Sunday, May 23, 2010

Climax Civilization and Visions of Eutopia

So much more information about communitarianism is appearing online I can barely keep track of it anymore. I just stumbled across this when I followed a search term somebody used to get here. This is a prime example of how far into the cult-mainstream it's come in the last decade, and how people have expanded the idea to suit their personal visions of Utopia. This site owner bases his communitarianism on "Visions and revelations written under the guidance of the Angel of Jerusalem, Ariel, God's Messenger of peace."
New Communitarian Models Communiversities, the Communitarian Village Proposal, the Communergy System, Gardenville, and Chateau Marmoset are various cooperative community concepts I have proposed or engaged in in past years. They are only models for new communitarian social structures and not blueprints for reproducing exact replicas. Time and circumstances determine the appropriate communitarian systems. But I believe they are good beginning models and present new ways of organizing our communities.{New ways of organizing communities is always the bottom line to a communitarian thinker. Niki}

After struggling for several years trying to actualize two of these structures, Communiversities and a Communitarian Village, I have come to the conclusion that intentional communities are extremely hard to organize if people desire to do it themselves democratically. This is probably why most surviving intentional communities are tightly run religious communities where decision-making is left to a small council of elders or the community's spiritual leader. Figuring out a way of setting up a co-operative community that is still loose enough for allowing individual self-determination like the freedom we have living in the mostly chance arrangements of existing towns and cities is the key issue for me these days.

Cooperative decision-making in intentional communities striving to be democratic can sometimes be so unbearably difficult that people just give up or get fed up with other people trying to run their lives for them. This problem was a killer one for the commune, Lime Saddle, that I and my first wife helped organize in 1971. Power trips abounded and it doesn't surprise me any longer that the 1960's and '70's communal movement went the way of the dinosaurs. The trick for communitarians today is figuring out how to co-operatize existing communities or build new ones that can figuratively fly, that can rise above petty bickering and still provide the benefits of cooperative lifestyles.

Below are listed the new community visions I have had and worked to bring to reality with various degrees of success and failure. Read more:

The project name for the above site is Visions of Eutopia:

What is "Eutopia"? It isn't Thomas More's "Utopia" which means literally "no place" and it isn't "Ecotopia", an environmentalist's fantasy where they become the new ruling class. "Eutopia" is simply the "Good Place", the place where you're called to where you spiritually need to be to become a better person. It's the place where you help others do the same. It's really none other than that place Jesus called for his generation the "Kingdom of God" and which we can call for our politically correct one--the Realm of the Holy One.

So It's big and it's small. It's here and it's there. It's spread out all around you yet it's deep within you. It's the place in your heart and mind and in your community family where peace and harmony reign above violence. It's the place where you are at peace with yourself and where families and communities and nations are at peace with themselves and with the surrounding life-supporting natural world. It's the place in your mind that knows and lovingly accepts Life with all it's natural joys and pains of existence in this world that is the Great School of Living, if you are a believer, from which we all must graduate to enter the World to come.


REB said...

I've said this before elsewhere. Utopia is a place that should not exist. I say that for the simple reason that Utopian dreams have been responsible for great misery, death, and destruction. Marx, Lenin,and Mao were all trying to fulfill a Utopian vision.

REB said...

Oh yeah. I forgot to include Hitler in my list of dictators who thought they could build Utopia. God is not asking believers to build him anything. He knows how badly we do stuff.