Monday, October 29, 2007

Camp Redington

Alaskan Webwriters is building a new website for Tim Redington. I did a lot of the research for this project last winter when I was a tent guest in his RV park. He's the one who started calling me the Tent Lady out here, after I told him Kathy, John's niece, an American history teacher in Hannsville, WA dubbed me the "tent woman." (
I became Tim's dog handler and wood stoker by default, during the Tonsina River flood when he had to go flag at Tonsina River bridge for 12 hrs a day, during a whole lot of 40 below weather. I had to soak the feed and used his computer to study while I was waiting for it to be ready. (Yes he still does it the "old-fashioned" way.) I'm happy to be able to put all that work to good use.Nordica is creating a gorgeous rotating template using Tim's family photos, many which were taken when he grew up on their family homesteads. These are amazing photos of a lifestyle that today, as Tim says, would mean the social services would have come and taken the kids away from the parents, every day. The goal at his new website is to honor the authentic Alaskan adventure ALL the old Alaskans lived, to advertise his RV park and campground, sell his woodworks, and share the momentos in his new museum.
We'll start running Tim's Iditarod auctions again next week. Not a lot of snow yet so we can get a bunch of inside work done before it's time to get out there and learn to mush! Gee! Haa!

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