Friday, June 12, 2009

I'll be on Govern America with Darren and Nancy June 13, 5am AKT

Greandma's helper

I've been invited to join Darren and Nancy on their Sat am weekly radio show before, but I wasn't prepared to go on live radio to discuss communitariansm at 5am my time. I've never been a morning person and most of my writing and long term jobs were nights or graveyard shifts. My summer "schedule" has been waking at 8am no matter what time I go to bed, because the daylight and the heat is enough to wake me. (I'm totally acclimated to sleeping in a very cold room.) I do have a new portable phone now so at least I can move around during the call and we won't have to talk over the scratching noises. Hope you can join us, bring coffee.

Nordica tearing down bridal gertee covers

18 foot yurt foundation, Chapter 1 in the new book:
"How to build a gertee from available materials"

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Sean said...

I've talked over that scrathing noise... it's no big deal...but kinda tough ON THE RADIO.