Saturday, June 14, 2008


ACL: The ACL website can be reinstated at its original site address for $50.00 a year. Please contact Jess Blank at if you can cover this expense for us; we're tapped.

PrimitivWerks: We haven't opened the bazaar or the museum yet but we will be open by Solstice (June 20). It's looking pretty good. The new gertee is absolutely beautiful. It looks like a funky little hut on the outside (just like all my other models), but on the inside it's way different.

Lots of good email forwards that I will scan through and post here as soon as I have a spare moment. I moved back into my wall tent to work on the campground and oversee construction, which also means I'm back to no electric or phone line. BUT.... I have a brand new outhouse!!! Thank goodness somebody sent me a box of candles last year.

Here's one article sent by one of the ACL's earliest "members". He'd like to see it as a topic for discussion at the ACL.

"Taxing behaviors that we'd like to discourage..." sounds like communitarian persuasion to me.


S. said...

Glad to see someone payed for the ACL to be back! What a resource to be MIA!

I think it is a farce to blame global warming on mankind, and I think peak oil theory can be easily explained by a hegelian style "peak production".

Of course they want to tax behaviors they'd prefer change. The entire list in that article is right out of the "dialectical thinking" we study at the ACL.

I hope you all feel good up north, and can sigh in relief that the site is back up.

Mucho changes going on here too!


Patrick Henry said...

The article highlights the insidious or ignorant means of identifying a problem and purposing a solution that places the expectation of resolution in the vary institution responsible. The accepted use of coercion by taxation. Openly taxing the populace as means of behavioral modification, which in the article I believe accurately infers an increase in urban growth. What can we reasonably expect from a mass migration into the major metropolitan areas? The answer is, but not limited to, greater reliance on government subsidies and more regulation and heavier enforcement of current statutes. The second and third order effects from this move will include people giving up private property, which for many is their greatest personal asset, and in doing so give up a fundamental element of liberty. The author states: “It's ironic that $4 gas will encourage all of those things for reasons that have nothing to do with altruism.” This statement should causes us to challenge the article's accuracy. There is nothing ironic about macroeconomic fluctuations and I cannot identify a longstanding economic trend inspired by altruism. If it is not economically viable then it will fail. No amount of (our) money the government dumps into a project will produce a reciprocal solution. No Manhattan Project or DoD initiative can compete with open market flexibility and innovation. People will move toward the path of least resistance when the conclusion remains hidden and the alternatives cost prohibitive. I hope this plan backfires, and sends more people into the areas which were less accessible due to energy dependence. The solar and wind powered alternatives may inspire a renewed individualist mindset. One can hope.

Kris said...

Regarding TWU, it may be cheaper for you to switch hosts depending on the level of traffic you get. I really like, where you only pay for the amount of traffic you get. I'm not sure how much daily traffic the ACL gets (if it's a lot, TWU's $50/year may be the best rate) but most sites on end up paying less than a dollar a month, so it may be worth looking into.

FishTaxi said...

Hey sister, I'm coming up friday with a big ol pot of spagetti, can I stay at your place? Sat I'm heading to frbks for the midnight sun baseball game. Let me know, Love, Kat

the tent lady said...

It feels much better knowing the ACL is back up, and that it's still at the same address. Hundreds of websites link directly to the pages so if we moved all those links would be dead. We only get about 2 to 300 visitors daily but we also have a lot of gratitude to Jessica for hosting us for so long for free. Our most humble thanks to Paul Barnes, now we never have to worry about it going down again.

This taxing behaviors is going to prove very interesting as it goes beyond the things people are already conditioned to accept. While many agree smoking is "bad" and that's the way all the new laws start out.. by attacking people and things nobody will (or can) defend. Then when it moves to behaviors many people don't think are "bad" there won't be anyone there to defend them either. Pastor Niemoller taught us well, didn't he?

SISTER! YES, we have new cots and if you didn't get my email, bring music.. I need some inspiration! And spagetti... too funny, i just bought all the fixings and was planning on making it tomorrow night! If you're bringing it I'll work on the museum til you arrive. Man, I'd LOVE to see a Goldpanner game, I used to take the kids with Pat to the Midnight Sun games. Saw Nolan Ryan's son pitch one time. Be great to see you! hugs!!!!