Monday, July 5, 2010

Spent - America After Consumerism by A.Etzioni 6/17/2009

Just found this article Etzioni wrote last summer about how Americans should be forced to replace their consumer culture with a communitarian culture. The New Republic features Will Galston (a prominent communitarian during the Clinton years). The comments are priceless.


angry cheese said...

What a foolish, naïve and hopelessly misguided article this appears to be! Or perhaps not?
No, this is actually exactly the opposite! It is a clever, deceitful and cunning piece of work! This is the dialectic in action to play on our minds.
I could go on and on AND ON, this article is appalling rubbish written by someone cosseted in the cosy world of academia with nothing useful to do except make mischief and tell lies. Everything in this article is untrue but has been phrased, very artfully and carefully, to sound reasonable, honest, loving, caring and true.
His clone, Henry Tam, writes in exactly the same style as his beloved mentor, Etzioni. If I hadn’t been told this was by Etzioni, I would have guessed that perhaps Tam wrote it! That’s how brainwashed Tam is, I don’t think he has ever had an original thought – talk about “useful idiot”! Etzioni, Tam and Middleton etc. who advocate Communitarianism are like the vampires’ “familiars” in “Blade” movies.
Pass me that sword, I’m seriously cheesed off!!

the tent lady said...

you said it cheese!Thank you! I was just starting to wonder why I get so few comments, but I think you helped me understand the silence.

Is it better to be cheesed off than cheesed on? :)

Anonymous said...

I too wonder why so few comment. It's possible that they are just so freakin' furious at this point that they don't know what to say. We're standin' around watchin' our country being destroyed and most of our neighbors are acting like nothings wrong. It's a marvel.

Angry Cheese said...

Cheesed off is a measured way of describing being angry, as opposed to the rude way which is to be pi*sed off!