he's an open communitarian and they are trained to think that if they are "good" then these types of national security laws will never touch them. Our people believe that if they behave they will remain "free."

What about the Bills that actually granted local officials and police the new "right" to enter private homes, like the Domestic Violence Act of 1995 and the Violent Crime Act of 1994 (which also provided funding for the creation of the Office of Community Oriented Policing)? What about all the local ordinances and plans that give expanded powers to the police, in order to promote livability in our communities? What about the entire Sustainable Development agenda that TOTALLY wiped out millions of acres of PRIVATELY OWNED LAND since the communitarian government began promoting "quality of life" in our local COMMUNITIES?

Then there's all the accumulated case law that UPHOLDS these new Bills. What about the Dawson decision that granted police the expanded power to take rental tenants hostage during public health warrants and to search private bedrooms searching for bugs and rats and data for the new COMPASS database? What about the Hiibel decision which upheld expanded police rights to DEMAND your "PAPERS PLEASE?" What about the Kelo decision and the new right of community developers to STEAL your home? What about local VISIONS and Comprehensive Plans that EXPAND the right of COMMUNITY CITIZEN GROUPS to TEACH MORALITY to their neighbors, and to reccomend which WEEDS should be replanted with good SEEDS? (See HUD/COPS Weed&Seed Program for more on this lovely idea.) What about NAIS and the whole national mapping aspect to LOSING OUR 4th Amendment RIGHTS? What about the new penalities for refusing to fill in the new COMMUNITY CENSUS that vilolates the U.S. constitutional provision for taking a census? What if your HOME is targeted under any one of the hundreds of new acts and provisions used by the communitarians to eliminate the 4th Amendment? These are INTERDEPARTMENTAL SEARCHES by the way... and they train every CITY and COUNTY agency HOW to get one of their NEW warrants.

There are literally thousands of new regulations that protect the rights of your faceless and unrepresented COMMUNITY. We don't even know them all and we've been studying the new laws for TEN years. Any article or author who focuses on FISA without including ANY background on the hundreds of associated laws and case law that DOES EVEN MORE DAMAGE than this BILL, is, in my humble opinion, disinformation. And as soon as I'm free I'm going to look around to see what this hoopla is hiding.

Oh nevermind, just focus on this latest one, let's ask Alex Jones what's really important.

Prison Planet posted an article which includes Obama's support for FISA:


sunshine unit said...

A wholehearted, soggy "HEAR HEAR" from this side of the room!

I love you, you're amazing, you blog the absolutely most relevant things while I untangle our stupid dogs from the fishernetzen.

Now let's go eat some spaghetti and dry out.

S. said...

It is amazing. Every day we have a different "two minute hate" routine.... the flag bearing the image that needs hated is raised, and the people rail about and hate it. Halleluija. The best part is: they use different sets of flags for different sets of sheeple. BaaaaaH! Ieeee Haaaaeeete. Baah.

Personally, I've learned to hate being synthesized against my will. It is a rare condition, but I've noticed other folks have come down with it. I guess the few honest folks who want to think and learn on an indivudual basis will have to rebuild the world from scratch.... just after we DUCKDIVE this wave of synthesis.

A big sappy syrupie HEAR HEAR. Enjoy the spaghetti.

Bobby Garner said...

"The President's illegal program of warrantless surveillance will be over," Senator Obama said in the statement. "It restores FISA and existing criminal wiretap statutes as the exclusive means to conduct surveillance..."

Including "last year's Protect America Act"!

This duplicitous doublespeak means simply that previous laws allowing all of the infractions on civil liberties are now made legal by this bill. Therefore "The President's illegal program of warrantless surveillance will be over". The word "repeal" is not mentioned, but it does say that "existing criminal wiretap statutes" are restored.

This exemplifies the need for all liars to speak the truth, such that it causes the lie to be formed as a construct in the mind of the audience. Complicity is achieved and the liar is excused.

"It restores FISA ,and existing criminal wiretap statutes as the exclusive means to conduct surveillance".

If we read this correctly, it is an admission of legalized, yet criminal wiretapping.

Another interesting revelation is found in the statement: "That is why last year I opposed the so-called Protect America Act, which expanded the surveillance powers of the government without sufficient independent oversight to protect the privacy and civil liberties of innocent Americans."

That all sounds well and good until we ask a very simple question: Since when did the civil liberties of the accused cease to exist? This confirms what every Local News sitcom viewer already believes, that they are the "innocent" and the accused is guilty as charged, and trial by Jury is a waste of their money (public funds).

This is the weak minded ignorance that promotes the expansion of Communitarian Law. T.S. Eliot said "Mankind cannot bear much reality." To complicate the matter even further, the New Age teaches that reality is a figment of imagination. This is what they mean when they use the word "freedom". Its a total escape from reality.

Anonymous said...

You are "Pro-government"?

I think monopolistic government by its very existence is communitarian. I should't have to live under it's jurisdiction if I don't wish to.

I shouldn't have to give up my right to personal protection agencies, instead having to pay for the common defense provided by the government who has a monopoly over protection - which allows them to charge more than there service is worth and lower the quality of the service as well.

I shouldn't have to give up my right to travel, trade, use commodity backed money, use private courts and broadcast on the airwaves without violating some FCC rule.

the tent lady said...

Monopolistic government is absolutely communitarian. That's what you live under today, no matter what country you live in.

In the USA communitarian law replaced legitimate U.S. federal, state and county law in 1992. We have a new set of sustainable community oriented regulations only adept communitarians can understand.

You didn't know you gave up your rights to a global government that totally disregards all the rights you listed above? I'm sorry.

The government I am "pro" for is not communitarian. Most Americans are so used to living under communitarian regulations they can't identify the difference, and few foreigners have ever been told our American system was NOT created as a communitarian "democracy."

The original American system was what protected our individual rights to live free, travel, trade and much more. The emerging communitarian synthesis destroyed the legal concept of protected individual rights and replaced it with a global system of law that protects the communitarian mafia.

It is the NEW system you "shouldn't" have to live under if you don't wish to. The new system restricts you while the OLD system protected you from such nonsense, if you were an American anyway. That's why many immigrants still want to come here, they are under the illusion (like our own citizenry) that our laws protect individuals from the criminally minded. Nobody told them that the criminals are full control.