Monday, December 22, 2008

Interview with Constance Cumbey, Tuesday, Dec 23, 4pm Alaska Time

Showtime: 8pm Eastern, 4pm Alaska Time!

Constance Cumbey has just found the ACL and invited me to join her show on Tuesday, live at For those of you who are unfamiliar with Constance, she's a Michigan attorney who's been studying the communitarians for 26 years. I've linked to her work from the ACL and she's under people I like here. I learned a lot about the European players from her blog.

This should prove to be very interesting because I'm sure I won't be asked many of the normal questions people ask when they have never heard of communitarianism before. I'm starting to like doing these radio shows too, every host has their own style and way of approaching their audience. I'm covering the extreme variety this month. Jim over at FreedomFighter was a get in your face modern shock jock (posted the link to the mp3 on the right) and Constance is a practicing attorney, a published author and a religious scholar.

More radio coming. I'm going to have to make a plan to join Darren and Nancy at Govern America on a Saturday morning at 4am my time. I am occassionally up at that time but not necessarily awake enough to talk. Heard they're planning on doing a whole show on gangstalking, which is another one of those weird things that are happening to people around the world.

It actually started happening to us this last year (and maybe longer), and knowing what we learned from the gangstalking site we were able to deal with it right up front and call b.s. on the creep who was doing it. Not that he stopped being a stalker or gathering information on everyone out here, but he never took our power with his constant unwarranted and unwanted attentions. He's a freak, but it's creepiest when it's the real cops doing the stalking, like when convicted felon Rachael Miller worked with the Anchorage Domestic violence Unit to stalk and harass me when I was Mike's 3rd Party custodian. (Used to have this whole nutcase article at the ACL, don't know where it went.) When Vice President Cheney said the government needs to work with unsavory characters in 2002, he didn't just mean in some vague undercover foreign terrorist infiltrations. Gangstalking is a modus operandi of local law enforcement too. It's a community justice program.


S. said...

Hey hey,

I can't download the new radio show unless I pay 20 bucks! :(

Maybe in a month I can afford it. I sent you an e-mail w/photos and a link... Hope all is well up north.

Here is a funny story about your former "home city" Seattle:

No salt for snowy seattle makes drivers angry!

Bobby Garner said...

I meant to tune in but it was at the end of the hour when I remembered, and there was something else on, so I figured I'd missed it. Then the next morning I read the final time change and realized that I had actually tuned in too early.

I'm not paying 20 bucks a month for access to a radio archive. I don't know how they can do that. Or the better question is WHY? It can only be for money, or to limit access. This price tag reads limits on access to me.

There are 59 comments on Cumbey's blog post, and not a single one mentioned the content of the show. As I scanned through them, it was difficult to identify any common thread other than a rather acidic exchange about the World Wisdom Council between people whom Cumbey defines as "highly esteemed contributors to my work and blogspot". Rudi kicked it of at 11:26 PM with his "6:05 PM comment in the previous section".

An anonymous poster who signed "Dorothy" commented: "She [Constance] has met many major New Age leaders and has prided herself on not facing off against them. She won't face off against people based on their ideas. She'll report what they are doing and then get along with them." She attributes this practice to her lawyer mentality.

For whatever reason Constance made no attempt to get the comments on topic, and didn't say anything about the show herself. She allowed her "esteemed contributor's" to control the discussion in spite of her title proclaiming the "most important show I have ever done.

Anonymous said...

I recorded the show and have it in a raw ~6.5mb .mp3 file. I'm willing to share if we can find a place to lodge it for download.


the tent lady said...

What kind of a place do we need to lodge it? Think I can figure it out myself? heh.

And I went and read the comments and you're right Bobby, they didn't talk about communitarianism at all. How utterly predictable is that?

S, I'm experimenting with making my own videos now and planning the audio portions to be able to be listened to without the "scenes". I realized that when I do radio I am led by the host and if I do my own I can control the content.

Seattle practically shuts down when it snows anyway, there's always lots of inexperienced snow drivers sliding all over the place, and no salt just makes it that much more dangerous. duh. Save the whales.

Bobby Garner said...

I have the storage capacity, but I may not be able to support the bandwidth.

gang stalking said...

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