Thursday, September 3, 2009

Big Mother's Permission to Hunt & Fish

Thanks for all the comments lately, I've barely been able to log on for more than a few minutes at a stretch so I apologise for being so slow to answer. I keep getting emails that should be blog comments but these people don't want to deal with what they refer to as my "fans." Hehe. That last guy was a bit unsettled by those of you rushing to my defense and I think my enemies would prefer it that I be alone and defenseless in my opposition to their agenda. I got a long hate email the other day where I was chastised for everything from wasting my intellect to freezing my ass off in a tent in Alaska. I think I'll invite him to Camp Redington to put his money where his mouth is.

Went and bowed before Big Mother yesterday and recieved permission from her benevolancy to fill my freezer and shelves with food this winter. Got my permits for 1 moose and 2 caribou from BLM. Then I got my permit for the fishwheel from the National Park Service Wrangell St Elias Center (and the guy doing my paperwork was the same leader of the Watershed Leadership group who I told I oppose everything he stands for last month). Already got my subsistance hunting, trapping and fishing liscense from the State of Alaska, so last night I went grizzly bear hunting and we didn't see it until it was too dark to get a good shot. I was so nervous heading out, my first real hunt and I'm going for a bear... all the way down I was singing to myself songs from the musical Jesus Christ, Superstar. Going back tonight better equipped.

Camp Redington is going full swing in spite of the fact that we pretty much aren't open. Amanda came back for a week before her Alaska trip was over and she inspired everyone with her enthusiasm for life. I especially enjoyed hearing her stories. She's half Japanese and half Jewish Pole. Her grandparents on both sides were incarcerated during WWII. Her grandfather in Poland was trying to warn his family about the Nazis in 1937 and his family all ridiculed him for being a paranoid. Only 2 of them survived the Nazi invasion in 1939. She's a full blooded American and the part of her that is grateful to be one represents a slim hope to me. Whether the whole American diversity and mixed blood idea was part of the elite plot to take over the world or not, it can be our strength if we embrace and honor every culture whose children became Americans. My Norwegian grandmother, Pauline Anderson, was sold by her father to go be a bonded servant in Wisconsin when she was 14 years old. She remained until she was 21, and the Jewish family paid her a bonus when she got her walking papers. My grandmother used that money to bring her parents to America. My dad asked her once why she never ran away, and her reply was, "My father gave them his word that I would stay. The money they paid up front was used to feed my brothers and sisters." Many of our ancestors came to America seeking a better life for themselves and their descendents. Some of us descendents of those risktakers choose to honor their sacrifices. Ho.

Lots of help with raking the new gravel pad!

Amanda got me to try a raw salmon egg. They squirt all over the inside of your mouth when you bite them. She advises I eat them every day for the rest of my life, called it "brain food."

Fresh Alaska salmon eggs

Rene, newly ordained high priestess
of the Salmon Nation, rejoicing at the freezer alter

My bear

Bill and the Samoans at the Copper River Fishwheels

Tim's rock garden

Me picking wild sage and rosehips on McCarthy Road

Yes Rene, those are all for you!
(Don't I look tall? I'm on a pallet.)


Patrick said...

For The Good of the Community:

It's not just living next to the Mall with Ezekiel Emanuel anymore.

Six - The Mark Unleashed

Patrick said...

Beware The Third Way: A Confluence Of Capitalism & Socialism

What is certain about these tumultuous times is that in the end we will emerge a different nation. Transformed by a radical departure from our archetypical past today’s leaders shape the new world by way of proxy, substituting politically expedient rhetoric for the cold hard truths they fear a childish public would not understand. Design our lives without our consent, without our consult or choice, they will make our decisions for us because in their eyes we are incapable of making them ourselves.

[. . .]

That there exists today in the political spectrum a left and a right is a mere distraction designed to polarize the public into competing camps, in theory, creating choice. However, come election time the left and right are now overshadowed by a new centrist platform known inconspicuously as the Third Way. Hardly a household term the Third Way has in fact influenced the vast majority of political and economic changes in modern history. The Third Way is the centrist way – a compromise between capitalism and socialism, or market liberalism and democratic socialism. Proponents of Third Way claim the platform represents a synthesis of competing viewpoints, distinct and superior to both its sources, rather than simply a compromise or mixture thereof. A radical center if you will, the Third Way is a complete departure from all natural laws that govern the universe. At its core is a belief that it is better than the sum of its parts.

Angry Cheese said...

The scenery around your home is just breathtaking!