Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our Hegelian dialectic antithesis online poll is at 5701!

If over 5000 readers have responded to our poll on our thesis page at the ACL, does that mean over 5000 people have read our thesis? I have no idea how many people can claim to have had that many people read their original political thesis. Do you?

This same Hegel page poll got dumped a few months after we put it online, so there would have been a lot more if those first numbers were included. We were linked to from an MSN financial news page so we had over 30,000 hits in a couple days. But ever since that flurry of activity it's remained steady at about 80-100 people a day. The number one search term that leads people to the ACL is "Hegelian dialectic"and that has been the case for over 7 years.

The ACL stats show over 500,000 visitors since we put up the new counter, and I'd guess over half of them went directly to our Hegel page. That means that it's very possible that over 250,000 people have read or perused our ACL Manifesto. I need to find out if that qualifies us for anything special... as in maybe a couple of honorary Bachelor degrees in recognition of our contribution to the academic debates? :) I still need something to show my mother!

What prompted you to search for the Hegelian dialectic?
I'm writing a high school paper 6%314
I'm writing a college paper 16%939
I'm a high school teacher 1%76
I'm a college professor 3%182
I'm on a school review board 0%9
I work for a news publication 1%41
I just keep hearing the term 26%1,457
I was sent here 8%466
None of the above 39%2,217
5,701 votes total

And the homepage poll has kept the same %s almost the entire time it's been up. Must have been the way I worded the Q... or it could mean a LOT of readers are on our "side":

Should we eliminate the U.S. Constitution in favor of Communitarian Values?

No 91% 3,614
Yes 8% 305
Not sure 1% 56

3,975 votes total

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