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Lessons in the Hegelian Dialectic: Sarah Palin versus Ezekiel Emanuel

Lessons in the Hegelian Dialectic:
Sarah Palin versus Ezekiel Emanuel

by Niki Raapana
Anti Communitarian League
August 19, 2009

The Hegelian Dialectic is the ideological blueprint for manipulating people into fighting over issues. Skillful use of Hegelian tactics is a requirement for all modern politicians. The ultimate goal of every major political player in the game right now is to weaken both sides of every argument, so that a "middle ground" for the "common good" can be formed between them. This is the simple formula for tricking the world into accepting a totalitarian central government. It's happening in every country on the planet.

When Betsy M published her article called "Deadly Doctors," she sure opened a big can of political worms. She identified the philosophy of Obama's new health advisor, Ezekiel Emanuel as "communitarianism." The problem is, the gods of globalism are still not ready to explain their new philosophy to the American people. Americans are much more effective if they continue to believe their sides still exist and keep the great political divides alive. Awareness of the emerging synthesis of all ideologies (called communitarianism) is reserved for insiders. To become an insider one must agree to go along with the big lie, for as long as the lie remains necessary. Once the world has completely adopted supremacy of communitarian law, the truth about the system won't matter much, because the communitarian police will have community enforcement authority over every individual in the world.

The American public is just not ready to be told the truth about the real philosophy driving all new changes to US law. Citizens age 50 and beyond may never be told. Communitarians insist all nations must be eliminated and that would upset the people who still think the US Constitution and their state constitutions are valid legal contracts. So the former Lt governor of the state of New York provided way more information than the Americans need to know. Something radical had to be done quickly to drive the topic back into obscurity. Just as hundreds of Americans started asking what the heck communitarianism is, the global scriptwriters made major changes to the book. Enter Sarah Palin, stage right.

On the surface it certainly appears that Sarah Palin and Barack Obama's Health advisor, Ezekiel Emanuel, are on "opposite" sides. Sarah clearly represents the fundamentalist Christian Republican Right, while Obama and Zeke obviously represent the open-minded non-denominational Democratic Left. Their millions of followers on both sides are totally convinced the "other" side are the bad guys and their own side is the good guys. This belief in their superior side means they never have to study the other side, or God forbid, to wonder what the outcome of all this fighting may be. Like mad dogs trained to fight in the arena, true believers go for the jugular veins of their opponents without a second thought as to why.

Sarah Palin proved her worth to the communitarians when she entered the national political scene as John McCains' Republican running mate. They made her a star in the best horror soap opera ever written. It might look like they plan to kill her off, but rest assured, they'll bring her back whenever they need her to keep the story line alive. And right now, they need her. Upon entering the staged presidential campaign in a whirlwind of exposure, Palin made an easy target of herself and successfully fueled the inflated egos of every deluded Republican and Democrat in the country. All it took to keep (nonexistent) American attention away from any possible awareness of Obama's communitarian philosophy was to bring a superstar like Palin into the campaign. And all it took to steer (possible) attention away from Emanuel's exposed communitarian philosophy was to bring Palin into the "debate."

Now the debate is between the most uneducated politician on the national scene and the "esteemed" bioethics professor who cares about people. Their most dumbed down followers argue over who's the nicer, more credentialed player. Communitarian agents scour the Internet forums and steer any discussion of communitarianism back to outdated (and now discarded) left and right theories. The substance of the debate never became centered on the actual and verifiable philosophy that drives the National Healthcare agenda. The only political argument allowed is between the left and the right (just as the only religious debate allowed is between the Christians and the Muslims). These phony, misleading debates are led by second grade bully's who won't acknowledge communitarianism until their teachers make them write it a hundred times on the blackboard. When the American followers are finally told that communitarianism is their new political and justice system, their assigned Borg leaders will make sure everyone reaches consensus and agrees that it's a "good" thing.

Hegelians don't care what the issues are. Neither do they care which "side" they are perceived to be on. Their role is to be a barrier to any authentic political discourse that may arise from thinking people. Hegelians do not think for themselves, they follow orders. They repeat words that have no meaning to them, throw around words they cannot define and have no interest in defining. When asked directly what they mean by a particular word, they always respond with "what do you mean what do I mean?" as if you're just too stupid to be answered. Most followers haven't got the first clue what livability, health and safety, and quality of life means. They build "good communities" and only stupid people ask them what they mean by good.

Appealing mainly to the egotistical and self-centered, the Hegelians promote the idea that they and their followers are superior to the common man in every way. Born again Hegelians may not be able to tell us who they follow, but they will always insist their ideas are more "enlightened" than common folks. Over educated, upper academic Hegelians believe God told Hegel the only reasonable future society is a friendly, caring, global police state. Uneducated Hegelians don't even know they're Hegelians.

All unenlightened sheep are to be kept locked inside very publicized dialectical conflicts of opposites. Only the unseen, enlightened few understand the actual goal of all the conflicts. The most useful idiots are the ones who believe their side is the side that cares oh so much more about "people" than the other side. Completely brainwashed Hegelian thinkers go so far as to believe they are born smarter than the other side, with many convinced they were chosen by God himself to rule over all of mankind, forever. Taught to use any stupid argument at their disposal that enrages their assigned opposite "side," their job is to fuel established conflicts and say anything they want, as long as it keeps the masses distracted.

The more outrageous their behaviors, the more outrageous the response is from their gullible public followers. This is why hateful slurs, mocking, sneering, racial insults, un-humorous "jokes," accusations, slander and Godlike condemnations are such a big part of our national political discourse. Like Hegel taught the leaders of the emerging supranational system, ideological conflicts that grow into violent clashes between huge groups of people are the best way to "help" save the world. Follower's on both sides of every conflict use the same, tired arguments because both sides follow the same Hegelian playbook. To the Man, Straw Man, Wag the Dog or fists and guns... they do whatever it takes.

It's not an accident that every rebuttal I get to my articles on communitarianism insist it's an insignificant term that means nothing. I actually just got new comments on my blog that explained the "difference" between liberals and socialists. and never mentions the word communitarian once! The debate between communitarianism and US constitutional law will never reach the public until it's completely over. First we all have to come together for a purpose greater than self. Then we can all rise together in perfect harmony, or we can fall into the pits with the others who refuse to be "free."
"Clinton said Obama's election was the first one in which people were "self-consciously communitarian - understanding we are going to rise and fall together.""


Patrick said...

Israeli firsters, Sara Palin and Ezekiel Emanuel going after each other reminded me of another put-up job- the Bernie Madoff fiasco- where the Synagogue of Satan was ripping off the Synagogue of Satan.

Back to communitarianism.

I seen firsthand the beta testing that's been going on with their shiny new theology for sometime now, but suspect due to the atmosphere of pastoral watchfulness and control required to succeed, it won't go live, be fully operational, or out of the closet until after the culling. In the meantime, the John Birch Society has spent 50 years trying to alert and educate the citizens about the communist connection; so, like good cop/bad cop, it might take awhile beat communitarianism into their thick brainwashed skulls.


Anonymous said...

I just read this wonderful article by link from

You did an excellent job of explaining the Hegelian dialectic (HD).

An important point you made is that the issue itself is sort of irrelevant. Almost any issue is useable by the dialecticians and politicians.

One the "problem" and conflict is set up, it's all over for coming to the best right course of action. Whatever the outcome/synthesis of this setup, it will always be life and freedom destroying for the individual human being.

Sometime I think HD is not much different from all philosophies of manipulation. Military strategies, all kinds of "strategizing" seem to so easily move in to the wrong kind of manipulation of individuals. It is manipulating individuals and groups into "sides." It is setting people up. And then letting the people on the two conflicting sides just play out their behaviors as if they are on "cruise control."

I think that Machiavelli in his work "The Prince" used the HD a few centuries before Hegel was born. I think Tsun Tsuz used the HD a few millennia before Hegel was born.

I just would like to know what distinguishes the HD from these earlier practitioners of "Praxis".

People get turned off by the word "Hegelian" so if it is absolutely necessary to always use that term, it would be helpful to show what makes the Hegelian kind of dialectic any different than the kind of dialectic that took place in Genesis 3 and onward throughout world history.

Some would say all human relationships are is "mutual use" but God's Word in the scriptures teaches each of us that each individual should worship the God Who is Life, Truth and Love by our thoughts words and deeds, always choosing the quiet, truthful and humble God honoring way guided not by the many dialecticians in our lives, but by the Holy Spirit. I think humans who strive for that each day will not be constantly manipulating others and trying to gain power, but will using every good personal gift they are endowed with by their Creator to worship God by bringing more Truth into this dialectical world.

Ms. Jeannon Kralj
Austin, Texas

jade said...

Before there was a name for it, this has been the plan. Thanks for bringing clarity to what many of us out here have been observing.

Bobby Garner said...

It was apparently necessary that the dialectic be discovered in the same way that evolution was necessary, and for the same reasons that communism was discovered, to serve the same evil purposes that only psycho analysis can explain and justify. It is certainly no coincidence that all of these things were discovered in the same time frame that H.P. Blavatski was getting her initiation in preparation for publishing the first chapters of the demonic "Plan" for building a "New World" on top of the old.

Of course there is nothing new under the sun because Satan has no creative powers. He continues to work out of the same bag of tricks, but polishes his tools up from time to time just as any good mechanic or cook would do.

It is one of the greatest ironies that "The Plan" is perhaps as much published as the bible, and yet the general public knows so little about it in spite of the fact that they live under it every day, and most of them are participants in one way or another.

A good place to find out more about this is

Willow said...
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