Saturday, January 28, 2012

Presentation on Agenda 21/Anchorage 2020 - Feb 7

Here's the flyer for the event:

Q: What should Alaskans know about

Agenda 21, Sustainable Development,
Anchorage 2020, the Anchorage
Bowl Comprehensive Plan, and the
upcoming Title 21 Rewrites?

A. That they are part of a massive system of
International Environmental Law
under which humanity is merely a resource.

Agenda 21 will drastically change the Way
Alaskans do everything,
from Where We live and what We drive,
to how We Work, play & think.

Learn how to protect your people from
these invasive plans and secure economic
freedom for future generations of Alaskans.

Spend an evening with local authors Niki Raapana and
Nordica Friedrich, internationally acclaimed critics
of Agenda 21,
Cornrnunitarian Law, and Sustainable Development.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012
6:30pm - 8:30pm


Marston Theatre in Z.J. Loussac Library
at 36th & Denali, Anchorage, Alaska

This free event is sponsored by
The Libertarian Party of Anchorage


Sean said...


This looks exciting... and it looks like it could be a potential fight!

I hope you find a few Alaskans who realize that they are in a position to fight and hold the line up there.

BTW, I noticed a spelling error in your copy and paste "Cornrnunitarian". It's a tough word, so I'll forgive whoever wrote the pamphlet! LOL

ALSO: I've been reading this book called "The Mormon Murders", and on one of the pages it mentions how they decided to "edit history" and remove the "communitarianism" in the Mormon Church.

As you can imagine, I about shit myself when I saw the word in PRINT in a rag/real-life murder mystery.

Hope you guys are doing ok! We made it through december!


Anonymous said...

In the UK "stakeholders" tend to be deemed to be every corporate body but never us ordinary mortals. However this quote from the inventor of the barking mad stakeholder ideology himself provides a useful lever when dealing with the indoctrinated minions who might attempt to exclude we living beings of flesh and blood on a "stakeholders only" basis.

Ain't the pseudo religion of communitarian socialism fun.

"Almost 40 years ago, I developed the "stakeholder" theory for businesses. This considers the enterprise as a community, with a number of social groups connected directly or indirectly to the enterprise which are dependent on its success and prosperity. These of course include shareholders and creditors; but employees, customers, suppliers, the state and the society in which the enterprise is active are stakeholders."

Klaus Schwab

Edward London said...

is there a link to any video or audio of this event?