Thursday, June 19, 2008

How To Get Communitarian Governance With Public Complicity, by Bobby Garner


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Here's a great explanation of communitarian governance. Thanks Bobby!

What is Communitarian Governance? Well, as we shall see, it certainly IS NOT constitutional government by elected representatives of the people, although it is our elected representatives who have given us enough rope to hang ourselves, and the motivation to do it. Free trade and globalization provided the motivation, and Community Development is the rope, and they are feeding it out by the mile.

According to Portland State Nohad A. Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning, which offers a major degree in community development (CD), its "Community-based participation in all aspects of government planning and administration..." Its "Neighborhood associations... actively involved in land use, housing, and transportation issues...", its "community-oriented policing". Its Democracy, the power of the MOB taking private property and placing it in public hands. This is not the rantings of some crackpot conspiracy theorist. Portland State University is only one among hundreds of universities around the world offering professional training in community development skills. It involves "not-for-profit organizations, private consulting firms, advocacy groups, and state, regional and local governments". Enterprise Community is a designation of the federal government which along with the money stream, promotes compliance. Compliance to what? UN Agenda 21.

Yahoo returns over 3,000,000 hits for the search terms ["community development", communication, leadership, training, education].

Restrict the search to just ["community development"] and you get nearly 80 million hits.

The Portland area is an exciting place to enroll in our undergraduate major in community development. We understand community development as a process in which people act together to promote the social, economic, political, and physical well being of their community (emphasis mine). Students graduating with a degree in community development will be citizen activists, empowered to take leadership roles in public affairs.

Community-based participation in all aspects of government planning and administration is an established part of the political culture of our region. Neighborhood associations are actively involved in land use, housing, and transportation issues. The City of Portland has been practicing community-oriented policing for several years. Public schools are establishing community-based management councils and involving local business firms in curricular design. Community development corporations are growing rapidly in the range and sophistication of their activities. New community-oriented financial institutions and public-private partnerships are emerging to build and maintain affordable housing and to create jobs. Portland has been designated an Enterprise Community by the federal government. We anticipate continued growth in these kinds of activities in the years ahead.

Community Development majors often find careers in not-for-profit organizations, private consulting firms, advocacy groups, and state, regional and local governments. Locally, a graduate may find a career with the City of Portland, Portland Bureau of Housing and Community Development, METRO, or any of Portland's Community Development Corporations. Community development practitioners work on a range of issues including housing, community organizing, transportation, the environment, and economic development.

Admission Requirements

Students must be formally admitted to the Community Development program by submitting an application to the Nohad A. Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning. Candidates are selected based on written statements of intention. Fall enrollment is strongly recommended to allow students to take core classes in sequence and to create a community environment among each group of students.

This all sounds so warm and cuddly, almost like "Mom and apple pie". Unless that is, we dig a little deeper into the framework within which this is happening. The framework was approved by an assembly of more than 178 United Nations member nations in Rio de Janerio in June of 1992. Its was called Agenda 21 (Agenda for the 21st Century), the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development.
" Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment." - Index to Agenda 21 Documents

This activity is already so deeply ingrained in the fabric of society, developed and expanded under every conceivable form of government at all levels and in every nation. The words are familiar to our vocabulary, and the ideas remind us of cherished memories and unfulfilled dreams, but it is laced with a deadly poison for a Republic: national, constitutional, representative government controlled by the people. It turns everything upside down where community development gives people control over their neighbors, and empowers government over the people. The result is top down control, otherwise known a dictatorship (and it will be global), which will become more and more obvious as it becomes increasingly more difficult to do anything about it. In fact, its already past the point of no return, and we cannot stop it. However, we do have a choice to make as to whether we participate in the scheme.

Where do you expect this trend to take us when its followed to its logical conclusion?

To find out if this is working in your "community", scan your local paper for keywords: Community, Development, Communication, Leadership, Training, housing, organizing, transportation, environment, economic, FCE. Especially look for any of these words in combination. These words will appear in spaces once filled with a much different set of words such as Industry, Commerce, Manufacturing, Engineering, Production, well you get the idea.

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Bobby Garrner

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Bobby Garner said...

I didn't mention it in the article, but its very informative to add different states and countries to the search terms:
communication, partnership, leadership, training, education "community development"
Every state I entered returned from 200,000 to 900,000 hits, with California being the largest I found.
Don't forget to use double quotes for states having names with multiple words.


the tent lady said...

Good advice Bobby, thanks for pointing out the increasing number of returns for all the topics we cover. Amazing how much is out there now, good thing I'm not just starting the ACL website or it would become even more of a monstrosity today.

I've noticed a lot more searches for "Local Agenda 21 conspiracy" lately. I wonder why nobody's looking for the "community development conspiracy" yet.

Bobby Garner said...

Because they don't see "community development" as a conspiracy, and probably because they approve of it.
Thats why complicity is so important, and why deceivers (the conspirators) go to such lengths to achieve it. The silence is proof of the ignorance which is induced by the deception.