Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My depressing vision for the future

Nolan and Nordica

please don't shoot the messenger!

Finally got to spend a few days with my son while he was home on leave. It's been years since I had both my children under my roof; I felt very blessed and grateful that I'm not dead yet. It's the first time he's been around our lifestyle and he seemed to really like our gertees. We ate, talked music, movies, politics (but not communitarian war), books, played spades, shot pool and this mother of a US Marine was sure happy to see her boy can shoot. It was also good to hear a bit about what his deployment was like, where he was and how he lived over there. Said my gertee camp is nicer than theirs was. He was in a rural, undeveloped, poor area where the conditions are primitive and the biggest threat is the road bombs. I found myself wanting to believe the role he plays there is as a peacekeeper... it would be so much easier on me.

He hasn't had time to read the books I sent to him, but before he left he commented, like so many people I know I have said to me, that my vision for America's future sure is depressing. "It's not my vision," I told him, "it's Etzioni's." Etzioni just knows how to make it sound better.

10 foot pvc gertee's new set-up in backyard

I'm disappearing..... :)


Stop Common Purpose said...

You should be proud of Nolan, Niki.

And Nordica and Freddy for that matter.

What's the 10 foot gertee for?


PS Don't disappear on us yet!

the tent lady said...

Thanks John, I am.

The 10 footer is the pvc prototype. I set it up as a guest bedroom and stayed in it for a week to see how it feels and how it does in the wind. It's a very strong model, it feels wonderful and different from all the bigger ones. We're going to start selling them with riveted walls next month, probably starting with an ebay auction or two. As far as I know it will be the first pvc frame yurt on the market!

I haven't entirely faded..heh.

Anonymous said...


Great to see the photos. What a trip. I'm happy for you that you got to spend time with Nolan. Nordica, too.


Sean said...

Can I cry on your blog? I'm so happy. It's making me smile big. The lil gertee looks awesome. I hope I'm still in the running for a 'trial', as I'm currently moving to a place with a nice backyard to set it up in. :D

Hope all is well! You look great. I'd love to meet you and your kids anywhere, anytime.

Tell NOrd I'm ready for a threeway call so we can talk marketing.


angry cheese said...

What a handsome young man. God bless your son and keep him safe.

the tent lady said...

hi sister! miss you.

thanks Sean, yes to everything!!!!

and bless you too cheese, your family too.

dining room table said...

Looks like that you have a great time camping. I love your all photos. Your tent is so amazing. I can tell it is a very strong tent. It is almost looks like a house.