Friday, October 12, 2007

Alaska's Adventure Highways

Drove the Glenn Highway into Anchorage yesterday. This was my camera's view of the
Matanuska Glacier and the Chugach Range, at 100 mile, from the Long Rifle Lodge.

We've finalized our package deals and settled on prices for the various options available to our local business neighbors, both from Alaskan Webwriters and at The above website is a good example of a small site that fits the basic criteria for advertising a locally owned business. The physical lodge is very clean and rustic, it has a nice dining area and bar, clean bathrooms, and, it loooks like this is the view from every one of the motel rooms too. This lodge is about half-way between Kenny Lake and Anchorage. It would make a wonderful half-way destination on a 2 day trip out to the Wrangells. We'll be stopping there on our return trip to drop off a brochure. Maybe they'll have an interest in being a Vacation Packages affiliate merchant. We've decided to start the Glenn Hwy portion at 100 mile... just past civilization.

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