Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer Visitors

Tanner flying under a tinfoil roof

Well, we didn't end up hosting the Freedom Festival this summer, and Camp Redington never officially opened either. Everything is ready for next summer though, we can open on schedule in 2009 and take reservations over the winter. We will be open during the Kenny Lake Fair on the 15th and 16th.

Here's a few people who came by; they were our "pilot tests." While mostly family, Brian and Trudy are ACL supporters from back east who made us part of their Alaskan vacation plans. We saw a close brown bear when we took a walk down at 15 mile the last day they were here. I yelled "run" and took off towards the car. They really wanted to see a bear so didn't listen to me, but the bear did (thankfully) and it ran into the woods (and then Brian wanted to follow it!) I really enjoyed their company and it was very inspiring to discuss ACL work with people who studied our website. He said what he most appreciated was how we stick to the facts and provide so many direct links to government sources. It was also pretty cool to find out he used to be in the 82nd, and I'm grateful to know that our Army is still made up of some men like my father. Not everyone discounts our work based on where we live or our lack of credentials.

Justin inside the museum

cousin Jayce

Tanner, Jayce and Nordica

Fred and Aunt Kathy

mosquito hat


Brian and me

lunchtime with cousins and Aunt Judy in gertee

Diane and Kathy

Nordica, Fred, Brian and Trudy

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