Thursday, October 25, 2007

Communitarian freedom

Been following Peter Myer's elist again because I want to know what's happening with the financial markets. I opened up discussion that included critisizm of Eric Hufschmid's research. I admit I quit following the 9/11 research years ago, especially after I realized many leaders in the "9/11 truth movement" (like Catherine Austin-Fitts) support communitarian sustainable development and the communitarian freedom-means-slavery movement.

Apparently, Eric is convinced 99% of truth seekers online are Zionist agents for change. I can see why the movement doesn't like him much. I do agree with his assessments of Alex Jones and other highly visable "patriots" who NEVER speak out about communitarianism, and I think many of them spread disinformation. Eric also mentions Rense and Makow as suspect, who have featured my articles, and Rense interviewed me on his radio show twice last year. Both men said they don't know anything about communitarianism, and yet they were willing to share my research on this topic with their audiences. So few people know what it is it's entirely possible they really didn't know. But now that they do?

So I decided to check around Eric's site to see if he has anything on communitariansm. Instead I find his "solution" page endorses all of Amitai Etzioni's lovely Zionist communitarian ideas. Eric offers us a better UN as a solution, abolishing our nation, creating semi-independent nations, and abolishing organized religions. He also praises World Parks, a controlled economy, forced sharing, and some very innovative concepts for change. What does that make him? His focus is entirely on Zionism, and he doesn't appear to think it's even remotely possible that there may be a small group of Chinese women behind the scenes running the whole NWO showdown. Our research shows Zionism to be another parcel in a bigger package, and even though it is certainly as big a parcel as freemasonry, the Vatican, the Bilderberg and other secrets we'll never know, there's no evidence it is anything more than just one clever piece in the global dialectical games.

The horrible picture above is from his What is Zionism? article, and I wish I'd have found it and attached it to my last artcle called Dialectical Freedom (posted below). In response to this little Iraqi girls' question, Hegel would have said "No, not until everyone in the world looks like you do." War IS the ultimate force for change. Does Eric understand what Hegelian freedom is? Do we?

It also just occured to me today that the reason most people I meet expect me to "help" them for free is because communitarian "thinking" already permeates our entire country. If the rules say, "each according to their abilty, each according to their needs," then people are justified in thinking that since I have the ability and they have the need, then I should volunteer my time to help them. I fell for this all my life. But, I've identified another way the dialectic controls me. Oh boy. Now I'm only 98.9% controlled by Hegel's invisible formual for changing the world.

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S. said...


I was so happy to read your assesment of Eric Hufschmid. I have been following him, Daryl Smith and Christopher Bollyn for a number of years. Now I might disagree with you that Zionism is possibly more influential that the Vatican, The Freemason, and the Bilderbergs, as I feel there is evidence that the Zionists hold more control/infuence than the other groups, but you are TOTALLY correct that they are all simply part of the dialectic. If that is true, it does not matter who holds the most influence.

It is an awesome observation that Eric supports so many Communitarian ideals, and likely he does not even know it!

Eric's statements can be charted like this:

Zionist vs. Anti-Zionist=COMMUNITARIAN

To think we are all so easily influenced by this stupid trick!

I'll send you and e-mail this weekend. PEACE! S.B. Alger