Thursday, December 30, 2010

Update on revision of 2020: Our Common Destiny & TACM

Fred & Tomas home on R&R

It's been very difficult to focus on writing the additions to the revised edition of 2020 and TACM. I've stayed in 3 different homes over the past 2 months waiting for Tomas to arrive, smoking outside at every one, and I've decided the only way I can finish my portion of the project is if I go back to my primitive gertee lifestyle. My neighbors in Kenny Lake have kept me aware of the fact that the temperatures keep dipping down past 50 below, so our friends around here (where it's warmer) are convinced that's reason enough for me to remain in their part of civilization.

It has been luxurious staying in modern homes with all the amenities: indoor toilets, baths, showers, running water in sinks, drains, automatic thermostats, %you set and leave alooooooonnnnne, aaaallllllooonnnnee...% and wireless and dishwashers too! Being around generous, loving, and kind Christians during Christmas was beautiful. It's also been fun to get to know my new friend Lewis, an inspiring 15 year old truth seeker with a passion for research that surpasses my own. We went down some of the most difficult paths an anti-NWO researcher can take, and I saved the best websites and sources we found to do a post about when I have time.

So I'll head home and get straight to work on the rewrite. I'll be sitting in almost the exact same spot as I was in 2006 when I finished the last draft of 2020 in the wall tent. I built the "kitchen/living room gertee" in my same old RV space, facing the same southerly direction. Tim welded steel over my little Hunter stove's huge holes so it should hold a fire for at least 4 hours now. I have 7-8 cords of wood and with my new chainsaw from sister Kathy I'm confident I'll be plenty warm as long as I don't get lazy. My daily chores will take only a couple hours and the rest of my days will be all writing (with no internet to distract me!). This also means I won't be able to upload blog posts very often either.

Barring anymore glitches or setbacks I should have the rewrite ready in 2 weeks, which means the e-book will be ready to download by January 15 and the hardcopies will be printed and mailed by the end of the month. The good thing is there are no major life changing events underway, I'm not pregnant and neither is Nordica, so we should be able to meet this new deadline without anymore delays.

Hope everyone has a fun New Years Eve! I'm thinking about playing bingo! Either that or Monte Carlo bowling. They have both in Wasilla... and a few fun bars too (where smoking's allowed inside!!!!!). Just because I don't plan on drinking doesn't mean I can't hit the pubs.:)


Stop Common Purpose said...


You never cease to amaze me.


Anonymous said...

Good post Niki. This reminds me when I was living in Billings, Montana prior to 2000. Fifty below tends to sting the skin, especially when the wind is blowing. Thirty below can be tolerated if it only lasts for around five days – then we can welcome 30 degrees as summertime as long as we don’t have to shovel eight feet of snow off of the driveway. One thing I learned that was quite unusual was using a 4x8 sheet of plywood – horizontally and pushing the snow off of concrete, Mysteriously, this would remove snow all the way down to the base as long as you go out every 2-3 hours and repeat the process.

This same technique can be used in exposing Communitarianism. They will always sugarcoat their tripe in a new way, depending on how much resistance they receive on each so-called “pro-communitarian” post they post out. You have done a beautiful job of clearing away all of their “Newspeak,” and never give up in your endeavor to expose these vermin – for as the snow falls, these Masonic idiots will continuously add sugar to the flurry that’s burring America into a Communitarian cesspool.