Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Communitarian (Community) Development in Palmer, Alaska

Truck overturned in wind across from Wasilla Lake
photo taken by Nicole Gayman Gdula early this am

What's it going to take to rebuild the world into manageable sustainable communities? Experts. Lots and lots of well paid experts from someplace else. Locals never lead Local Agenda 21. More often than not, locals don't have the first clue about LA21, and citizen participation is a sham.
Agenda 21 is an action programme that has to be implemented by governments, UN agencies, local and regional administrators, organisations in the community and the general public. Governments are required to promote the dialogue among these players. But local government, too, closest as it is to the public at large, has a responsibility and has been allocated a major role in providing information, education and mobilising the general public to achieve sustainable development. One of the objectives of Agenda 21 is that every local government in 1996 should draw up its own Local Agenda 21 in close consultation with its citizens.
The Hague's Local Agenda 21 Plan

Safeguarding the environment is a key feature of Agenda 21, including issues like pollution, waste management and the protection of the oceans and freshwater resources. Agenda 21 also recognises the interdependence of environmental, social, health and economic issues, emphasising that all people have the right to food, health care, shelter and education. Agenda 21 suggests new ways in which different groups can be involved in the decision making process. Glasgow, UK - LA21 Plan
I'm taking advantage of the fast internet here and still revising and updating portions of our books. It's been hard to focus being away from home but I'm getting it done. As always, ergh, we thank you all for your patience! :) Found a bunch of eye opening, highly relevant facts about President McKinley and his staff and their role in setting up the global court at the Hague (which somewhat modifies my opinion of him in the ACM). I'm changing the LA21 chapter too, looking up various plans to compare the different ways they're being introduced.

Palmer's plan looks totally benign, possibly because the MatSu Borough Plan is so thorough. So tonight I asked my hostess (whose parents homesteaded and farmed here since the 1950s) if she participated in Palmer's Community Vision, and she replied, "No." I then asked her if anyone she knows here went to any citizen planning meetings, and she replied, "No." I guess not all local citizens participate at the same level as the Anchorage Citizen's Coalition. In fact, I don't know one Alaskan who would envision our lives in the same way the Oregon/Ecotrust people at ACC do:
"It is essential that transportation programs and projects fulfill Anchorage 2020 by building the urban core into an active city center with sidewalks full of people going to work, shopping and to the park. Cars will move slowly through downtown, and transit is fast and convenient. Neighborhoods maintain their value as good places to raise children, and neighborhood centers attract families walking to convenience shops and businesses. Transit provides a true alternative to driving, and children walk safely to school."
The winds have been blowing gusts up to 90 and 100 mph for the past 24 hours. When it goes away we're expecting more snow. Nobody I know wants to walk to work or school in the winter. I, like most moms I knew, didn't even make my kids ride the bus to school because I didn't want them standing at the bus stop. What part of Alaskan weather don't these "expert" advisers from the Lower 48 understand? I'm sure they ALL drive to their little meetings here. Well, maybe they envision a future where only the new class of leaders (like themselves) have the "right" to drive to work and the masses stand huddling waiting for buses whose drivers can't see the environmentally friendly passengers waiting behind huge piles of snow.

Check out the salary level for this position. Do local property taxes pay for it?
Community Development Manager (Palmer)
Date: 2010-12-15, 2:19PM AKST

This is highly responsible administrative program management work. The employee occupying the position of this class is responsible for planning, developing, coordinating and managing the various programs, services, and facilities of the land management, parks and trails, recreation and library services divisions to include coordinating various activities associated with the Borough's community development.

Bachelor’s degree in public lands, natural resources, parks, landscape architecture, recreation or business administration is required. Five (5) years of progressively responsible experience in the development, operation or management of public lands, parks, trails, recreation facilities or programs, including two (2) years of supervisory experience. Some experience in library work, or successful completion of library courses is desirable. Incident Command System classes required within one (1) year of hire: ICS-100 and IS-700. Valid Alaska driver’s license and a clear driving record and criminal history.

To Apply:
Submit applications to the Human Resources Office. Applications are available online at or at the Matanuska-Susitna Borough Building, 350 East Dahlia Avenue, Palmer, AK. If you need reasonable accommodation in order to participate in the application process, please contact the Human Resources Office at 746-7404.

Location: Palmer
Compensation: $74,987.00 to $102,045.00/year DOE
PostingID: 2114957582

What's the Incident Command System?
"NIMS: The National Incident Management System (NIMS) provides a systematic, proactive approach to guide departments and agencies at all levels of government, nongovernmental organizations, and the private sector to work seamlessly to prevent, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate the effects of incidents, regardless of cause, size, location, or complexity, in order to reduce the loss of life and property and harm to the environment."
Palmer is a rural agricultural community. What's the 1996 Farm Bill? See Agenda 21 USA:

Department of Community Development:{0FB38086-26A1-4B00-AB94-A72E10DE2E84}

2006 Palmer Community Vision:

Green collar workers?

What's an Economic Ecosystem?
Agenda 21, Chapter 15 Conservation Of Biological Diversity


Anonymous said...

In Ohio, and certainly central Ohio, there is the Metro Park System. Using our taxes (that fools keep passing on themselves and me) the Metro Park people buy up more and more land for "Metro Parks". They use what they have acquired to "leverage" as they call it, to acquire even more land. Then we pay for the upkeep and all the people who work in those parks. Then, related to them, are the bike trails. They are working hard to put in bike trails everywhere that connect the parks to each other which means that the trails will allow bikers to ride not only in central Ohio but on throughout Ohio. The bikers are thrilled about it. They don't have a clue about the Agenda 21 plan. Then there is the choo-choo plan that has been a controversy here. Ohio's present governor has been frantic to get Federal money (our taxes) to begin work on a train that would travel from Cleveland, to Columbus, to Cincinnati. From the northern border to the southern border. Kasich, who has been in the House (and is a Wall St. biggy and has even had a television show) will be Governor come January. He spoke against the Fed money for the choo-choo. Now it seems Ohio has lost out on the money. I don't know what Kasich is up to. The mayor of Columbus has been pushing for a train to run in Columbus proper. Clearly, they want to get us out of our cars.

Niki Raapana said...

Rosa talked about how Santa Rosa residents beat back the bike trail aspect of the plan in their area on Maggies' radio show last night. And she mentioned about how many of the new urban density housing projects are empty and unfinished. They also explained how tax money is diverted into these projects while essential services are cut because of lack of funds. It was a good interview.

They'll NEVER get Alaskans out of their trucks without a bloodbath in the streets. Nothing about our state is pedestrian friendly (or carjack friendly either).

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing about that Palmer development manager advertisement: If this is a "public" position, the local offices are required to advertise the position, but it doesn't mean it's really open to the public. They can have their own people lined up already but they are just going through the motions of playing by their own rules. As a 21-22 year old intern working for a federal research lab, they did this exact thing with me, and in fact the lab chief literally had me write up the position description!

The game is rigged and when they bring in younger folks, like me 10 years ago, they don't really have any clue about the laws and how things are supposed to work. We just do as we are told because we think that's what we're supposed to do.

That's an absolutely ridiculous amount of money for that position and I guarantee they've got their candidate already selected (the position I advertised was less than 1/2 of the low end advertised for this post!)

Niki Raapana said...

That's a good point, pre selection of the candidate ensures they get a "team player." Of course this position requires a bit more of a background than an intern might have. If I lived here I'd follow this and research who they select.

Are you still working for a federal research lab? What kind of research? :) Sometimes I joke and say I should get paid for my federal research!

Anonymous said...

What's it going to take to rebuild the world into manageable sustainable communities? I say it will take a very hungry populace that’s willing to contribute BACK to sustaining every endangered species on the planet – straight to the dinner table! I wrote this piece in honor of Communitarianism, and it is with my hope that millions of people will follow my example in exposing these herds of idiots. Niki. Put down yer Coffee, I don’t want you to ruin your monitor. I invite you to see my latest post. I believe we all need to fill our plates in “unity” and send a message to the Communitarian elite that WE also are set to CHANGE the world as we see it:

Anonymous said...

ICS is a management system. Having earned the lion's share of my income for several years as part of the ICS, I learned first and foremost that it is management.

In every system, you have techs that do the work and managers that ... uh, uh, well they manage. ICS provides for lots of managers.

Cost containment is only possible if the ICS team and the funding is local. If state or federal monies are available, the size of the overhead team escalates and costs skyrocket.

An added problem is within "Plans" section in the form of technical specialists. Within this group, you get to hire people from outside the agencies who have some credentials established by someone somewhere. The credentials issue is questionable at best.

Just as well you ain't in K.L. Temps dropped to -40F at night.


Anonymous said...

Those "extra background" details are what let them justify giving the position to their insider. I'd be willing to bet the insider they have lined up already has those required experiences lined up, and it is those specific experiences that help to justify not giving the position to some one else.

The position I had to write up needed to be advertised on 2 separate occasions, about 6-9 months apart. The reason why is that, again, I was told to write up essentially what I already did on a normal basis, so I did. The problem for the lab chief was that she submitted what I wrote with out even reviewing it(I was under the impression that I was giving her an outline that she was going to work with...), and the job description wound up getting applications from PhDs, while I was only a B.S. So they had to close the ad, wait several months, and re-advertise with very specific details, such as skills with certain software packages, that literally eliminated all competition, especially since the one piece of software was an in-house piece of software.

Needless to say, when I first heard about the PhD's applying and the need to wait to advertise something more specific, I realized what was going on. It was dishonesty at work and I was in a position where I couldn't do any thing about it with out ruining my own potential career in science. You can't report that kind of thing and not expect to get black listed.

Lesson learned. I left that lab about 2 years later and I'm happy to be out as it was a very unhealthy atmosphere and only about 5 years later did I learn why I was treated like dirt and lied to: the lab was heavily comprised of jewish individuals, some of whom were very condescending and dishonest. I did become great friends with one of them, but when I stumbled onto the 9/11 issue this individual decided to side with the tribe, rather than a friend, when dealing with facts surrounding 9/11 (which was clearly an orchestrated mossad attack). Any way, many of my experiences in that lab are explained by the talmudic doctrine, which I was oblivious to, up until about 2-3 years ago.

The research in that lab revolved around brain imaging. I'll keep it at that as each lab is very focused and I'd prefer the thin veil of anonymity that I have here.

I hear ya on the "federal research" issue. I live and breath this sort of thing now, as I see it's part of the never ending battle between good and evil. I can't spend the kind of time that I used to on entertainment related things (tv), especially when I can pick out "attitude conditioning" propaganda in every thing, including discovery channel programs, and comedy programs. Places where people would never think propaganda could be inserted.

It would be lovely if those of us who are trying to be righteous, and point out problems and solutions to the masses could be compensated for our time and efforts. Every one else gets paid, even for the most menial things, and in cases like ours, we can point out the manipulation of the value of their labor via the depreciation of the currency and we can suggest ways around it, but we don't get materially compensated for our help. So I try to look at my learning and comprehending the world around me as the compensation. It doesn't pay the bills, but a humble life helps to reduce them. You know this first hand better than I do, and you also know the hardships that come with the territory.

I'll support you when I can, but I haven't worked since 2005 due to a serious injury. The work that you and others like you put on to paper is ideal for familiarizing ones self with the issues, and I think, for teaching tools. When I have children, I want to have resources like your work available to put them on the fast track.

As usual,you have my highest regards :) .

Stop Common Purpose said...

Hi Niki

Congrats on being a grandma again!


Stop Common Purpose said...

The future is to be decided by committee, to the benefit of the greater good.

Anonymous said...

Just want to add a bit of information here since from what I have been reading, many who oppose UN-communist efforts toward a NWO seem unaware of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS).

The BIS, from my point of view, appears to be the top of the pyramid that is causing this anti-Christian repressive green-regime change, worldwide.

The BIS is the world's most powerful corporation. It is entirely above any law. The 169 privately-owned central banks (one in each country, including the US Federal Reserve) collectively own the BIS.

The BIS creates stock exchanges in third world countries. It manipulates international markets through its network of central banks, which set interest rates and lend money to governments, at interest. The BIS forces countries to go along with its plans by having the world's central banks sell a country's currency, which then threatens that country's economy and political stability.

The BIS has an associated body called the Financial Stability Forum, which is comprised of the finance ministers of the G7 countries, the World Bank, NASDAQ, and NYSE.

The World Bank (and the IMF comprise the two financial arms of the UN) was created by a couple of communists -- John Keynes and Harry White.

The communists from the "Red Scare" never went away and they have risen again, this time globally. Given that the (pro-Satanic) Lucis Trust is one of the leading NGOs working alongside the UN, and that the new generation of pro-Gaya Luciferians preach non-compassion and complete destruction of "the enemy" (the Christian chuch, organized religionm and anyone who stands in the way of the NWO), it is no wonder the communists and the Luciferians have joined together.

Carroll Quigley and Leon Skousen both suggested the NWO cannot be stopped, and that to stand in its way would be suicide. I agree that the population is too uneducated to stop the green NWO, but the level of Satanic involvement can be stopped or interrupted, IMO.

All we seem to have the power to do at this point is affect change, rather than stop change. The Luciferians believe in the "Ascendancy of Mankind" and that anyone who slows this is "the enemy." This will be a war of information and words. He who owns the mainstream media wins (i.e., the central bankers).

The war is already lost. All that remains is one's allegiance to God and the caretaking of their own soul.

God bless and namaste.