Monday, September 21, 2009

"2020: Our Common Destiny" on ebay!

Sean put 2020 on ebay! Thanks Sean. Be interesting to see if it sells there. We haven't really done any marketing for either of our books so this is a great start. The books have always just been something we have available for visitors to the ACL but yes, marketing is important.

You know you're Alaskan when you're happy the thermometer still only reads 20 above zero F. I've got so much to do yet to get ready for winter, but it's coming along and the new gertee made all kinds of space for Freddie, visitors wood and water jugs in the 16' kitchen/dining gertee. The new 16' is so well insulated I can heat it with the woodstove from the kitchen! This changes everything. Now I'm taking the 20' down and rebuilding it the same way I did the new 16'. We are gonna be WARM this winter for sure. And ... since I got my first moose we'll also have plenty of meat AND fish this year.

Many thanks to Bill for sending this link on reinventing government, haven't read it all but it looks to be very important to our work. I mention this program in ACL research and remember being very shocked to find it so openly available. I assumed our constitutions made the very idea of changing the US government and system illegal unless it was done via constitutional means. This paper gives a lot more detail than I took the time to find:

me making the walls for the new 16'
the new pic on my info is for you Pete :)

using the shower roofring which only has 6 poles
so I cut 13 spruce posts and tied them to the walls

installed R19 fiberglass insulation between the posts
(how many times have I moved that pile of rocks?!)


Anonymous said...


Beautiful portrait! Thank you! It's so nice to see you in your pictures too, and you have so many interesting visitors and friends. You indeed live a blessed life.

Looks like lounging pajamas will be the dress for this winter! Warm at last, eh?

Now if you can just keep the gertees on the ground. Maybe some kind of air bleedoff valve to vent the positive pressure when them big gusts come.

The first big frost came last night here, and everything in the garden is now on the ground except for my delicious Roquet (Arugula) which just gets better tasting until the hard freeze comes.

You are a real inspiration Niki! Now I'll start reading "Reinventing Government" which heretofor I thought was just a lame Goreism!


mudlurk said...

Looking good Niki. Is the roof insulated as well? By the way, where have you stashed the moose? Imagine that, a whole moose to chew though over winter. You're really something to be living like a pilgrim. I'm a wuss in comparison.