Friday, December 12, 2008

Freedom Fighter Radio interview

temps down to 20 below again, but it's clear!

Model gertee shows my actual interior layout

Thanks to Debbie Lewis at, I'll be a guest on Jim Stach's show Fridaym December 19, 2008, from 8 to 10 pm Eastern. (That's 4 to 6 pm Alaska time. )

Had to get out and start pulling the snow load off the roof. Using a long pole with a fish net on the end. I grabbed last summer at Second Chance in Anchorage just in case I ever start fishing. It makes a good snow remover, catches the bigger chunks of ice in the net and doesn't scrape the tarp. I started on it last night about midnight, the moonlight is amazingly bright. Tim told me the moon is the closest to earth it will be in our lifetime. Said he heard it on "the news." I always feel like I need to fact check anything he gets from the TV but it IS bright tonight too. Temps are falling and I was a little chilly wading in snow over my knees but it's staying easily at 60 above inside and holding enough heat to help me get up and face another day.

Devvy Kidd has new audio files of Jerri Ball's The Great Communitarian Hoax. I never did find out what happened to Ball or why she shut down American Freedom Press. Another mystery.

Nancy Levant's latest article at newswithviews:


lark said...

Devvy's link's dead. Still searching for an alternate access route to the audio files.

Just thought I'd let you know.

Hey, you're getting pretty darn good making those miniatures, girl...

... May I offer you another tip of my hat? :)

the tent lady said...

Thanks Lark. I love my minis too. Devvy's link seems to be working now, did you try copying and pasting it in your browser?

You make me think of that Charlie Daniels song, "Now you tip your hat to that lady son, and when I did all that hair came tumbling out from underneath."

lark said...

'Preciate that!

The information did seem a bit dated; but, of course, it does provide valuable perspective for those fairly new to the topic. (In my circles I'm practically seen as a veteran now!) So many younger folks prefer any media except the written word anymore... and particularly... if it will make absorption of new material seem more enjoyable.

As I understand it... given that around about the time this country was first being colonized by the European settlers in earnest... Rothschild banking interests pretty much had tightened their stranglehold on the economies of Europe's nation-states... so this leads me to suspect the signers of the 1789 Constitution... were not so much dominated by Christian Protestants and Catholics... but by Freemasons and Deists [as they were known at the time].

Oliver Cromwell, who had been instrumental in [signing the death warrant for] the execution of Charles I after the temporary ouster of the English ruling royal family in the Civil War, had cut some shady backroom deals with the Jewish Dutch, German, Spanish and Italian financiers [probably those 'same tribalists' who'd financed him and put him in the position to help accomplish the similar feat this same Rothschild-led coalition later pulled on the French during their own revolution] so that they'd be again permitted to legally return to the Isles [to continue practicing their 'normal' customs as before their exile and most Jews had to go underground (and start changing their names more often, etc.)] without suffering royalist or popular 'discrimination'... all of which would later pave the way for the creation of the now more 'properly liberalized' new Commonwealth... and for Britain's increasing its dominance... of the now 'more unified' European merchants' free trade schemes... to be extended over the sea lanes and ports-o-call worldwide.

English Interregnum

Washington, Adams and Jefferson all admired Cromwell and his crafty political skills...

... As a search for Adams turned up this - Discourses on Davila - written in 1790.

... And 'our own' Thomas Paine is regarded, still to this day, as one of the 'Greatest Britons'.

Skills like these men had are timeless...

Vote hypocrite: In times like these, America needs a politician who isn't afraid to fake it.

Search: "Jefferson admired Cromwell"

I also think the tribalist Jews [segregated; but highly organized by their Pharisaic rabbis, traders, and leading money-lenders] associating themselves with the European aristocrats and nobility in conjunction with their banker brethren were, by then, in firm control of the hierarchical Freemason groups [along with the Jesuits (Black Popes), the Jacobins, and later on by the Frankists... faithfully serving as their 'fronts']... by way of the many 'ladies' reading rooms' and elitist 'gentlemen quarters' that dotted polite society and ruled political opinion back then.

It was in those associations that groups like the Pilgrims [of which Bobby speaks] and the royalist bloodlines continued to coalesce in trans-Atlantic unity... with an ancient and 'common purpose'...

... Even though I don't doubt that the vast majority of America's early colonialist era until the 20th century was drawn from mostly European Catholic and Protestant groups looking for escape in the New World.

By sheer numbers, America may have been thought of as a 'Christian nation' as Ms. Ball asserts, but its rulers were always influenced by 'something else'.

I also rather agree with the observation that the dominant American WASP culture may just be on the verge of more serious decline, and with it... Christian morality... and the values of 'bravery' in daring to think for one's self... even of self-reliance [which is widely seen today as, sadly, just a 'pipe dream' held over from another time].

Would you care to hazard any thoughts here?

P.S. - Your mention of the Charlie Daniels tune reminded me of how I myself might 'receive the Queen' and be perceived by royalist society one day. I knew that I wanted to make an even stronger impression - somewhat more 'American' - than even Gandhi once had... though I never was exactly clear... how I'd manage to pull it all off... just so. I was clear about one thing though, and that was... that I would never stand in 'her' receiving line... or even so much as nod my commoner's head... as if only to 'slightly' bow. :)

the tent lady said...

Good research Lark, I haven't explored the founder's relationships with Cromwell, but they do seem significant. This is the part that always bogs me down because there are two different views of US history. One is that it was established by free men with the goal of creating a free country where commonors could rise above their station. The other, which is the one I wasn't taught and have struggled with for almost ten years, is that the US was created and established by freemasons and other such illuminated agents of European monarchists with ties to ancient Babylon, with the designers establishing a New World Order. (How's that for a dialectic?) Is there a third opinion? :)

I agree there were always 2 North Americas that became known as the USA. I know the constitution has a very important missing piece which allows the US President to make treaties and alliances which can subvert constitutional parameters.

If I were a member of an elite society planning to establish a New World where I could bring Order out of chaos, I would certainly prepare a way for my chosen leaders to make the necessary changes. I would also make sure the chaos existed.

What? You won't bow before HRH Queen Beatrix? You won't hail the Earth Charter as the Environmental Ten Commandments? Off with your head! :)