Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Copper River Watershed Project -- Something Fishy's Going On

Tim's Fish Camp
downtown Kenny Lake

Tim training Amanda to filet reds

Dog food!

Gerteeville under winter renovations

RadiantGUARD wrapped over summer walls

Corina shows where the hearts are.. in the neck

Align Center
Wanna learn how to smoke and can them now?

flowers bllomed after the rest of the garden froze

more fish table action

Vern, one of Tim's best buddies from Knik

Cornina, Tim and Amanda

Tim picked up Amanda and her friend Gus hitchhiking from McCarthy a few weeks back. We let them stay at Camp Redington and Amanda (in AK for the summer from SF, she's a potter) asked to come back for a week before she heads to Hawaii. She's trying everything here and having a great time doing it. We have to wood to cut and build a new gertee with her so she can show others how to do it. Except now that we're getting fish everything else is on hold.

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Stop Common Purpose said...

Hi Niki

Do you preserve the fish by smoking it or some other way?

Have you seen this: