Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekly South African Report

David Icke wrote a new article about Common Purpose, it's posted at Ike doesn't mention the word communitarianism once. I know Icke is an expert on the Illuminati, and I'd never question his authority on that subject. But is it really possible Icke doesn't know the actual and easily verifiable philosophy for the type of government he describes Common Purpose as administering? Is he really unaware of the EU's communitarian supremacy of law? He cites Brian Gerrish. Has Gerrish identified Common Purpose as communitarian yet?

Found this when I grazed through rense's links.. if I did decide to go to South Africa and hold seminars in anticommunitarian studies I'd sure have a lot of homework to do first!


Bobby Garner said...

Why is David Icke an expert on the Illuminati?

Because it is not possible to prove him wrong. But neither is it possible to prove that there actually is an organization called the Illuminati.

Why does he insist that his simpleminded definition of the Hegelian Dialectic, "Problem - Reaction - Solution", is the correct one? Because millions of people believe it and never investigate the matter any further. And because ignorance is bliss. "Problem - Reaction - Solution" at best only explains the headline news, the stuff that gets people so riled up about things they are passionate about. It does nothing to really help people understand what is going on in their own back yards, and it especially doesn't do anything to expose their own complicity in it. It puts the monkey on the back of that evil government and exonerates the people of their own complicity.

David Icke is a disinformationalist (agent/shill) for the New Age, New Group of World Servers, of which he may in fact be one, who are busily implementing "The Plan" given to Alice A. Bailey. They are not organized such as Freemasonry or any other secret society. Bailey said that their activities would span the whole spectrum of "...viewpoints in the many fields of thought - political, religious, economic, social, educational and philosophical."

The last thing we should expect to get from Icke is something resembling the truth about Communitarianism. You don't get to be as popular as David Icke by telling the truth.

PBarnes said...

Maybe, the Reptilians erased the word communitarian from his wee brain?

I'm sure I don't have to tell you Niki, that the "C" word probably doesn't help to sell a whole lotta books, sell out large hotel conference rooms or fill the coffers at Icke Inc. But, then again, selling distraction is certainly not something Mr. Icke would do, is it?

Patrick said...

Memo to suburbanites: Government doesn't want you to live there any more

If you like living in the suburbs, having your own little piece of God's green Earth, and being part of the community schools, churches and civic groups, well, too bad because the "Smart Growth" progressives in Congress and the National Reseach Council have a new report that shows how much better things would be if instead you and your family lived in an urban high rise.



Patrick said...

David Icke!! "Because there's a moron for your mind!!"

Also From Rense. . .

The Denial Machine - NWO and The Illuminati Myth

Stop Common Purpose said...


The common Purpose link is


Sean said...


My eventual disdain for the PROBLEM/REACTION/SOLUTION definition applied to Hegel's theory is what led me to Niki's "what is the Hegelian dialectic" page. Thank God! I just wanted a more substantial definition, and instead I stepped into the light.

As a rule, anyone who gets massive media exposure or makes a lot of money promoting their information products are shills, liars, dupes, usefull idiots, tools... some might call them MARKS. etcetera.

If Ike actually used the word Communitarian, he'd have to integrate that with his shape shifting reptillians theory, and that sounds like WORK to me. Evil lizzards that want to build communities supporting the common good is a hard sell.

Lark said...

Forgive me if I laugh!

Just got off one of those "patriot radio shows" featuring an educated guy who went on and on about the usual scary stuff. When I politely mentioned the c-word he surprised me by saying he actually had an idea of what it was.

While the show's host was drumming up support for his "You Too Can Be a 'Restore the Republic' Magazine Owner" mentoring [brand marketing] program - and while both he and his expert guest made constant allusions to "things one could do for his/her 'community' to combat the evil new world order" - I took a quick trip over to our learned guest's website.

So one has to ask: Does anything 'matter' anymore?

I know these people mean well, but when I countenance that ugly word 'community', I suddenly go deaf.

Then I wonder why I waste my time!

Angry Cheese said...

Constance Cumbey refers to buzzwords.
There are certain buzzwords here in Britain which set off my alarm bells now too wherever I hear or read them:-
Community, Leadership, Leadership Training, Sustainability, Diversity, Empowerment, Passionate - in Britain these morons are always "passionately" feeling something or other!!!!
I believe Icke's article mentioned here, if I am referring to the right one, was written in 2007 - not too long after he first found out about CP and Brian Gerrish.

It could be he now knows about Communitarianism and has yet to write about it. But I agree with you all, it is about time all Brits. started to refer to Communitarianism, acknowledge it and to understand it.
I have tried to cajole them into doing so on my website, and I see StopCommonPurpose refer to it now.

Tikkun Olam said...

Credit must be given to Rense, who doesn't monger fear and who has run pieces lately taking apart the notion of the omniscient and all-powerful Illuminati. In a recent interview with Charlotte Iserbyt he correctly identified Obama and the agenda as Communitarian, then proceeded to reference and praise Niki's work. Charlotte echoed those sentiments.

A kibbutz for the goyim, yippee!

Bobby Garner said...

Before we roll out the drums and bugles for Rense and Iserbyt, maybe it would be a good idea to question the motives which I doubt are all that pure. Any label adopted by such moguls of misinformation is intended to be a throw away. They are apparently responding to pressure coming from all directions to adapt to the increasingly clear evidence of Communitarianism in our society. We were alert to the danger when Niki was first invited to make these high profile appearances. How long will it be now until Devvy Kidd, Joan Veon and other "truthers" begin waving a Communitarian flag as well?

So, in view of all the proofs of Communitarianism, how could it possibly become a tag line for misinformation? In spite of all the factual proof, my latest research shows that it is not the grand prize, but the means of choice for reaching their "goal". I dealt with this in "The Dialectic Tetrad and the "Third Organization of Society".

If we have learned anything at all about the motives behind current events, it is that there is a super human force, or belief in such a force, working with the real holders of power on this earth. Alice A. Bailey referred to it as the "Hierarchy" of "Ascended Masters". The representatives of that power are identified by Bailey as "The New Group of World Servers". To name a few: Maurice Strong, Amitai Etzioni, Barrack Obama, George Soros, Warren Buffet, Kofi Annon, Mikhail Gorbachev, Nelson Mandela , etceteras. Figuratively, they are the "Thousand Points of Light" or "Water Carriers" who are implementing "The Plan" on a global scale.

If it proves out that they are now willing to unveil Communitarianism, then it is an indication of their confidence that its principles are so well received under so many different disguises that the word itself can safely be turned into just another "Conspiracy Theory".

So, what is The Plan? We don't need to speculate. The Plan was written and published by Alice A. Bailey and the Theosophical Society in twenty some volumes beginning in 1919. Bailey wraps it all up in a nutshell in chapter seven of the book From Bethlehem to Calvary: Our Immediate Goal - The Founding of the Kingdom. That is The Kingdom of God on Earth, which coincidentally, is also the objective of British Israel as stated in The Union Jack.