Sunday, December 19, 2010

Family photos - Tomas Zebastian Friedrich

Frederick Sylvester 3 years old

Tomas Zebastian 5 minutes old

My newest grandson finally arrived! He weighed 10lbs 14 oz, is 22 inches long and yeah, we're real glad we had two experienced midwives for this one. Both mom and baby are doing great.

Thanks for all the congratulations already from folks who saw the news on fb. I love being a grandmother and have found it to be one of my greatest joys. For all my whining and complaining on this blog... (heh).... I am and always have been blessed. Today I'm very grateful.

For those of you who pre-ordered 2020 & the ACM, we're back to work on the revisions this week. Well, I am anyway, Nord's still on maternity leave. :)


Stop Common Purpose said...

Excellent news, Niki.

Good luck to Nord and Tomas.


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful, Nik! I'm so happy for you. Please tell Nord she did good!
Love from Griz Pete

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Niki and family! I love the pictures. Thanks for posting them.

Tons of love to you guys!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations for the happy grandmother !
Excellent news,:)

Anonymous said...

Congrats grandmommie! Looks like Frederick will be a hit with the ladies when he gets older. They always love those blue eyes!

FishTaxi said...

Yeah!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!!

Love always,

Kevin Eggers said...

What a wonderful Christmas present.

Niki Raapana said...

Yes! Love and thanks to all, this is a wonderful time and we're enjoying every second of it. We keep meeting good hearted Alaskans whose generosity toward our Tomas and Fred is bringing a lot more to our lives than we expected.

Haven't said this in years, but it almost feels genuine again. Merry Christmas! Peace, Joy and Goodwill to all the people we've ever known and to all those we've never met. Special hugs to my sisters and to my acl supporters who see beyond the research, you're in my heart.

Paul said...

Haven't been on in awhile, congratulations to you both and have a Merry Christmas and New Year. I finally have a few days off, maybe I can to that addition to the new edition :)