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Reform in the "Fourth Branch": The Federal Administrative Procedure Act of 1946

Thanks to Pete for sending this link!

Grisinger, J. , 2003-08-27 "Reform in the 'Fourth Branch': The Federal Administrative Procedure Act of 1946" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association, Philadelphia Marriott Hotel, Philadelphia, PA Online <.PDF>. 2008-10-10 from
Publication Type: Conference Paper/Unpublished Manuscript
Review Method: Peer Reviewed
Abstract: The history of the Administrative Procedure Act of 1946, which established minimum standards of procedure for federal agencies and commissions, has often been told as a story about New Deal politics and a conservative Congress, or about elite lawyers protecting their own professional interests. However, the movement for a code of administrative procedure was part of a longer debate about the proper balance between efficiency and the rule of law, and between public power and private right. By the late 1930s, both supporters and opponents of administrative government turned away from external judicial controls on the administrative process, and toward internal reforms. This paper examines how the terms of this debate changed, and why a focus on procedural reform emerged in the judicial, legislative, and executive branches in the 1930s.

In other ACL news

I've been attacked as an antiSemitic at Constance Cumbey's blog. The thread (which now has 188 comments) had pretty much ignored the topic of communitarianism, although there were a few positive comments, until Dorothy (no last name) sidetracked everyone into discussing my personal religious beliefs and my possible hidden agenda. This is just a partial paste of some of the comments left there for me:

When I looked at the links on her website, it was clear that her agenda extended much further than anti-communitarianism.

is an example of the ugliest kind of antisemitism.

US Law In The Balance
By Niki Raapana

The term homeland was used in the 1930s to describe a position of the Austrian Minister Zernatto who negotiated terms with the Nazis.

Today it is the term used, By the Nasi of Sanhedrin, the Chabad Lubavitch Hasidim who control the Whitehouse.


Of the RED Sofiet Talmudic Edomites of Hell, the Hasidim from the Russian City of Lubavitch, formed by the RED Edomites sent from jew York, Lenin and Trotsky the jews who fomented the TERROR Revolution which eventually MURDERED over 60 million Russians in the same anti-Christ Noahide scheme of Talmud Bavli unto the Dragon they serve


1:37 AM

A commentor about her post:

I checked out the link that you posted regarding Niki Raapana. If she wrote that stuff it's very disgusting. Much more disgusting in my opinion than the fact that Gary Kah used Eustace Mullin as a source of info about the CFR in his book.

I am hoping we'll find out that her words were copied and pasted into the article but that someone else interjected the anti-semetism.

Calling Jesus a kike is also way over the top. I can't believe she would say that, though I actually never heard of her until Constance invited her as a guest on the Microeffect.

I hope Constance can provide an explanation for the article as I am very troubled by it.

She may have good information on communitarianism, but that's completely unacceptable language.

10:50 AM

Another commentor responds:


I have found what appear to be two different versions of the "same" article by Raapana:

1. (dated 4-16-07)

2. (dated 4-28-07)

Both carry the title "US Law in the Balance"

What's going on here?

11:08 AM

And another:
Young Grasshopper said...


Someone may be trying to make Niki Rapaana look bad.

If you compare the News with Views article she says:

"The term homeland was used in the 1930s to describe a position of the Austrian Minister Zernatto who negotiated terms with the Nazis. Today homeland is a Russian political party and is also used to describe all of Russia. "

ON the site that Dorothy directed us to and which I read, she supposedly says:

"The term homeland was used in the 1930s to describe a position of the Austrian Minister Zernatto who negotiated terms with the Nazis.Today it is the term used, By the Nasi of Sanhedrin, the Chabad Lubavitch Hasidim who control the Whitehouse"

Thanks anonymous 11:08 for bringing this to our attention. We needed to see that!

11:21 AM

And another:
Dorothy, I read the link you provided on Niki. I found it difficult to follow what all she was trying to say but it was very evident she was making some very ugly remarks. Prejudice and racism in any form is unbecoming. There is evil in the heart of every man, and no one group is responsible for all that ails the world. I wonder what she will have to say for her position.

Young Grasshopper comes back with this:
Please go back and read what I wrote at 11:13. Apparently someone injected their own remarks between Niki's words. That site is quite different from the News with Views version of the article that anonymous 11:08 pointed us to.

Dorothy finally explains her opinion of me (and why Constance stopped studying communitarianism):
Back in June of 2007 I sent Constance many links showing Raapana's links to antisemitic websites. I had forgotten about this until the last few days.

No, someone didn't distort her column. Based on her other connections, she probably just cleaned it up. Go a little deeper with your research and you'll find
much stink.


11:48 AM

Then David says:
How do you even pronounce something like Noahide-whatever? Is communtarianism synonymous with Satanism? For many, many years cities throughout the U.S. have always used a form communitarianism. Emminent Domain has been used by cities to force homeowners off their properties for the sake of progress. Or like in most communities homeowners have to maintain their lawns and shovel the sidewalks in front of their houses. So, this isn't that new of a concept.

I'm a bit skeptical of some of the info from Niki Raapana because community discussions are sometimes just a form of democratic participation that allows ordinary citizens to feel like they have a say in their community(even if it's just an illusion). I just don't buy that every neighborhood meeting is a plot to take over the world.

David in Battle Creek

2:05 PM

I posted a reply after one of the posters emailed me about where the thread was going:
This is Niki Raapana.

Thank you Rudi for alerting me to the accusations of antiSemitism being used to define me and my work. It should be obvious I did not write the version posted at noahidenews. As for the accusation that I have any association with Stormfront, they've accused me of being an "obvious Jewish shill."

I think it's pretty funny that nobody here was all that interested in discussing communitarianism but the possibility that I may be some kind of racist Jew hater brought the attention back on me and my work. Not actually "my" work, not my thesis, not anything about the hundreds of topic pages at the ACL, or the hundreds of blog posts I've made at nikiraapana.blogspot.

Oh no. Instead I'm being asked to "explain" myself to this group who is basing their negative opinion on a plagiarized, edited and expanded article posted at an overzealous freaked out Christian website. How convienent is that?

As an investigative journalist I have included links to all kinds of websites that I don't agree with and have no association with. I'm not trying to protect my readers and I don't refrain from linking to any opinion on the topics I study.

I am ANTI communitarian, and yet I link to hundreds of communitarians to prove my point. Does that mean I'm a "closet" communitarian too?

The charge of antiSemitism coming before any real response to my published, unrebutted, original thesis about the roots of communitarianism is not altogether suprising. This is not the first time this has happened. There's always a gatekeeper on every site who makes sure that my real work is never discussed.

Amitai Etzioni, the founder of the Communitarian Network, is a former Palmach commando from Israel. In order to understand his theory of shoring up the moral, social and policical foundations in the USA, I had to study what he studied. If studying the relevancy of Talmudic Law and Miltant Zionism makes me an antiSemitic, then you should probably add antiChristian, antiBahai, antiIslamic and antiPagan to your slander of me, since I now include controversial research on all these religions.

I honestly don't care what Dorothy thinks of me or my work. If Constance decides to cancel the next show based on hysterical false accusations, that's her right. As a full time volunteer who's been at this for ten years now, I've learned that no matter what I say or how I say it, people only hear what they choose to hear. Few care enough to study it for themselves. Why bother to try to understand exactly what the communitarian agenda is? It's only the religious and legal theory that will "change" the world. Communitarianism blends all the world's religions into one big happy global spirituality, and I already know most "believers" will refuse to admit the role their own religious leaders plays in global harmonization. The communitarians count on it.

Amitai Etzioni studied Kabbalah under Martin Buber when the IDF assigned him to become an academic "guru" of the US movement in 1950. His name in Hebrew means "Tree of Knowledge from Zion." His website calls him the "everything expert."

My work is anti supra national integration, and maybe your time would be better spent learning what that means rather than scouring the internet looking for proof of my hate for the Jews. I study the Jewish state because the Zionists hold high level advisory positions in my White House. Our ACL webhost is a Jewish woman who has never once asked me to take anything down since we built the site in 2003, and I asked her to read the topic pages dealing with her religion in case she found anything offensive. I used to care you see, I never wanted to write anything that would hurt anybody, especially friends. But I quickly figured out the real WAR. It's a War on Words, it's a war on truth and information. Now when I find a topic that's "taboo" I understand why they made it so.

Anyway, sorry to disrupt your discussion here. It was never my intention to intrude on your group.

Constance, I will not hold you to any arrangements we made if it will hurt you to do so. I also will not think less of you or your work if you change your mind. We all have to make choices when we go down the dark trail that leads to the emerging synthesis of ideas. I made the choice to consider everything because Etzioni is the expert on everything; he left me no choice.

3:12 PM

Then Dorthy shows her true motives and threatens to bring out the big guns.
I guess I'll have to post the other information I've gathered about you as well as information about your links which you puffed up with neutral names. I didn't want to do this.


3:27 PM

Then I'm shown how irritating my response was to some readers:
Mrs. Rappana writes:

"It should be obvious I did not write the version posted at noahidenews"

Mrs Raapan,

It wasn't obvious to me. It was confusing.

Then why is the distorted article still there? What serious journalist would allow such dangerous misquoting, endangering one's reputation, to remain on a website unchallenged?

Please help the "less bright" among us to understand.

3:31 PM

Then the topic of communitarianism actually started coming into the conversation:
I would like to add that when you look at the type of community involvement proposed by Obama, this is exactly the type of communitarianism that Niki refers to. This is what REALLY freaks me out by what she reports on. It is difficult to decipher all of the points she makes because she puts out a lot of information.

David in Battle Creek

3:33 PM

So then Dorothy makes her demands and accuses me of using David Icke tactics:
You use your own name. Why don't you ask your Jewish advisor to use her own name and post here. We can then see how close she is to the Jewish community.

David Icke uses the same tactic and claimed to have Jewish support for one of his ugly books, given on the back cover. I contacted the synagogues in the area these people lived in and followed up. It was not as he claimed it was.

I'm no innocent when it comes to information about the New Age movement or antisemitism. Over the years I've grown very cynical, and right now I'm very cynical about your comments.


3:36 PM

And anonymous chimes in with:
To Tent Lady (Niki Raapana):

Constance Cumbey answers to no one in regard to who she has on her radio show and that includes Dorothy and the participants of this blog, and probably even her husband. She is a lady who makes her own decisions.

Dorothy is a respected researcher who has been at this game as long as Cumbey. She has a track record that speaks for itself. Her opinion in these matters should be worth a great deal to you.

Legitimate questions have been raised based on contradictory material that is out there about you and your work. You should answer the questions.

If the allegations are false, and you have nothing to hide, calmly knock them on the head and clarify things.

Your post smacks of "hysteria" which makes me skeptical about your objectivity and, in turn, the validity of your research.

Sorry if you find what I say offensive but I have a mind as logical as my convictions are strong.

3:48 PM

Then I'm thrashed for being a non-believer:
I just spent the last few hours perusing Niki Raapana's site, and I feel compelled to say what's in my heart.

Although Dorothy and I have not been in agreement much lately, I must reluctantly concur with Dorothy's assessment of this site. This link in particular made me feel very uncomfortable:

She discusses her own religious beliefs here and gets into the same sort of International Jew theories that I got skewered over a few months ago right here on this blog for mentioning a certain name which I won't mention again. There is something about her that makes me feel distrustful, and I think it may have something to do with her stated lack of faith. I always pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance before I post anything on my blog,as I do not wish to say anything that is against God. Does Nikki pray before she writes these things? While I agree with many of the connections she has made, there is also a part of me that believes that there is a key element missing here, regarding identifying the ULTIMATE enemy,and although some of the players overlap, I think that is intentional. I stated in an earlier remark that I believe there are two distinct groups that are vying for power and world dominance. I wish I could prove it but I can't.

I don't wish to say anything else other than that I hope Constance will continue to stay grounded in the Holy Spirit when choosing guests for her show.

There is something about Nikki's site that troubles me and perhaps it can be summed up in this last paragraph which is taken from the American Thinker article that MAC linked to at the top of this thread:

"Let us, please, stop playing the game of our enemies. During the ghastliness of Stalinism, in the horrors of the Holocaust, those good people who clung to the Judeo-Christian values and beliefs instinctively understood that the enemy of Jews was also the enemy of Christians and that the enemy of Christians was also the enemy of Jews. Nothing has changed. Nothing ever will change. Jews and Christians will always be hated by those who love evil. Look around you today. The Gospel and the Torah are equally loathed by those whose hearts are loathsome. In this season of lights, I pray that Christians and Jews love each other more purely and see real evil more clearly. This is a Hannukah wish and a Christmas prayer."

9:21 PM

Dorothy comes and restates my "agenda" as antiSemitism:
Knowing Constance, I'm pretty sure Niki Raapana will be on Tuesday's radio show. As another poster said, Constance will do what she wants to do. I'm posting this and probably other comments so others will have an opportunity to review her work. I will be putting it out in several comments because those who don't want it read will swamp the thread. While the links she posted make it pretty clear where she stands, I will add other sources.

OK Let's look at both sides of Niki Raapana. There is no doubt that she is intelligent, but intelligence doesn't always lead to a message that can be trusted to be truthful. The wrong use of human intelligence can be very destructive to peace in the community.

A while back I said cults use a technique called information overload. It's where so much "information" is jammed into a short period of time and an individual is told he needs to make a decision as to whether to accept or deny and making the wrong decision will be disasterous.

I don't know whether NK uses this tactic deliberately or by chance. Read this old NWV column to see what I mean.
After you've read the column, what do you actually know about communitarianism that will relate directly to what is going in the world around you. A jumble of details doesn't make a logical statement. Almost anything going in the world can fit into those broad generalizations. Yet, the reaction probably will be "I want to know more because I don't want to be left out" rather than "This doesn't really make sense."

Now go to
a very large website whose agenda is a complication of everything negative that can be found about Jews and the Jewish community, bragging a research section of over 7,360 articles and opinion pieces.
Here Raapana writes a note to them ending "Please know that I consider your work in the highest possible regards. Sincerely, Niki Raapana, founder Anti-Communitarian League"

I think her agenda isn't a study of communitarianism in a neutral setting, but one placing the topic in an antisemitic context. Where few people can understand the mishmash in the NWV article, they are open to scapegoating the Jews.


9:51 PM

Dorothy is an obvious Mossad agent whose loyalties to the State of Israel compell her to disparage anyone who dares to study Zionist changes to the U.S. Constitution. As an enemy of the US, she's got a lot of nerve accusing me of presenting a "jumble" of information when portions of the Talmud were never written down; it requires a lifetime of study for even the most rudimentary understanding of Kabbalistic "law." The fact that Etzioni's name means Kaballah will obviously never be addressed.

That she assumes I am required to give her the name of our webhost or that she can control the sources I use to study is indicative of the power the communitarians think they hold over us. She says when readers go deeper into my website they will find the "stink." Maybe her concern is really that they will find the communitarian stink she so passionately wants to hide from the world.

I didn't know much about Judaism or Israel when I started my studies, beyond the fact that my dad glorified the Mossad and I loved the Sabbath ceremonies I participated in when I was invited to Diane Kramer's parents house while we were in college together at UMass, Amherst. Eric Cohen's parents were also a blast to visit, and I always thought it was funny that they insisted I must be a "lost" Jew because I was so smart and so many of my friends were Jews. As an Alaskan, I found it bizarre that East Coast people cared so much about religion, and asked me all the time, "What ARE you?" My best buddies were Jews and Catholics, and it did irritate some of them that I was also friendly towards Greg, the only Greek Orthodox on our dorm floor. That was in the 80s.

It was 2000 when I started looking into the Talmudic Kabbalistic roots of Etzioni's theory. I learned to avoid the rabid Christian sites because I can't use it when people quote the Bible as their primary historical reference. That said, I did (and still do) find the works of Christians like Berit Kjos, Peter Goodgame and Joan Veon to be extremely valuable. I eventually found myself (and my work) alienated from the mainstream Christian anti-NWO community because I don't share their beliefs. What's weird to me now is it never seemed to bother my Jewish friends that I'm not a Jew, but so many Christians are very bothered by the fact that I'm not a Bible thumper.

Along the way I found several targeted scholarly "antiSemitic" sites that provided me with many unedited, uncensored, verifiable historical references coming directly from the Jewish community. Three of them ended up being a wealth of resources. One is jewishtribalreview. Another is Neither Aryan nor Jew (by Peter Myers, a former Jesuit priest in Australia.) Sweet Liberty with Jackie Patru and her online book Jewish Persecution was also very helpful in my education. After ten years the ACL is still just my daughter and I because I don't fit into any groups out there (nor do I want to). I am extra grateful that I met Bobby Garner at He has never let his Christian faith interfere in our collaborative and supportive relationship.

Now I can't help but wonder what the reaction will be if I write an Etzioni article for the Palestine Think Tank. While we're all sitting around our safe homes arguing about my (lack of) character, the Palestinians live every day with the brutal reality of Zionist occupation. If Americans want to see exactly what the US is going to look like after the Zionist occupation of the US is completed, they need look no further than Gaza and the West Bank. Of course Iraq and Afghanistan come in at a close second.

Should it matter to the Palestinians that the highly esteemed Dr. Amitai Etzioni was with the Hagana commandos who finished up the Irgun "work" at Dier Yassin? How ironic is it that Etzioni, who fought the Iraqis in the 1948 War between British de- controlled Palestine and the seven Arab nations was invited to testify at the international Iraq War Review last summer? The Irgun attack on peaceful Dier Yassin was a pivotal massacre that caused many Palestinians to flee their villages and give up their homes rather than face possible slaughter by Israeli commandos. Those are the people being walled in by the fences, fences Etzioni says are a good idea. Screw it. I'm tired of being polite and avoiding the truth about how the racist Zionist Israelis call the Arabs "dogs." Pretty slick how the most racist "religious" nation on the planet assumes they have been "chosen" by the only God (allowed) to teach the world how to become better people. That the mainstream Christians also promote this belief is beyond my understanding. Like Obama's Chief of Staff Rham Emanuels' Irgun father said, the Zionists in the White House aren't Arabs, and they're there not mopping the floors there, are they Dorothy?

Here's a good example of how the whole "bad guy" Israeli agenda leads to the exact same communitarian solution promoted by the Zionists themselves. The cited "laws" are always international, and the recommended solution is always to take these violations of human rights cases before the British-Dutch Zionist inspired communitarian high court at the Hague. This precedent setting scenario is the ultimate goal. We can't have global governance without a global supreme court granted the moral muscle (ie troops) to enforce it's decisions. Wouldn't suprise me a bit to learn the Mossad agency trains the international armed "peacekeeping" forces or the new EU police, since I already know they train American Community Police, alongside KGB trainers. I was told by a DoD analyst that the Pentagon is using Etzioni's 2007 book, Security First: For a Muscular Moral Foreign Policy in its daily military briefings now.

"This Hilltop and That Hilltop"
Israel's Settlement on Capitol Hill

Here's the Zionist's conception of more moral, muscular persuasion by Kawther Salam - The Bloody Saturday of Israel in Gaza


Bird said...

I'm sorry you are suffering. I've been reading your blog to try to better understand the world we are living in now. Zionism is a cruel and racist ideology and these actions in Gaza are a direct outgrowth of this diseased thinking. The U.S. will continue to defend its 'friend' even when it bombs the U.S.'s own warships because of all spies in the rank and file. No, I don't see a peaceful world anytime soon. Look at all the newspapers that support genocide. Look at all the citizens that hold allegiance to Israel while claiming to be Americans. This dual citizenship has to stop. The more people disavow you the stronger you should be. That is the only way to be. You don't need me to tell you that. You live in one of the harshest environments. Thank you for shoring up my own strength.

Bobby Garner said...

News Flash: Homeland Security Trumps the Administrative Procedure Act, as well as dozens of other's which it finds detrimental to its mission.

"Under authority of Section 102 of the 2005 REAL ID Act, The Administrative Procedure Act is one of 36 federal laws now waived, without explanation, by the Department of Homeland Security for border wall construction.

"Left unchecked, the unprecedented vagueness of Section 102 waiver authority, and the unjustified muting of the Administrative Procedure Act, may be repeated for other federal projects elsewhere in the nation." - Waived On the Border

Of course, this blogger is advocating yet another layer of new law of the type loved so much by bureaucrats for the opportunities they provide for even more oppressive law. Why do they never mention repealing oppressive laws?

I'm very disappointed that Constance tolerates Zionist shills on her blog, embracing them even as "highly esteemed contributors". Perhaps Dorothy is right that "Constance will do what she wants to do", with a little help from her "highly esteemed contributors". In the movie Braveheart, the Nobel's reveal their secret of control. Compromise.

Bobby Garner said...

FDR's unconstitutional New Deal initiatives to balance our rights with New Deal objectives established several federal agencies to implement and enforce the new federal laws. These agencies exercised powers not granted by the Constitution to the three branches of government. The number of agencies eventually grew to 55. FDR established the President's Committee on Administrative Management in 1936 to reign in a "headless 'fourth branch' of government". He established the Attorney General's Committee on Administrative Procedure in 1939. The committee was charged with the responsibility of reviewing the criticisms of the federal administrative processes and formulating recommendations for improvement. The committee issued its recommendations in 1941, but WWII caused passage to be delayed until 1946 when Congress enacted the Administrative Procedure Act. In 1947, the Department of Justice issued the Attorney General's Manual on the Administrative Procedure Act.

The Administrative Procedure Act, rather than being a guardian of our constitutional rights, attempted to define the limits on federal intrusion. In other words, it legalized federal intrusion on our constitutional rights. Nearly all of those agencies which were controlled by the APA were roled into Homeland security via the Patriot Acts I & II following 9/11/2001. The Real ID Act of 2005 then gave Homeland Security the authority to waive not only the Administrative Procedure Act, but any other federal law which specified limits on its power.

In other words, all of the subversive New Deal laws, as well as all of the provisions of the Patriot Acts, and Homeland Security, extend federal authority over and above every constitutional limit, and especially our Bill of Rights.

Homeland Security not only acts with all the authority of an unconstitutional "fourth branch of government", it is part of NorthCom, a military command extending control over all of North America, and through it acts with dictatorial power under the Commander In Chief, the President of the United States.

Administrative Procedure Act of (1946)
Find list of federal laws waived by Homeland Security here

mary said...

Hi Niki, I am sorry you are a victim of Ritual Defamation
this is what opponents to reasoned argumentation begin to do when they fear that their influence over others is waining. Of course, it becomes "important" to them to consider aspects of one's character (doesn't matter if they are real or imagined, it is the defamation that matters, not the truth of it) such as religious belief in order to distract and wipe the "opponent" out of the arena.

They actually do have a lot to fear, in the short time I've been exposed to your arguments, they hold water, as well as confirming some intuitions I've had for many years, but have been unable to find the correct explanations to account for these things.

Yes, we are going to write that piece on Etzioni, it is going to be on Palestine Think Tank, and they are going to complain still more. It doesn't matter to me, and it may not to you either. What matters is informing people of the plans that someone like Etzioni has and getting the public to be wary of him and to counter his manipulative work.

By the way, I will get in touch with my contacts about the Buber era. It is possible that one of these persons personally knew Etzioni.

the tent lady said...

Thank you all for these comments. I may not always be able to respond but I definitely sppreciate the support. Welcome Bird!

Bobby I am very interested in these administrative laws since that's what got me involved in all this in 1999. Thanks for the links. I'm working on a new article about it and it's good to know that the patriot acts nullified the 1946 reform act. layer upon layer of bs, eh?

Mary, I didn't know there was a term called Ritual Defamation. I have noticed that the more people find my research the more people say rude things about me. It does hurt my feelings at first, but then I get mad and then I am inspired to write something that will really irritate them. So collaborating on an article about Etzioni will be my pleasure. Plus, I would love to hear from someone who knew him when he was a student under Buber, or when he was openly active duty.

Professor Bill Granados is the only person I know personally who's been to dinner at his house, and he promised to deliver him a message from me back in 2002 when he was invited to GWU to design a masters in criminal justice. I never received a return message.

Have you ever heard the Jewish Settlements in Gaza, Jerusalem and West Bank described as communitarian?

S. said...

I looked up "Gaza Settlers+communitarian" and the first link I clicked on was your most recent blog post. I felt like I was trudging through the snow and I saw some familiar foot prints up ahead! The next link I clicked was this:

I scanned the first few paragraphs, and it makes an interesting argument for Zionist settlers being like the puritans, but being on my lunchbreak, with the kids fighting overtop of spongebob, it is hard to focus.

All OF our 1.5 feet of snow vanished into rain and chinooks. Being you've spent time in washington, I'm sure you know what I mean. I hope you got the photo I sent of the Northwest Ger.

I hope you realize that when people are attacking you it is because you are directly over their target. Fire for effect. If you recall, the first e-mail I sent you was a compliment to you for a TREASURE TROVE of information on Zionism that was not easily available on all the false "anti-zionist" sites.

Being one of the most important revolutions in modern history, and as little as we americans know about it, Zionism really smacks a person in the face when/if they find out about its history.

I've never considered you "anti" anything except for ANTI-ANYTHING THAT LIMITS-PERSONAL FREEDOM AND RESPONSIBILITY.

God bless you Niki Rapanna (pronounced paaaan-A). We will all continue to pray... but we do EXPECT you to eat! DAMNIT!

Lark said...

Niki, "but you see the world is a wiggly affair..."

Might I suggest a heaping spoonful of Alan Watts?

After Words: Retracing the Patterns of Language

I know I'm not nearly so smart as I sometimes would like to think I am. My best days probably were lost just as soon as I learned a few words, I think. However, I was once a professional cook for some twenty years... and I still find some eerie wisdom... in this old adage... attributed to Brillat-Savarin, the French author of "The Physiology of Taste" (1825)... to be instructive:

"Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are."

With such a curiosity as wafts its way toward me... and as I'm unable to stop my stupid fingers on this keypad... do you think we could know what you eat, Niki?

Though I'm not Jewish [so far as I know] I once worked as a chef at a semi-kosher Jewish-style delicatessen... in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood... called Matzoh Momma's [Lotsa Trauma ~lol~]. The most wonderful Jewish women always seemed to have such very detailed, insightful suggestions for how I might learn to improve my too-meager Jewish cooking skills... while others would bring me secret spice mixtures from Israel... and so forth... and so on.

But the grandmotherly sort who was my favorite - the one who taught me the fine art of making out-of-this-world knishes and the holiday specialties I had never prepared or tasted before - had a few lines which will forever endear her to me... lines which, because she was so hard of hearing... came across as the thunderous call to battle... like what must have been heard in the wise old kitchens of the ancients or something:

"Save dah shmaltz! Don't trow avay dah schmaltz! Please, vee need dah schmaltz!"

And with those words I just knew I would get another chance to chew the fat with my dear Russian lady friend, Pesya - boy, that old woman, I'm telling ya, Niki, was utterly hysterical... the bomb... as the kids like to say today!:)

BTW, another great post - you're getting many more new readers than you may know - thanks for keeping up your strength.

mary said...

I'm with S here!

To answer your question about if I have heard of them referred to as Communitarian, I have to say "no" because the word has escaped me up until three weeks ago when I discovered your site! I will try to look into this. There is a whole literature on the settlements, but very unfortunately, 90% of it is in Hebrew, because what gets out is only the propaganda or the 2% of those who report the things that settlers do. Remember, settlers are not all these rustic orthodox people, that is a myth that has to be broken. Most of them are "normal" westerners who are looking for a way to live less expensively and especially, with other Jews, since they do believe themselves to be chosen and better. That they come to live in an Arab country is the irony, they should have went straight for Tel Aviv, but that would mean spending money and maybe standing in a breadline!

Like I said earlier, I'm getting a few people on the case Re Etzioni's Israel period. You will be very surprised at my contacts, Niki. One of them you already mentioned to me in a letter, it is my best friend in the universe, the other is this person's mum, whose history will floor you. Yet, though being raised in the midst of ultra-Zionism, they have escaped the clutches of it and are the fiercest warriors against it. They do have access to things in Hebrew, which will be helpful for us.

Yes, ritual defamation is a technique that goes beyond smearing. I am a victim to it all the time, (there are three HATE sites against me, yes, one of them by a so-called Anti-Zionist Jew), and the way it operates can be very effective against some people, because what we hold most precious is destroyed, our good name. It uses a lot of tricks and the important one is to involve "others", kind of like mobbing. I see it all the time, and in your case, this is a classic example of it.

But, those who use it are never able to go for the arguments as they stand and this is what needs to be pointed out to the "peanut gallery", because the spectators are the ones who are there to be influenced. This is why it is played out in public.

I don't need to tell a person like you to be strong, you know it already, but ... be strong!!!

the tent lady said...

Hmmm. everyone is sure giving me lots to think about tonight. I made a post that includes that link you provided S. And yes I remember now what you told me when you first responded. I learned a lot from you. how's Johhny doing btw? and I did get the pic of the yurt, nice one. Mine is getting there:)

Mary this is getting so interesting I can't imagine where it will all lead. 3 hate sites huh? You must really be making progress!

Lark, I'm almos afraid to tell you what I eat. But i will. I love rice and bread, I'd say they are my main staples. I recently learned how to make Arabic bread and it's a lot easier on a woodstove than loaves. I eat a lot of beans too, and love fruits and nut munchies (the bags of healthy tidbits from Barefoot Bob's Oragnic store fed me for 3 days). I also require a steady supply of dark, rich chocolates, butter (for my bread) and jams to go with my absolute lifetime favorite food: peanut butter.

In the summertime I eat a lot of fresh Copper River Red Salmon, baked with garlic, onions and olive oil is the best way in my opinion. I love cheese, yogurt and sour cream, we want to get a goat and learn to make our own. Oh and potatoes (sp?), fried, baked and mashed are seen regularly on my table, especially if Nordica is here. I also sometimes live on oatmeal and raisens and pancakes. Then again, I also eat a lot of pasta and red sauces, my shelves always have plenty of tomato paste, diced and stewed in the can. In the summer we eat vegetables raw and sliced.

Did that grandmother teach you how to make piroshki (sp?) I used to buy them all the time at a shop on the street across from the Farmers Market on 1st ave. I loved those, the ones with sausage, onions and brocolli were beyond perfection. It may sound strange, and I probably should be careful how I say things now, but one of the reasons I love visiting people from other culture is to eat their foods! Have you ever had traditional Cuban sweet meats and fruits rolled in powdered sugar? I couldn't get the recipie because the Cuban grandmother who made it for us spoke only Spanish. I love spicey, hot foods prepared lovingly by ancient hands.. show me an old crone and I'll follow her home, no matter how much she yells at me. What's schmaltz? I'll start saving it!

mary said...

You just made me hungry! It sounds like you would love Hummus if you don't already eat it. It is the staple here at home, that with Tzaziki. If you need recipes, I'm ready!

Not only are there 3 hate sites, but there is an official smear artist on the Academic Left Haifa University Mailing list. Just today, to see what I could get out of these academics, I asked if there was anyone who had information on Buber and Communitarianism as well as his students. Will see if anyone responds, but mainly, waiting for the censor to attack me, it's a knee-jerk stimulus.

I did talk (well, message, because I lost my voice) to my friend and he said his mum has no direct recollection of the name Etzioni, but she will think about it. I am quite sure that if she concentrates, things will come to her, and when I start sending documents and info something will happen. Right now is unable to use internet where she's at, but after the holidays, we will work on this. Her father too was a terrorist at that time, but in the Irgun, so I would imagine the roads had crossed.

Keep warm, stay well and many hugs

the tent lady said...

As a matter of fact, our Thanksgiving dinner this year was 4 different kinds of hummus, pita bread, and big fat ripe red grapes. It was Nordica's idea cause we were in a motel without a stove to cook on. It was so yummy and filling too. i liked the garlic hummus best and actually, huh, i made it once in seattle years ago. put garbanzo beans in my blender and added spices. Not near as good as the premade stuff we just had, what's your recipies? Got one for making it without a blender? I bet there's a way to smash them by hand.

Etzioni's birth name is Werner Falk. The record is unclear when he changed it. The Jerusalem brigade that defended the city in the '48 war was called the Etzioni brigade. I know he served in that one but again, the record is unclear who it was named for. Most of the military websites on it are in Hebrew.

Etzioni claims his unit was assigned to "bring in" the Irgun after the Dier Yassin massacre, but I just found historical records that show the Hagana assisted in the final hours of the "battle."

I'm also interested in verifying the Iraqi Jews' allegations that the Hagana poisoned the water of wells in the Arab towns they drove people out of. In Robert Kennedy's articles he said the Arabs planned to poison the well on the hill that supplied the Jews' water in Jerusalem. I'd also like to know if the claim that most Jews and Arabs got along fine in the greater ME before the Zionists is true. I know that the Jews' status in Germany prior to the Nazis and WWII was so good it was one of the better places for them. The horrible irony of this whole antiSemitism thing is that it may have been the Zionists who made it so bad for the Jews everywhere and caused so much harm to the people they were supposedly helping. I would think some Jews would want to get to the truth of these allegations and either prove them to be false or seek justice. Because, I've also seen testimony now that there were many Jews and Arabs who wanted a peace agreement in 48, 67 and 70, and that the hardliner Zionists thwarted it every time it became possible. I have no way of verifying any of it.

It's 44 below right now and I'm warm as long as I keep the fire blazing. My new stove looks like I've had it for 15 years!

Hugs to you too Mary, in fact a big group hug to everyone who's been commenting lately. I feel loved.

Lark said...

Schmaltz is rendered chicken fat. A Yiddish term, I suspect. ~lol~

But in your case you'd be much better served by learning to make stuff like "salmon bark", salmon belly sausages, and a takeoff of an indigenous American pemmican, a kind of a 'warrior's best friend and traveling companion'... rendered salmon fat, dehydrated chopped or shredded salmon scraps, some chopped nuts, dried berries, wild leek, salt etc.

If you net white fish from time to time, also classic fish stock... refined (simmered down and reduced) to a classic French-style demi-glace de poisson... or a half-glaze... even a glace... a glaze [like a jelly] which, preserved with a little highest-quality salt, keeps practically forever.

Makes quick work for making darn near any kind of sauce or gravy in a hurry. The same principle can be applied for pork, beef, game, and chicken or wild fowl [there's even vegetarian] too.

Naturally, some added white wine would be extra nice [for the fish half-glaze]. But one of my all-time favorite salmon dishes is made with rhubarb and fish half-glaze made from red wine - a sweet & sour Italian-style affair with added vinegar, sugar and plumped-up, syrupy cherry raisins and citrus zest. Ummmm, dat's good, yea!

[Next time we should talk about gumbos (gumbo z'herbes in the spring), red beans & dirty rice, and jambalaya too, girl!:)]

Also, heated flat stone (rock) or ceramic stone baking in a hearth [or oven] produces some of the healthiest cooking in the world.

Just like baking pizza on bricks, tandoori-style breads against high-heat ceramic, and, yes, even Arabic-style flatbreads [of which pizza is a type].

Do you have a bread stone for your oven? Can you fit a 16" round one on a shelf or on the inside bottom of your oven? Do you have a manual grain mill, a hand-cranked nut grinder, or a wheatgrass juicer?

How 'bout the ability to grow your own fresh herbs and lettuces? Watercress is an excellent example of a healthful salad green that's simple to grow indoors with some sun, water... or grown with a low-wattage grow light... in a tiny amount of space. Making your own natural fertilizer and compote might come soon after.

Ideally, you need an internal temp of 650 degrees or higher for using the bread stone most efficiently; but lower temps work out fine too.

After a fish is cleaned, it can be cooked directly on a hot rock, or it can be cooked just the way the Northwest tribes roasted it over a direct fire suspended from a wood sapling frame.

If you keep bags of organic wheat around you can always do some simple [healthful] sprouting in hemp or similar type sprout bags, make wheatgrass juice tonics, or keep some fermented Rejuvelac handy.

If you have blackstrap molasses and some spices, baking powder and soda, with buttermilk or sour milk of some type you can steam your own Boston brown bread in a coffee can on top of the stove. Or make quick breads - Irish soda and wheaten breads are delicious!

High-quality natural salt and some vinegars can easily assist you in preparing variations of fermented and pickled fruits and veggies, especially the famous German or northern European sauerkrauts and different soured or sweet-and-sour fruit concoctions... even relishes and jams.

There's nothin' like the swappin' of a few old recipes between cooks, Niki! But, hey, we might need to work on making you self-sufficient. When you have organic seeds, including grain [wheat, rye, amaranth, quinoa] berries, and some few dried, powdered, or dehydrated beans, legumes, sea plants and other veggies, etcetera, you're free as a bird, and now you're also ready for some backpackin' or witch doctorin'! ;)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe my comments even got noticed. I never get noticed about anything, ever!

David in Battle Creek

Lark said...

@ David in Battle Creek

~lol~ Consider yourself 'blessed'!

I thought I was gonna lose my mind reading those 'crosscurrent' threads of commentary on Ms. Cumbey's blog. Not that they weren't interesting though... but words... do get in the way so often these days. :)

mary said...

44 Below?! Oh my god!!! Winter be gone!!!

4 kinds of hummus! Wow, I only know one kind, with slight variations. The trick is: peel off the skins one by one and chop it up with a crescent knife if you haven't got a chance to use a mixer or blender. I have a secret which is to add the juice of a lemon, it improves the flavour a lot, but I know that it's not considered to be really authentic that way. I also add the oil into it rather than just sprinkle it on top. I'll send you the recipe in the mail.

Re: etzioni, I've got a few leads. One person in Israel has given me a contact, which I sent you, let's see where that goes, but more important, my friend says his mum doesn't recall, but that she is going to look through what she has on that period, and he is sure that they can help. I am sure we will find the missing link.

You know what, you may have heard of an Israeli "peace" forum called MePeace ( ) where they claim to be "peacemakers". I was involved for a few months, actually one of the most active participants, and got gatekeeped and ultimately banned. What always was so interesting was one certain gatekeeper, Neri Bar-On, who is all "let us not play the blame game" stuff and would always refer to Kook and of course to Buber. When I mentioned the crimes of the Gush Eminum folks, he would deny it, then when I mentioned that Martin Buber refused to leave the house that belonged to Edward Said, people would come out with junk against Said too! Point is, being banned, all my documentation got eliminated. Yet, the point is, people who are not informed of the real nature of these criminals believe they are humanitarians. This is the gigantic lie of it all, and this is what we are trying to debunk.

anyway, got to set up some stuff, just wanted to check in and say hello!!!
hugs to you and to everyone and that means to David in Battle Creek too!!!

REB said...


How many lawyers does Constance have participating over on her blog? One would think that a Christian lawyer would offer to help you defend your reputation with respect to that NoahideNews site. I understand your outrage in the way you've been treated by sycophants over there.

Just to be clear, I don't think Constance has any need or desire for sycophants. I'm not sure who the unjust judges over there are seeking to please, but I don't think it's Christ.