Thursday, July 22, 2010

Soft Communitarian Approaches to the Future of World Order

Where did the Bill Clintons, the George Bushes, David Cameron and President Obama get their ideas for changing the world? Is Cameron bringing communitarian fascism to Obama like a Larouchie claims? Where did this movement toward global governance start? Who is exporting the communitarian philosophy to the world? What is the basis for "local control?" The answers to these questions are at the ACL, and I think it's time I wrote another introductory tutorial to the Plan. I don't think I need to title it "What Plan?" any longer.

Philip Blond is but the latest neo guru to arrive on the global farce stage. How can anyone write about the roots of communitarianism while leaving out any reference to the Zionist communitarian guru? Yes, the Fabian Society is a major player in the movement toward rebuilding the world, and the communitarian guru was weaned on it. Yes, Distributivism plays a role in shaping the communitarian theory. But if we ignore the Zionist aspects (including Etzioni's name) we miss the mystical religious basis for EU Talmudic Communitarian Free Trade law and we never even get close to exploring the communitarian war on terror.

Here's what/who the U.S Pentagon cites in Daily Briefings:

The Communitarian Approach to International Relations and the Future World Order, 2005, by Richard Falk, Princeton University, University of California-Santa Barbara
This article comments on Amitai Etzioni’s advocacy of “soft communitarianism” as the preferred approach to the establishment of a global governance architecture responsive to the current range of world order challenges facing the world and the United States. The article criticizes the effort to combine an insider discussion of American foreign policy with the presentation of a framework for ethical problem solving that has the potential for acceptance throughout the world. A related criticism is the degree to which the foreign policy agenda is discussed in the terms within which it has arisen in Washington, giving the communitarian approach a discrediting nationalistic tilt.

Here's Cameron's "new" Big Society idea as it was presented in 1998 by the experts in Israel:
The core idea presented in this paper is a model of the economic system that seeks a larger role for the domestic economy vis-a-vis the money economy. It is argued that labor applied in the domestic economy can add value in ways that can have a significant impact on the standards and quality of life for the poor. Cooperative self-help principles applied to families and friendship groups are the mechanism for mobilizing the domestic economy's forces of production with the mainstream cooperatives directing their existing member relations and member education facilities to act as promoters and facilitators of the idea. The strategy is presented as an alternative to the employment creation-oriented anti-poverty policies favored in the West. The author claims that the re-establishing of well-being and autonomy within the domestic economy will reduce pressure for jobs in the labor market particularly for marginal employment. This reduction in pressure for jobs will feed through to improve the relative balance of market power towards labor and at the same time take pressure off the national exchequers struggling with subsidizing the low wage-benefit supported labor market of the 1990s. The whole paper is presented as a speculation that is worth further consideration and research in the absence of viable alternatives to the present failed anti-poverty programs.
Responding to Poverty: Communitarian Solutions through Cooperative Facilitation of Primary Associations,"Davis, Peter, 1998, Journal of Rural Cooperation, Hebrew University, Center for Agricultural Economic Research, vol. 26.
Sorry LaRouche. Cameron isn't exporting communitarianism to the U.S. It's been here for over a decade.
"Her Majesty's government has just launched its plan for implementing 'Fascism with a Democratic Face' throughout Great Britain. But beware: it is also coming to the United States. British Prime Minister David Cameron announced this as his "Big Society" policy at a conference in Liverpool, where he declared, "The Big Society is about liberation — the biggest, most dramatic redistribution of power from elites in Whitehall to the man in the street." Behind this rhetoric Cameron outlined a plan for local control, on the communitarian fascist model, of local services which have hitherto been controlled by local, city and national governments, including schools, fire departments, transportation, museums, etc." Cameron bringing communitarian fascism to Obama


angry cheese said...

The Queen opens Parliament each year by reading out loud a speech written for her by the Gov. of the day. Consequently, after the last election May 2010, her speech was written by Cameron and his Tory cronies and included this gem,
“…the role of social enterprises, charities and cooperatives in our public services will be enhanced".
I tried to cover this in my blog

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Niki! Now watch Satan scream “Anti-Semite” and try to draw the attention away from the core issue. P.S. I love the “Angry Cheese” Avatar. Hehe.