Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Interior GerTee coming together

Took a couple days off from construction to arrange the kitchen and pull out my winter gear. It started snowing an hour after we got back from Anchorage. It's staying about 27 above so far and I can already see I should've made sure I had a 24' x 24' heavy tarp on the outside roof. I have to seal off the entire floor and should have laid tarps down first. Learning so much about important things like ventilation and how to layer the inside roof insulation. I have to create a space behind the Radiant Guard and the outside roof tarp because the roof needs to be the same temp on both sides. I'll use the parachute Ron gave me for that, then I'll staple the RG insulation over it. Don't have enough insulation left for the walls and floor and my roof sucks, but last year at this time I was in a wall tent and it was a LOT colder (by Nov 2 it was 40 below zero). If I start to feeling overwhelmed by the tasks ahead of me, I only have to look back and I'm real happy to have this funny little hut-tent this winter, even with all it's quirky problems.

I'm surrounding the woodstove with metal tables and shelves so I can keep water and food warm. I also have a place to rise bread now, making my first loaves tomorrow.

The new living area fits 4 friends. We had a little house warming party last night. I made moose pot roast and Sharon cooked up a pot of yummy potatoes. We made a gravy out of the juice. It was such good meat. Both the moose and the potatoes came compliments of friendly neighbors.

Snowed last 2 days... think I have enough coats and snowpants? I kept finding gear at garage sales for practically nothing and I figured I can't have too many dry ones if I'm going to be out in the snow all winter getting wet cutting wood, trapping, or falling off a dogsled.

The rugs sure helped inspire me. Got all three at Salvation Army for $42.

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