Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Freak mini tornado hits little gertee

A beautiful Alaskan summer day

The garden's finally almost all seeded.
Snap peas and radishes are already up.
Planted Armenian cucumbers, carrots, kale, brocolli, green onions, white onions, zucinni, lettuce, summer squash, jalapeno and cayenne peppers, tobacco (in pots), basil, dillweed, parsley, rosemary, Alaskan tomatoes and flowers. Have a 35 gal water tank next to the garden to fill the shower bags I use to water it.

I never put up anymore ropes, and so here's Gertee after a tornado blew out of nowhere and lifted it 2 feet off the ground. Then it turned and came directly towards us in the garden. I tackled poor little Freddie and laid over him in the gravel. It blew past as quickly as it came. Nothing was destroyed inside gertee but I spent the rest of the afternoon moving my minis back into big gertee. Moving it back by the garden on the new gravel pad for sure now.

The winds came in right behind it.

Chillin' with neighbors in the new cooking patio. Decided to bag cooking over an open fire all summer again and set up the woodstove outside. Works great so far.

Justice learns how to cook pasta on a woodstove.

Today I met Keith Murray, one of the original 12 homesteaders in Kenny Lake. Known locally as the "Goat Man," he lived in teepees here since '68, and so did his goats. He's never been inside a yurt and was real happy to finally get to be inside one. Judy Brown brought him over right after the tornado hit. :) Most of his teepee frames are still standing and can be seen from the road, and he invited me over to check them out and take pictures. Very interesting fellow.

Cornina modeling the fur seal coat with her daughters.

Laying rock... another huge project I started.

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Stop Common Purpose said...

Hi Niki

Sorry you had the mishap with the tornado.

There are some interesting characters around where you live.