Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Big Mother's Vague Big Society has a Big Bad Bank

Huge thanks to Darren for sending us the link to Alan Watt's July 15 radio show about communitarianism and where I found this link! Cameron sure didn't waste any time, did he? Wow. How relevant does this make my article in the UK Column? (Thanks to Lark for sending the link!)

Nice to see the UK Telegraph cites a poll that backs up my main concern and explains my contempt for the whole cultural makeover these boys have planned. I think their one out of three is stretching it, but we all agree it's an undeniable fact that 2 out of 3 people still do not know anything about how far our social evolution has progressed. How many people can grasp the MERGER of libertarianism and communism? How many people are in the "club?"

David Cameron launches his Big Society

EXCERPT with emphasis added:

During the election campaign, Mr Cameron faced accusations, including from senior figures from within his own party, that the Big Society concept was too vague and intangible to attract voters. Polls showed that two out of three voters had not even heard of it.

But Mr Cameron hopes that putting flesh on the bones of his vision will persuade critics that it can be shared by millions of ordinary Britons who care about their community and are tired of having so many aspects of their life dictated from the centre.

He will say: “The Big Society is about a huge culture change, where people, in their everyday lives, in their homes, in their neighbourhoods, in their workplace, don’t always turn to officials, local authorities or central government for answers to the problems they face but instead feel both free and powerful enough to help themselves and their own communities.

“We need to create communities with oomph – neighbourhoods who are in charge of their own destiny, who feel if they club together and get involved they can shape the world around them.”

The four pioneer communities will be helped by dedicated civil servants who will give expert advice if they encounter legal problems or bureaucratic obstacles.

Officials will also identify local residents with a particular aptitude for taking part in Big Society projects – they will then receive training to become community organisers, motivating their neighbours to take part in action schemes.

They will also be able to draw on the Big Society Bank, which, Mr Cameron promised, would use “every penny of dormant bank and building society account money” to help finance social enterprises, charities and voluntary groups.

Now England has a Community Revenue Sharing Program just like Alaska and Kenny Lake! What a coinkydink. I wonder if the same "club" in Britain will be the "expert motivators" as the oh so WISE ones in our little enlightened neighborhood.

Alan Watt is a poet too! I love this bit, and I haven't even heard it yet! Hoping for a good enough connection to download it.

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

New World Order -- Communitarianism:
Hundreds of Years in the Making,
Now Your Wealth They're Taking:

"Communitarianism, We're Told's the Plan We're On,
Individual Liberty and Choice to be Dead and Gone,
It's All Under the Guise of Sustainable Living,
The U.N.'s the Boss, So Get Used to Giving,
Taxed till You're Destitute, You Poor Old Soul,
To Build Factories in China, Guzzling Up Coal,
To India too, We Redistribute Our Wealth,
As We're Told to Go Vegan, Good for the Health,
Yet We Must Cut Back, Too Much Consumption,
We Should Nip this in Bud, If We've the Gumption,
Are We so Stupid We'll Pay Taxes for Breathing?
We've Already Lost Homes, the Banks are Seizing,
Stop the Madness Because it Grows, You See,
Carbon, Energy, Food Taxes, it'll Endless Be,
Masters, Minions Worked Up to Age Aquarian,
For "Big Idea," New Governance, Communitarian"

***Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 15, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

***LISTEN / DOWNLOAD [about 10.6MB in size]

Topics of show covered in following links:

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Coal Fired Power Plants in China and India


Stop Common Purpose said...


Scameron is a total fraud.

Anyone who knows anything about British politics should be able to realise that Scameron is not a conservative - he is a communitarian.

Scameron is in bed with the Demos, Fabians, Common Purpose brigade.

The snivelling, hypocritical, nepotistic, deceitful, mendacious, meretricious, poltroon Scameron makes me want to vomit.

(Yes, I do read dictionaries in my spare time.)


PS I wonder who pulls Scameron's strings.

Sean said...

My God! This train is bound for "glorrrrrry".

Is it my imagination? Or are we moving at some fucking communitarian fever pitch as compared to a couple of years ago.

They're bringing the sheep in from the wilderness. They shall not waahahhaaahaant. (bleeeeeet)

"PS I wonder who pulls Scameron's strings."

...don't feel bad John. Scameron himself likely does not know!

the tent lady said...

It IS going mainstream. Even Lyndon LaRouche is writing about it now. He calls it "communitarian fascism," uses only Catholic distributivist background (nothing about Etzioni) and says it comes from the British Fabians. LaRouche is a good example of how communitarianism will be introduced, with partial truths and half-lies. He suggests Cameron will be exporting this new program to the U.S., as if none of this exists in the U.S. already!

I think the scammers pulling Cameron's strings are the same con artists pulling Etzioni's bootstraps.


angry cheese said...

God, I love your blog, it's the only sane thing online! I believe all that lovely cold fresh air you breathe up there all year round helps keep your head clear so you can analyse communitarianism so well. Your views are so crisp and accurate. I still have trouble grasping it and trying to explain it to others, and recognising it sometimes, even when it's right under my nose.