Tuesday, August 18, 2009

White House Blames E-mail Controversy on "sinister conspiracy theories"

Lots more going on behind the Healthcare debate than I was aware of, but I think I need to submit my impression of what's "fishy" about this whole debate to Big Mother. I know she monitors this blog and I've always hoped she'd jump in a make a comment sometime. :)

How is it possible that the United States is considering implementing a COMMUNITARIAN program and yet Americans completely ignore that word and continue to call it socialism? This misdirection back to the antithesis steers attention far, far away from the synthesis. Why is it so important to stop any real debate about the actual philosophy and law that establishes a world government from ever coming before the voting public? Don't their agents realize people are so gullible they'd vote for it even if they knew what it is?

I just read a facebook comment on Palin's post about Emanuel by one of the people who lived with me when I began researching communitarianism in 1999. She accused Palin of not beng able to have a factual debate, and yet never once mentioned what the real debate is about.. even though she was introduced to communitarianism almost a decade ago. I have to say that makes the pointlessness of my efforts glaringly clear. I am so pushing the river here... and I'm drowning in the ignorant bs that continues to roll off American tongues. My reality check doesn't come from the White House, it comes from my friends.
"People can still submit "fishy" information about health care reform through the "reality check" Web site, set up by the White House last week to rebut health care rumors. " http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2009/08/18/white-house-blames-e-mail-controversy-sinister-conspiracy-theories/
So how many reurns does the White House website have for "communitarian?"
"Did you mean?
Search was unable to find any results for communitarian, you may have typed your word incorrectly, have entered an empty phrase or are being too specific.

Try using a broader search phrase.
"socialism" has 384 returns.

I also could not find any reference in Palin's posts re Emanuel's communitarianism. Hmmm. What an amazing word... it's like it has the ability to disappear right before our eyes.

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Stop Common Purpose said...

Hi Niki

"Communitarian" seems to me to be one of those "difficult words" that a lot of people will simply ignore.

A search of Google news archive here shows that is was rarely used until the 1990s and only returns 6,040 for the period 1900 to present whereas "socialist" returns 763,000.

Also, "communitarian" does not show up at all on Google Trends.

It needs more exposure.

Try linking it with Britney Spears.

How is you garden coming along?