Monday, December 15, 2008

Ode to Jack the Sucker and the River Etzioni


FishTaxi said...

you got more than me

rock on nik!

merry xmas

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely gorgeous! Feel the soul coming out of the white chick's body. Yahoo! Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. So sing Niki sing! Sing Sing Sing! Get Kathy and sing together. You are beautiful.

Oh my two leo sisters. Tentlady and Fishtaxi. Love you. Kathy, at least you are out of Valdez. And who wants to cook for a bunch of old people? Not me. Besides,
as you can understand Niki, they have no teeth.

And as for the teeth thing that is simple Niki. You need to get a bridge or whatever its called. Expect it Niki. You deserve it.

Love you guys so much

Talk soon I hope!