Sunday, May 2, 2010

How many ways can you promote communitarianism?

Busy weekend here. Finalized the deal on the Wayside and we will be open before Memorial Day.

Got my laptop back, all cleaned up... empty now, but the data was all recovered! It will take a while to reinstall programs and find the gertee book and dvd files, but they're all there somewhere. The book and DVD package should move a lot faster now. Thanks to Judy and Jason!!!!!!

Is England becoming more communitarian?

So where does that leave me, and the millions of other voters who are being led somewhere they do not wish to be led, are not asked or consulted about this monumental shift towards a communitarian society.

Does the US Congress work for communitarianism?
Are the homeless a hybrid mix of libertarianism and communitarianism?
Is the new Catholic Church Communitarian?
Is Hindu communitarian?
Is Sufism communitarian?
Is Christianity communitarian? (One of my Jewish high school friends I reconnected with on facebook thought that my Hitler quotes about citizen repsonsibilities to the "community" meant I'm a Nazi. She's a very sweet woman, who asked me to please not like Hitler and then said a very strange thing. She told me that what I oppose is not Israeli kibbutz communitarianism but Christian communitarianism like the kind that's practiced by Obama and the NWO. )
Americans must take the time to learn what the Communitarian philosophy is all about in order to understand the agendas in modern politics and religion. Communitarian principles (which are really just a “softer” version of communism) are being taught in a number of universities in this
country, both secular and Christian. A Communitarian adopts and advocates concepts such as a cooperative spirit of community, selfless commitment to community service, and the duty to work for “the common good.” The ideals of this philosophy are coming in today as a new sort-of “salvation” for the human race, a new way to solve the world’s problems and have peaceful governance on Earth.
Communitarianism is not just a Fabian-United Nations, EU and American ideology:
International solidarity with the AIDESEP struggle will be central to deter the predatory advance of capital and the defense of Amazonia that –as pointed out by the Catholic clergy in Peru– “is not of the exclusive concern of Peruvian citizens but of all humanity.”

Communitarian Front in Defense of Life and Sovereignty established by Aidesep together with labor, Andean indigenous, campesino and popular organizations

Is secession communitarian?

Dr. Frank Bryan. Bryan is a veteran secessionist and in the 1970s was even involved with the Decentralist League in Vermont which he founded along with none other than prominent Anarchist theorist and activist Murray Bookchin, also a Vermonter. Bryan pointed out the historical tradition of secession in Vermont. In 1990 he raised the issue of secession into the public lime light and seven Vermont towns voted to secede from the US. He also spoke of his personal feelings on the issue of secession. He had become a Republican in the past because the Democrats "were anti-small town and were proponents of the [much hated] interstate highway system" in Vermont. He was quick to point out that "being a Republican in Vermont is really being a decentralist communitarian."

Remember the Communitarian Church of Vermont? :)

Is the Statue of Liberty communitarian?

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REB said...

It is quite true that "Christian" colleges are polluted with "progressive" thinkers. Those of us who love protestant orthodoxy reject that trend. I am reading "The History Of Communism" by Archie Brown. He claims that communism is Christian. I reject that, because all of the historical characters he cites to make that case are anarchists. There isn't anything biblical about confiscating property to redistribute it. People who promote this nonsense love to take things out of context.

Anyhow, so there are a lot of bible-dunces who buy into the notion that communism is Christian. But the Theosophists have a much stronger claim on Marx. They share the belief that men can perfect the world by shear force of human will, which historically has been translated into force by government (USSR, China, Nazi Germany, etc.). Christ does not ask us to build a kingdom for him, as the church-going Marxists would have us believe. Please don't mix all of us into the putrid stew of apostasy.

Anonymous said...

Niki, Great links, looks as if they are starting to reveal themselves more.
Here is a newsletter that a disillusioned friend sends me:
These people are very active in Seattle.


the tent lady said...

thanks Reb, I made a distinction by referring to people like you as "orthodox Protestant" and likened it to what I've learned is pre Vatican II Catholicism. I don't know enough yet to make that distinction for Islam, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn the Muslims have been taught to adopt Lucierian theosophy also. It's so sad to me that all the Pagan religions, American Indian beliefs and all the Eastern religions are always identified as being the big gateways to Lucifer worship. Then there's all the people who want to blame only the Jewish religion. I haven't found one organized church in all my years who doesn't have some aspect of the new religion incorporated into their dogma. Are you able to attend services with people who believe as you do? I would love to have a legitimate Protestant church to refer people to.

REB said...

Unfortunately, I do not know a church that I can recommend. I quit going to my church about a year ago, precisely because I have doubts about who they are worshiping. They claim to be pretty orthodox, but I have seen tell-tale signs of New Age pollution.

I think people that grew up in churches seem to be easily led astray. And one of the ways they are led into apostasy is through so called Christian media. Take pastor Rick Warren for instance, there is a fair amount of evidence of New Age pollution in his books, but he is very popular among church people. I find that rather disturbing. It also bothers me when the pastor cites examples of so called Christian leaders from the past and the theology of those people contradicts the theology written in his church's statement of faith.

I also find it troubling that a lot of church members know very little about other religions, particularly about the very groups that seem to be infiltrating churches, like the Luciferians. As I am sure you know, Theosophists embrace all religions for the purpose of synthesizing them and paving the way for paradigm shift. They seem to be executing Alice Bailey's plans masterfully.

As you may also know Paul the Apostle has been accused throughout the years of being a Gnostic. Some phrases in his letters, New Testament epistles, contain terms that sound very New Age when taken out of context. But the recorded history of Church Fathers clearly demonstrates that they fought against Gnosticism. The Theosophists and the Gnostics have much in common. So folks in pews, being ignorant of church history and the foundations and doctrine of the New Age, are easy prey for someone to use certain passages in the Bible to slip in New Age teachings, and they'll accept it as Christian.