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The roots of the Cabala in Christian Communitarian thinking

The roots of the Cabala in Christian Communitarian thinking

January 21, 2012

For Christmas we were gifted 2 boxes filled with books that are extremely relevant to ACL studies. I was sure I didn’t have time to read any of them, as we are buried deep in the revisions to 2020/TACM. But, I couldn’t help myself from perusing the titles that looked so intriguing. Once I lifted the first book cover, I grabbed my highlighter and went to work. There were the exact things I needed to add to 2020.

The first book I opened was “The Metrocrats, Regionalism and Non-Law Governance are destroying the United States” by Jo Hindman (1977). This book is a fantastic introduction to what I’ve been calling “the missing years” in our historical outline of the way Communitarian planning was introduced. One new chapter to 2020 is called “Smart Growth.” That’s where we filled in a couple very significant pieces to LA21 that I’ve not seen written anywhere else. Our research jumped from the 1950s to the 1970s and showed little about the 2 decades leading up to the publication of “The Quiet Revolution” in 1971.

Jo Hindman fills in those years with verifiable details I can’t remember reading anywhere else. Of course this rare gem of a book is discounted as “conspiracy theory” by the organizations Hindman exposes, but I find her work well documented with excellent resources, placing her on the level of Iserbyt, Ball, Kjos and Veon. Now I want to revise the Smart Growth chapter to include Hindman’s vast contribution to the history of Regionalism and Agenda 21. Maybe I can do it fast while Nordica lays out the final copy!

The other box of books focused on a difficult but relevant piece to ACL research. It’s the hardest topic in the world, and the one I had hoped to sidestep forever. Yet, now that I’ve gone this far into it, I’m glad I have, because, quite frankly, understanding the roots of the Christian Cabala explains a lot of things about Christian Communitarianism and Christian Zionism that otherwise make no sense at all.

Frances Yates, a “respectable” British source, (she’s “the leading Renaissance scholar of her time”) wrote 2 key books that have opened my eyes: “The Occult Philosophy in the Elizabethan Age” and “The Rosicrucian Enlightenment” are without a doubt two of the most important books a student of global Communitarianism can read. I had just *finished* our new chapter on Communitarian Religion, had told Nordica I’m done with my revisions, and then I started reading our new books on the Talmud and the Cabala. I’m so not done after all. We refer to both of these in 2020 and TACM. Some readers will recall when we had two extensive topic pages at our original ACL research website devoted to the Talmud and Militant Zionism. The reason we had to at least find out what the Talmud and the Cabala were about is, Dr. Amitai Etzioni, the founder of the Communitarian Network, was specially trained in both.

Michal Hoffman’s hefty “Judaism Discovered” was an enormous help in clarifying the specific traditions in Judaism that influenced Martin Buber, Amitai Etzioni’s teacher. His scholarly approach led me directly toward Frances Yate’s works; he cites her on several pages. Both writers are equally great teachers.

Hoffman’s personal analysis resonated with me on many levels. As a fellow researcher who uses direct sources wherever possible, I appreciated the level of his citations and the work it must have taken to get them. His attitude toward racial superiority reminded me of our own ACL Mission Statement. My studies and my life already proved to me the insanity of the whole Eugenics, “Middle Barbarian” mindset.

Now (and here’s what the life of an anti-communitarian researcher is like) I need to know where Asian racism originated. I haven’t even begun to explore the roots of Asian Communitarianism yet. I haven’t read anything on how Chinese, Korean or Japanese harmonization can be related to the Talmud, which means the Talmud may not be the only ancient source for dialectical religious/race wars leading to the Communitarian global synthesis. More than one race and religion claims superiority and they all promote Communitarian programs, policies and laws. Has all of Asia been duped like the west has? Did Communitarianism exist in ancient China prior to the Israelites captivity in Babylon? Buddhist, Hindu, Native, Pagan, and Islamic roots in Communitarianism didn’t all originate in the Talmud, did it?

(Update 1/28/12 – Well another box of books arrived a few days ago and it looks like they provide answers to my questions about Eastern Cabala. Included in this batch of study materials are works by Nesta Webster, Viconmte Leon De Poncins and other reputable historians who studied the history of subversive societies. Now I’m smack dab in the middle of the murky issues, and in some ways have come full circle back to this topic. We had a page on American Masons at the first ACL site, where we made the attempt to verify the existence of members in U.S. history, which was somewhat easy since there is so much evidence of it and much of it comes directly from the membership lists in the Grand Lodges. Freemasonry has been a sore topic at my blog, more than once, and because I did not disown my sister after she informed me our maternal grandparents were Eastern Star, Nordica and I were viciously attacked and accused of being closet Masonic witches. We laughed it off, what else can we do, but it did cause me to focus my studies in other directions, which, undoubtedly was the goal of that attack. Nesta explains right away on page 3: “In the study of secret societies we have then a double line to follow – the course of associations enveloping themselves in secrecy for the pursuit of esoteric knowledge, and those using mystery and secrecy for an ulterior and usually, a political purpose.” It’s always been apparent to me that there are more than one set of masonic principles, so I already like Ms Webster. The first line of Part One in her book is: “The East is the cradle of secret societies.” There are many more books in these boxes that address economics, can’t wait to read “Concentration of Control in American Industry” published in 1931 by Henry Laidler Ph.D. I also have 2 official histories now of the Pilgrim Societies in the U.S. and Great Britain. What foolishness to think I would ever finish with my studies.)

Nordica and I have never felt we were superior for any reason, and we’ve also never believed anyone else was superior to us, especially the people who tell us they are. Hoffman appears to be a genuine believer in the New Testament covenant with Jesus Christ, whose spiritual Catholic faith makes him want only to convert Jews, not to kill them or pass laws against them. Hoffman does not anywhere in his book condemn Jews as being racially “bad” and shows why he thinks the basis for modern racism originated in rabbinical exegesis. Is the Talmud also the basis for Christian use of exegesis, a term I just barely learned a few years ago? Do Christians also use numerology and geometry and look for hidden symbolism, using a secret code God gave them to find “deeper meanings” in Biblical passages?

Anyway, I like how Hoffman saves his attacks for the Rabbis and their Oral Laws. Probably the most important thing I learned from Judaism Discovered is, portions of the Oral Talmud are not necessarily based on the Old Testament, according to the rabbis who “wrote” it, and it does, in fact, contradict many Christian teachings. Here’s the thing that makes it hard for me to write about any religion or law religionalized. I don’t write from a Biblical perspective. I don’t claim to know if the Bible is the word of God. Our published work uses exactly zero Biblical quotes to stress our points. We didn’t start any of our resistance to community tyranny from a religious stand; we started it from a US Bill of Rights position.

(another update on 1/28- Over the years we’ve been exposed to writers making the compelling point about the foundation for our country being based on masonic principles. We decided the Constitution is suspect but because of the way it all came to be part of our law, we held to the individual U.S. State’s imposition of a federal Bill of Rights as something we could defend. Vicompte Leon de Poncins, in Freemasonry and the Vatican, quotes the Encyclical Humanum Genus by Pope Leo XIII in 1884, in the chapter on Communism and Freemasonry, on pages 151-152, and the Holy See’s description could almost be of the U.S.A.: “In the sphere of politics, the Naturalists lay down that all men have the same rights and that all are equal and alike in every respect; that everyone is by nature free and independent; that no one has the right to exercise authority over another; that it is an act of violence to demand of men obedience to any authority not emanating from themselves. All power is, therefore, in the free people. Those who exercise authority do so either by the mandate or by the permission of the people; so that; when the popular will changes, rulers of state may lawfully be deposed even against their will. The source of all rights and civic duties is held to reside either in the multitude or the ruling powers of the State, provided that it has been constituted according to the new principles. They hold also that the State should not acknowledge God and that, out of the various forms of religion, there is no reason why one should be preferred to another. According to them, all should be on the same level. / Now that these views are held by the Freemasons also, and that they want to set up States constituted according to this ideal, is too well known to be in need of proof. For a long time they have been openly striving with all their strength and with all their resources at their command to bring this about. They thus prepare the way for those numerous and more reckless spirits who, in their mad desire to arrive at equality and common ownership of goods, are ready to hurl society into an even worse condition, by the destruction of all distinctions of rank and property…. In this mad and wicked design, the implacable hatred and thirst for vengeance with which Satan is animated against Our Lord Jesus Christ becomes almost visible in our eyes.” This appears to be leading me right back to John Paul II and his successor, the current Pope Benedict’s promotion of Communitarianism as the perfect middle theory that will put religion back into the communist v capitalism equation and make it a “whole” system worthy of ruling the world.)

This B of R distinction is important because the introduction of Talmudic Law into the U.S. Supreme Court was justified as: it’s the foundation for all US Law, called Judeo-Christian, like the Ten Commandments. Our country’s law, according to George Bush Jr. in 2002, was founded not on the Bible but on the Talmud. Several US Supreme Court justices agreed. Most Jewish sources I’ve read say there is no difference between the Talmud, the Mishnah Torah and the Old Testament. Not that Hoffman’s a Jewish source, but I absolutely needed a well-referenced overview, introduction and direct translation of Rabbinic Judaic principles, Talmudic justice, the Zohar, both Torahs, Hassidism, and Chad Lubbovitch.

Lest anyone think I’m a Catholic “anti-Semitic” now because I include the Talmud et. al. in my religious Communitarian research, (well, anyone besides the readers who already do or the ones who accuse us of being Jews!) I’m not now and have never been a Catholic or anti-Semitic. I don’t hate any of the commoners who play no role other than being followers, dupes, conscripts or useful idiots in the Global Governance game. My war is not with average people of any race, nationality or religion. In fact I have a close affinity with commoners around the world, especially the millions who can see that we’re all being used as pawns in a global imperialist takedown. I’m not even sure what I feel for the Communitarians is hate. I was, after all, raised to love my enemies, but there’s no doubt that what I feel toward Etzioni is total disrespect. I have written about the Jesuits (who confirmed our thesis) and both Pope’s support for Communitarianism, yet I’m not anti-Catholic either. Now I would consider myself anti-Luciferian though.

Actually, I have learned enough from my subscription to Culture Wars to know that some Catholics were taught that Luther was working for the Devil and that Lutherans are the Devil’s spawn. And Martin Luther’s support for the openly Cabalist Reuchlin does mean more research in that direction, for sure (but I’m not anti-Lutheran either! I’m anti-COMMUNITARIAN!). I did marry a non-practicing Catholic. My son, at my request during the divorce/custody arrangements, was sent(enced) to 12 years of very expensive private Catholic schooling. I thought it would be a fabulous education for him. (I was wrong.)

What am I? I don’t know. I was baptized Lutheran when I was an infant. I had Nordica baptized at my grandma Henrietta’s Lutheran Church out of respect, but I never followed the family faith or studied its rituals. I haven’t been a member of a church since my youth. The “Devil’s spawn” label doesn’t really apply to me in this particular context. But I was insulted for my honorable, loving, God fearing Lutheran grandmother, and I wanted to know why they said it. What a Pandora’s Box my questions have opened.

There is too much historical evidence of the Christian Cabala to ignore it any longer. The deeper I look into the roots for the Communitarian Religion, the more difficult this project gets. People are writing us complaining about the book not being done and all I can do is read faster. My head is bubbling with this new knowledge, and by new I mean really new; most of the names were completely foreign to me.

Now I have hard evidence for the ancient pseudo religious sorcery at the root of the theory I outright reject. There is nothing vague or misleading about this course of study. While Hoffman and Yates come from very different perspectives and recognitions, they reference the same names and books in their works. I wasn’t sure how much of Hoffman’s book I would retain since I speed read through it in a few days, but as soon as I started in on Yates, I found I recognized names and labels Hoffman taught me.

From page 15 in The Occult Philosophy in the Elizabethan Age by Frances Yates:

“The Aristotelian categories play a part in the Art which is said to work by a “natural logic,” but the dominant philosophy is a kind of Platonism. Lull belongs into the tradition of medieval Christian Platonism, based primarily on Augustine; the Lullian dignitaries can nearly all be found listed as divine attributes in Augustine’s works. Like all medieval Platonists, Lull is also strongly influenced by the work on the celestial hierarchies of angels by Pseudo Dionysius. The nearest parallel to his association of dignitaries or attributes with the elements is to be found in the De divisione naturae of the early Christian Platonist Scotus Erigena. Lull’s dignitaries have the creative capacity of Scotus’s primordial causes. Moslem forms of Platonic, or Neoplatonic, mysticism, had also reached him. Yet perhaps the strongest influence on the formation of the Art was that of the Jewish Cabala. “

This is the first time I’ve heard of “Moslem forms of Platonic, or Neoplatonic, mysticism”. What’s that?

Yates makes an interesting distinction on page 20:

“Marsilo Ficino does not use Cabala or Cabalistic methods in his Neoplatonic theology, philosophy or magic. It was Pico who introduced Cabala into the Renaissance synthesis.” I’m surely a novice in this academic arena, but I think it’s interesting how Pico is described to have believed Cabala would confirm the truth of Christianity and help to convert the Jews and save their souls, while Michael Hoffman believes basically the same thing. Except Hoffman doesn’t want us to practice Cabala, he teaches the Cabala to expose it as part of a scam. Hoffman believes the truth about the Rabbis’ Cabbalistic Talmudic magic show will free spiritual Jews to recognize Christ as their Messiah and save their souls that way. Both authors believe the “truth will set you free.”

Everybody claims to know the “truth.” We claim to know the truth about Communitarianism. Many call us the world’s experts in it. But the truth is, we’re still learning about it, and the truth about it expands along with newly revealed information. Nothing we’ve written since 1999 has been discounted yet, but greater insight comes with greater revelations. So where does the real truth lie? Who can we trust to give us the facts and not illusions? I can’t trust men who use numerology and mixing letters to conjure “good” spirits in order to interpret what God really meant to say (but didn’t) in the Old Testament. Can Scrabble Boards really be used as Ouija Boards to “capture the powers of superior things”?

Yates teaches us the basic idea of the Cabala on page 24:

“As he explains in his Apology of 1487, Pico divides Cabala into two main branches (as did the Spanish Cabalists). One is the ars combinandi, the art of combining Hebrew letters, which Pico thought rather similar to the Art of Ramon Lull. The other is a way of capturing the powers of superior things, or the powers of spirits and angels. Pico carefully warns that this kind of Cabala is good and holy, attaching itself to angels and to good and holy powers, and that it has nothing to do with bad practices through which demons and devils are attracted. If the Cabalist mystic is not himself holy and pure, he may run into spiritual dangers. This warning, and this fear, were always present in the Christian Cabalists who knew that in attempting to scale the heights he might fall into the depths.”

Our ACL antithesis is that Communitarianism is being forced upon the nations as the synthesis between all formerly conflicting religious, economic and political beliefs. We think it’s taking us into the depths. We find a similarity when Yates explains what the Christian Pico planned to do with his magical spell he cast on his Christian followers, 525 years ago, at the bottom of page 24: “Pico absorbs the Ficinian Neoplatonism, with its Hermetic core, into a concordance of all religions and philosophies.”

“A concordance of all religions and philosophies” defines exactly what we see as Etzioni’s goal; he leads the world into a mystical vision of peace and harmony under one perfect synthesis. We’ve also called it a trick played on the world by con men and magicians. Yates goes on to explain in the next sentence: “In fact Pico associates the Hermetic magic with Cabala, for he states that no magical operation is of any value without Cabala.” Yates credits much of what she learned about the Cabala from Gershom Scholem’s Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism (1941). On page 12, Yate’s revealed a very important piece: “The scientific principle held in common by Christians, Moslems and Jews, …, was the theory of the elements…. Earth, water, air, fire.“ The same could be said of the UN’s new Mother Earth religion.

I’ve only read up to page 52, and it’s hard, but I’ll tear myself away from reading Yates and get back to writing and editing 2020/TACM. The latest “big news” is the Republican Party made an official statement opposing Agenda 21 and sustainable development. Our ACL information is obviously becoming more relevant every day. We’re doing our best to rise to the occasion after all our recent hardships, but it is a bit scary contemplating the role our work plays in the current political drama. It’s one thing to sit behind my keyboard and write about the Communitarians for a few hundred people who get it; it’s quite another to get up in front of a room full of people and “teach” our side of the nonexistent debate. Back in ‘99 when I first got involved and tried speaking out and went to all those meetings, I still had a LOT of faith in Jesus and “God, Country and the 82nd Airborne!” I honestly don’t know what drives me anymore and I can only hope that my Creator won’t stop helping me because I lost my faith in my religion and in my country. I still believe my “cause” is just and good, and while I can’t ever live up to what I think is a righteous and perfect human being, so far it still feels like I have His support for my “mission.”

All I DO know is my work is way too intense for a simple gal like me, and in my “next” lifetime I want to come back as someone who does something a little more fun, and less dangerous.

*** Just last night I dreamt the leaders on each side are taking everyone who learns about UN Local Agenda 21 straight back into the phony dialectical divide between the Republicans and Democrats. It was a sign our anti communitarian voices do need to be more “powerful.” Based on my latest knowledge, Dream-Me channeled Biff under the dawning moon by chewing 10 Scrabble letters and 7 dice into a Sephirothic tree full of Ravens; then I ritually spit it all into Sarah Palin’s outhouse. All the while I chanted “IESU, IESU, IESU.” (ISEU, according to Pico, interpreted on Cabalist principles, “signifies the Son of God.”) ***


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should finish up the revision than make a companion book focused solely on the esoteric topics?

I understand your reticence to get into this area, but when you research into global governance, you will invariably get into the occult.

Check out the Vigilant Citizen's blog. He exposes the blatant occult symbolism in mass media programming, modern architecture and other manifestations that the elite who seek to install their New World Order put out there in a blatant and nonchalant manner.

If one reads the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, than consider how the elite treat the commoners, it's not hard to understand that yes, they do in fact view We the Sheeple as cattle...goyim.

To point out this truth, is to immediately be labelled as anti-semitic.

But it is what it is.

Niki Raapana said...

I have heard of that site, may have read some of their stuff and will check it out when I'm set up again on my own laptop with internet. What I'm finding so amazing is that even in this murky area there are so many well referenced books that I can cite. The work doesn'r have to be mainstream "accepted", Hoffman's work certainly is not, but I can use it because it's tight. he happens to agree with me on using the Protocols too. If solid sources can be found it makes a huge difference when academics are looking for maybe a fresh references on these topics normally relegated to the fringe loony area. I do not think the elites is a good description either. Man I sure sound argumentative here tonight, sorry, I really don't mean to be. but my ACL work is all about what i think they can be identified as, and i prefer communitarian because it's a lot more specific to me.

and I'm stil not all so sure the Talmud is the original source for the plans. I want to know who really gave them the Oral Law.

Anonymous said...

Eventually, I believe you will run into the topic of alchemy, the practice of transmutation. In ancient Tibet, this is a siddhic power bestowed upon those who have attained a high level of self-knowledge on the path toward enlightenment.

The aboriginal Dreamtime religion is 60,000+ years old and still exists. It summarizes all the key teachings of all the West & East occult practices, nicely.

That is, this reality is a shared dream. Alchemy is the practice of restructuring the dream in direct accordance with one's will. The attainment of the third eye happens when one becomes aware of the shared dream, and simply watches it unfold without being attached to it. One's sleeping, living, death, and afterlife are all simply observed. This is the eternal life Jesus talked about. Awareness is not lost; one learns to harness one's own awareness and associate with it, instead of mind, which is finite.

Lucid dreaming, or dream yoga, is considered the highest form of yoga since it directly teaches that this reality is a dream, and that it may be controlled directly. Dream yoga is the main practice for attaining the third eye.

Intent/will, visualization, and energy (sexual if individual, or group) are the key components of shared dream manipulation. Some may call this magic. It is really just hidden knowledge, aka occult or secret knowledge.

Society may only exist due to the secrecy of such knowledge. To have a population of people with such knowledge, and without regard for ancient tradition, would be to create a living hell on Earth. Catering to the lower instincts of the flesh, these powers would be severely abused.

The pineal gland is closely associated with the third eye. Water fluoridation causes calcification of the pineal gland.

My opinion is that the elites have attained such knowledge and practice it regularly. They ensure the rest of us are kept in the dark on these matters.

Studying Western religion is very indirect, very time consuming, for this reason. The Bon Po of Tibet have harnessed this knowledge, as have the aborgines of Australia. Offshoots of the Yoruban religion (Santaeria, Condomble, etc.) also leverage this knowledge.

Side note: Carlos Castaneda, often considered the father of the new age movement, borrowed heavily from Bon Po shamanism, and attributed this knowledge to the Yaqui Indian, instead. Charlatan, or intentionaly disinformant? We may never know.

Anonymous said...

Have a read of
Don't be put off by the 'Conspiracy Theory' word Illuminati or by the lurid cover design - this is a thorough examination of the influence of Kabbalah throughout the world.

Bobby Garner said...

Opening another can of worms!

You wrote: "We decided the Constitution is suspect but because of the way it all came to be part of our law, we held to the individual U.S. State’s imposition of a federal Bill of Rights as something we could defend."

My new research on "World Citizen" and "World Government" produced abundant evidence that the principles codified in the Bill of Rights, are also highly suspect, as many of those among the founders considered themselves to be citizens of the world, or were in sympathy with those who did. Thomas Paine and Ben Franklin most notably. The idea of Natural rights was imported into the colonies by World Citizen Philip Mazzei, through an introduction by Franklin. Indeed, it now looks like it was that influence which was responsible for the Bill of Rights being added as a constitutional amendment.

Anonymous said...

Related to my other post on dream yoga, above...

I stumbled into this video documentary ("The Real Power Behind the NWO", by Megiddo Films) on the religion of the NWO...

It goes into detail on Luciferianism and the New Age movement.

I have been studying the occult for 30 years. I am not a practitioner, though I specialise in prediction systems (I Ching, algorithms, etc), especially since some (including me) in my family possess limited precognitive clairvoyance.

I am of the opinion that the end-goal is to manipulate the collective minds of the population, or the purpose of focusing their will, energy, and intent. This practice could result in the immaculate conception birth of a "messiah." This concept is well-known in Tibet, and is called a "tulku" or "tul-kuh." The Dalai and Panchen lamas are tulkuh, for example, as are many others.

Terrence McKenna, in his travels and explorations, found that the UFO is the result of a tulpa creation. It is a group mind thought form.

According to Tibetan Bob beliefs, all manifestation is of a tulpa/egregor nature (i.e, dream). Manifest reality may be generated at-will. This includes people, which are also dream-stuff (ref: explorer Alexandra David-Neel, and also Iris Owen's Philip Experiment in Toronto, and the work of Ken Batcheldor). The work of Robert Nelson at PEAR (Princeton) also touches on these topics.

So, central banker mass manipulation appears to be the means by which to direct public mind for the direct manifestation of a society (Communitarianism) and also a religion (Gaya) and accompanying Earth-bound deity (Lucifer).

This is my gut feeling of the situation. It is my hypothesis, and I continue to see this being played out as time goes on...

Anonymous said... Ray Hagins: The illegitimacy of a people called JEWS

Anonymous said...

Also check out the metaphysics of the bible on youtube.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Raapana,

You might save some detective work, or hasten it if you contact Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, of

You might be able to shave off time with regard to Yates, mirandola, and giordano bruno.

This kindle bombshell might help, too:
Apocalypse Theatre Vol. 1 "Yahweh the two Faced God"

or Babylon's Banksters.

Good luck, Madam, spike this comment if you like

angry cheese said...

Keep up the good work, I believe you are being guided and blessed.

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled upon your site on a search on the Hegelian Dialectic after a friend mentioned it to me. I don't think I ever heard of the term before.

As a Born Again Christian, I find that apart from the indwelling Holy Spirit it is impossible to understand the deep things of Christ, as it is the Spirit that reveals them to us. Too, many folks do not have a deep and abiding understanding of the Biblical scriptures even though they may spend a life time studying it. Again, without the Spirit, it is impossible to have the mind of Christ.

On what you're writing about I wanted to share this link with you - for your perusal. It may help to put some things into perspective, for example, what is the end game of the 'elite'. If money and power is what they want - they already have it! There must be something in it for them at the end other than world domination. What is driving them? And to what end?

The grace and peace of Christ be with you and yours. He is still in control and will see His work to the end. He told us in Revelation that this will happen. Anti-christ must arise before He (Jesus) comes to put him down. Unfortunately, you and I are witnessing the stage being set for the rise of antichrist.