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New Communitarian Religions

It's been a wonderful month thanks to the more than a few people who've gone out of their way to get us through these dark days. It's amazing what a few cash donations do for my self-esteem and my ability to pay my way. We've got more donations than most people would guess since we went online with our research and lifestyle, and every new supporter we get makes me think of all the previous ones. Each act our supporters do to contribute to our well being reminds me how blessed we are to live in a time when so many people from so many nations can afford to be so generous.

I am grateful and honored to be thought of so highly by so many different kinds of readers. Without the respect from you and the people you send, none of this work would continue to exist. I've been asked again why I do continue, and one supporter said I'm either stubborn or Christlike! And since I'm most certainly not walking in the steps of Jesus, that would mean I am just stubborn because I do refuse to give in to the utter ridiculousness of my attempt to "out" the communitarians. I'm more like that poor Japanese foot soldier still hiding in the hills years after WWII ended, the guy who never heard the news that the war was over... didn't know that his side had lost the war.

Press briefing on the World Peoples' Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth, held in Cochabamba, Bolivia, in April 2010,
(left to right): Nnimmo Bassey, Friends of the Earth (Nigeria), Meena Raman,
Third World Network (Malaysia), Bolivian President Evo Morales, Maude Barlow, Blue Planet/Council of Canadians National Chairperson, and Tom Goldtooth, Indigenous Environmental Network (US). The declaration from the conference calls for $300 billion a year to address climate change, emissions cuts of 50 percent by 2020 in developed nations and an international climate court for enforcement.

Like Clinton has said, more than once, "Americans are more communitarian now." Time is only confirming it. And the pervasiveness is somewhat mindblowing to this anti communitarian researcher who still has to defend herself against allegations of fabricating the very word itself.

This year the two top Republican contenders are a Mormon Communitarian and a Catholic Communitarian. Rick Santorum is being labled a Communitarian Conservative. Suddenly both terms appeared in widely read online journals, and I'm still waiting to see where that goes, if anywhere.

Not only is the internet being bombarded with articles using the term communitarian to define new political beliefs. I'm actually finding more places where authors are claiming the very foundations for their religion is communitarianism. I started finding it as part of an update I did to 2020 called Rio+20. I ended up with a lot more new information than I could justify adding to our concise, short book. Important new quotes that show how it's all just part of the lingo now, like this one:
"Environmentalists also must realize the true glories in life are in nature, and that we must get ourselves back into nature in a communitarian way. Far from being a difficult and repressive kind of future, that is the most enlightening, liberating kind possible. This is not a common way of thinking among mainstream environmentalists, or even the grassroots. But it must be part of the vision if there's going to be any kind of sustainable future." David Kupfer, long-time environmental activist and journalist, semi-nomadic but now based in Selma, Ore.
Here's a new class that includes communitarianism in the "the Age of Reform":

Flashcards: Era of Reform, Communitarianism, Litaracy Renaissance

Over the years we've learned a LOT more about Catholic doctrines from a subscription to Culture Wars provided by one of our most generous supporters since 2007. An anonymous reader sent a copy of Keys to This Blood last year, but that's pretty much the extent of my Catholic "studies." To watch them rise as one of the most organized promoters of Communitarianism makes me very sad, because I have found my Catholic readers to be some of the most supportive of what we stand against. Last year I was gifted a Rosary from a woman who read what I wrote about the Luciferian worshipers in Kenny Lake. I totally felt her concern for my protection against the demons she believes I'm fighting and it was the most touching gesture a complete stranger has made to me as a result of what I write.

We included Catholic Distributivism on the Etzioni "arguments" page at the old ACL, and I'll have to check but I'm pretty sure we don't have anything on the Doctine of Subsidiary.

The Catholic Doctrine of Subsidiary

Toward a global civil society

By Michael Walzer

Subsidiarity in her/his own sphere; Women and Christian politics

The under-development of Christian politics in these countries is linked spiritually to the dominance of utilitarian, communitarian and pragmatistic visions of civil society which have nourished feminism. The feminist challenge has provided ongoing support for moral, industrial and political changes which are viewed now as essential to women’s role.

Do the Mormon leaders confirm this claim about Mormon roots?

"Mormonism came out of that period in the 1840’s that was called the Age of Reform. You had a variety of utopian socialists both spiritual and secular in nature. Many of them had interesting marital patterns or economic views outside the mainstream. Mormon communitarianism was very much apart of early nineteenth American communitarianism"

What Does Islam Have to Say?

So what, if anything, does all this new communitarian religion information have to do with the proposed Rights for Mother Earth at Rio+20? There is a lot more research I'd like to see on this now, because the only references to communitarianism I could find in religious works years ago were so scarce it was alomost non existent. It was a fluke we found a Jesuit in Brazil who confirmed our exact thesis that communitarianism is the synthesis between capitalism and socialism. The only confirmed religious sources I had were in Jewish history and Catholic writings about the 2nd Conversion. Now there are multiple Protestants saying Christianity was always communitarian and Indigenous tribes around the globe advertising their ancient communitarian virtues and morality. The Baha'is, the Methodists, the Lutherans, the Catholics, the Jews, the Muslims, and the Earth worshippers all share one thing in common now. Their ancient Big Mother is communitarianism.

This remarkable remarketing of the world's major religions has profoundly affected our understanding of our work. How absolutely humbling to watch the world's religions follow the same process for integration as the world's political systems, and for the same reasons.

I'm sorry I haven't been actively responding to all the comments I get, sometimes I'm barely able to get into email and I'm so behind on my internet obligations I'm going to taper down where I post. I do make sure I check blogger comments though and try to post your feedback here as soon as I can.

My further apologies for posting things and not explaining what relevance they have to my work here, I used to do that at the top of every topic page at the ACL. It seemed important to clarify what role the topic plays in the bigger scenario, and I should have stuck to that format. If all goes as planned I'll be moving this blog back to the ACL website and posting all the new research there, in a new library or encylopedia layout that even I can find what I'm looking for! And I'll try to make it open to contributing editors, because there is just too much now for 2 people to keep up on. I'll be contacting everyone who's ever offered to help put the site back up.

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Happy New Year to all our friends, readers and supporters! You're the best!


Anonymous said...

What was that about Satanists at Kenny Lake? I think I missed that one.

Anonymous said...

Niki - realize that when you fight real diabolical entities, you also may draw upon the power of real angels and other guardians to protect you, and move forward with your work. They are aligned with you. Some of these angels are already protecting you. This is truly a spiritual war at its heart, IMO.

Diabolical entities may possess individuals without them knowing it. These entities will do their work through these people. I believe that is the situation we are in today, with those high up the Communitarian food chain.

You should consider fighting this war on the spiritual front, and not just the educational front. You may find you gain more headway, and devoted followers.

Once you have identified the demon, and know its name, only then can it be cast out. Eastern religions seem to offer a most powerful form of exorcism (in comparison to Catholicism), from my understanding of these things. The irony here is that Eastern belief systems are being used to assimilate Christianity into the Communitarian Gaia/Luciferian religion.

Check out Tulpa creation, and the work of Ken Batcheldor on this topic. The NWO may very well be using this occult knowledge to futher its aims...

DeserveLiberty said...

As a teen-aged mormon in the 1970's, I was exposed to mormon "teachings" that were not necessarily precisely communitarian. However they were collectivist and Marxist in nature.

That teaching was that at some point in the future, the mormons would be gathered at "zion" when all the rest of humanity was falling apart. At "zion," the production of all mormons would be collected into the "bishop's store," and from their it would be distributed to the faithful mormons based on their individual needs -- these are marxist principles.

During my experience, these and many other mormon "teachings" were not available for public display but instead are taught only to mormons who are far along in their mormon career such that they have too much emotionally invested to allow themselves to question the teachings. It is quite sad.

This issue was one among several that caused me to broadly question the greater mormon enterprise and I subsequently renounced all affiliations with the mormon organization. Notice that I do not refer to mormonism as a "church." This is for very good reasons.

angry cheese said...

Here is Darren Deojee, a New Agey-type practitioner giving talks about "2012 control, manipulation, spells... or freedom?" He asks at 4.35 mins. in, are “public servants entrusted with the well-being of the community as their highest priority?” And states that nobody ever argues that this is not the case. However, are public servants, instead,actually responsible for the well-being of all of the individuals who live in the vicinity? These two descriptions are not the same thing, are they?
Darren Deogee is part of this Third Sector, non-profit co-operative:
And has set up The People’s Public Trust: to tackle corruption and unfairness in the public sector.
What do you make of this, Niki?