Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rosa Koire on the Unsolicited Opinion Wed Dec 15th

Maggie is one of my new readers who recently learned about communitarianism from a forum she was on. People kept using the word and when she asked what it meant, two participants from Europe told her to check out my work if she wanted to know more about it. She did, and we've been friends ever since. Rosa learned about our work when Kevin Eggers lent her our book, 2020. Both these women have been most generous in their praise and support for the ACL, which is reason enough for me to like them, but they're also committed to exposing LA21 and that's reason enough for all of us to support them and their efforts. For those of you who like talk radio and use shows to educate your friends and neighbors, this could be a great addition to your collection. Rosa is a real bonus for Americans who think Agenda 21 is a "right wing" issue.
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My guest on "The Unsolicited Opinion" radio show on Wed. Dec. 15th @ 8 PM will be Rosa Koire.

She is the founder of the Santa Rosa Neighborhood Coalition and Democrats against UN Agenda 21. We will be discussing how under the guise of community redevelopment UN Agenda 21 aka sustainable development is advanced.
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Stop Common Purpose said...

"Just because of their social attitudes, the Tories are part of the Progressive/Marxist establishment now. A change of leader won't save them. They are doomed. They are SO on the wrong side of history. The Third Way, which is the LibLabCon's method, isn't about a golden medium between Methodist Socialism and Anglican Conservatism. It's a path halfway between Fascism and Communism.

In a classical Libertarian/Constitutional era, the LibLabCon will be viewed the same way as we view the Nazis or the Soviets."

"Think of Dave (Scameron) as the secret love child of Mussolini and Ted Heath and you’ll begin to understand what a heap of trouble this country is in."


A couple of quotes for you to ponder.


Niki Raapana said...

Thanks John! Very interesting how people are putting the two "sides" into perspective. "Secret love child" is a great way to explain it!

I went and read one of these links this am and looked up Stuttgart 21 after a commenter mentioned protests against it. Now why would the German Greens lead protests against such a Green project?

Kevin Eggers said...

Rosa is a wonderful individual that has figured out so much in the last few years. Having fought city government and redevelopment in Santa Rosa, Rosa is an expert on how redevelopment plays into the Agenda 21 equation.

Most important to me is that Rosa understands how the "right" and "left" are kept divided in this country, preventing Americans from coming together to stop anything of significance.

Bobby Garner said...

The name "Santa Rosa Neighborhood Coalition" implies a combination of persons or parties having different interests. Or as Wordnet Dictionary defines coalition: "the union of diverse things into one body or form or group".

Questions about the diversity of the Santa Rosa Neighborhood Coalition are not easily answered due to a screen of protective anonymity provided for all but two of its members. Even the whois information for their website fails to provide anything but dates of registry and expiration. No ownership or contact information is listed. An anonymous membership may be a nonexistent membership. Or, the identity of the membership could be an embarrassment to the stated purpose.

The National Neighborhood Coalition claims to serve "as a crucial link to Washington for neighborhood and community-based organizations". Google returns over 300,000 hits for "Neighborhood Coalition". Looks like every neighborhood has at least one. The Santa Rosa Neighborhood Coalition claims national recognition. The profile page for Rosa Koire and Kay Tokerud states that they "struggle to stop redevelopment law abuse by cities and counties throughout the nation". Such recognition would appear to require affiliation with some national group.

According to their profile page, they support redevelopment law by objecting only to it's abuses. What is 'redevelopment law'? It's the guise under which "UN Agenda 21 aka sustainable development is advanced" (Niki). It's Communitarianism.

Kevin, does the division between the right and left prevent Americans from meeting somewhere in the middle? Say the "Third Way"? Is Rosa Koire a closet Third Way Communitarian?