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Pilgrims, Zionism and the New Age, by Bobby Garner

Peter Myers is a former Jesuit whose website is called "Neither Aryan Nor Jew." I found him many years ago when I was researching the Zionist connections to Amitai Etzioni's communitarianism. I immediately recognised his fine scholarship and appreciated his work on higher tribalism. I've used hundreds of his links and email forwards in ACL research (his British Zionism chart is on our conspiracy theory page) and I depended on him for a crash course in economics 101. Much of what he posts is slanted toward the left and he doesn't write about communitarianism. I've always found him to be polite, helpful and friendly. I decided to ignore the fact that he ignores communitarianism (since that is the "normal" response to our work anyway).

Bobby Garner ( one of very few people I know of who has studied communitarianism as the philosophy and the religion behind the emerging supranational system. He is the only person I know who's made the direct connection between Lucifer worship, Alice Bailey and the communitarian world service workers. He's made numerous attempts to introduce Bailey, The Plan and the communitarian formation of the emerging world government to Myer's elist. I don't know why I thought that maybe Peter would respond if another man said it. So far, Bobby's references to Zionist communitarianism have been ignored the same way mine are. Both of us have begun to openly question why alternative academics, researchers, writers and radio hosts exclude important information from their works.

Here's an email Bobby just sent to Myers:


When I recently discovered the Pilgrims Society, an elite group of Anglo-Americans founded in 1902, I immediately recognized a possible connection with "British Israel" as covered in The Union Jack. However, hard evidence was illusive as most observers have noted the apparent hostilities between certain Pilgrims and Zionism. That however, should be expected as a function of any well organized subterfuge.

Then while searching my private library for information on the Pilgrims, I found Burton J. Hendrick's 1923 book The Jews In America, which is generally recognized for first bringing the "Jewish Problem" to the attention of the American people. As expected, Zionists condemn this book as anti-Semitic ("Hendrick's book encouraged the growth of anti-Semitism during the 1920s."), and true to form, use it to discredit the author. In an article Spurious Anthropology, published by The Nation in Oct. 1923, the author commented, "It is surprising that so keen a journalist as Henrick did not recognize that by piling up his contradictions in...[such] gross a manner he has made the indictment self-defeating."

Hendricks was an associate editor of Pilgrim Society member, Walter Hines Page's World's Work magazine, published by Doubleday, Page & Co. Does this sound like a good name for the magazine of someone who thinks of himself as a World Server?

Walter Hines Page (August 15, 1855 - December 21, 1918), Pilgrims Society member, an American journalist, publisher, and diplomat. Educated at Trinity College (now Duke), Randolph-Macon College, and Johns Hopkins University studying Greek classics. Editor of the St. Joseph Gazette, the Forum and Atlantic Monthly. Partner in the publishing firm of Doubleday Page & Company (publisher). Wrote “The Rebuilding of Old Commonwealths” (1902), the same year the Pilgrims Society was founded. Founded and edited the "World's Work" up to 1913. He was the United States ambassador to the United Kingdom during World War I. A proud Southerner, he admired his British roots ... As ambassador to Britain, he defended British policies to Wilson and so helped to shape a pro-Allied slant in the President and in America as a whole. WALTER HINES PAGE

On July 8, 1929, Time magazine timely published the "New World's Worker". Can there be any doubt that certain members of the Pilgrims Society were prominent in Alice Bailey's address book of "Master's" among whom her letters were privately circulated? Were the Pilgrim's all working in unison creating the chaos out of which order to their specifications could be realized? Was Karl Marx their prophet, or was his claim of "Order out of Chaos", meant for their instruction.

A site search of produced two occurrences of "Jews in America", but not in reference to the book. Neither do you mention the Pilgrims Society or The Union Jack. "British Israel" gets one honorable mention in the same sentence as " Jesus was king of England" Shame on the poor soul who would believe that. There was one mention of the "World's Work" in regard to universal peace.

I notice that you point out many of the contradictions, seemingly in order to discredit the various participants in the debate, but you seldom seek a resolution such that all the pieces of the puzzle fit nicely together.

Are you trying to solve the puzzle? Or, are you cutting out the pieces and shaking them up so that none cling together? Is shaking things up also the function of professional "academic scholarship"? Or of Public Journalism?

Or maybe you really didn't know about the Pilgrims Society.

There is indeed a powerful high force in the high places! You must know about them because their existence governs your future to a disturbing extent. They are the source of fiat money; the powers behind central banks; international financiers; warmongers; globalists; cartel monopolists; and the force suppressing precious metals. JFK, whose father was a member, strayed from the plan! As Zad Rust commented in "Teddy Bare, The Last of the Kennedy Clan"(1971)--- "The Warren Commission had no other mission than to conceal the truth, and it was relentlessly helped in this mission by many official agencies and by some powerful organized Force of universal scope and character. This Force of Darkness has already brought the world very near to the point of no return on the road to total annihilation of the liberties of man and the independence of nations, and to the enthronement of the Antichrist." - Meet the World Money Power

Bobby Garner
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Bobby Garner said...

Wait a minute! How come I didn't hear about "The Apocalypse Down Under"?

Oh.. I wonder if I have been unsubscribed?
Possibly related to my probing questions seeking answers to satiate my curiosity about Meyer's publication habits?

Bobby Garner said...

Here I was hoping that Meyers was silent today because he was busy with research to discover how he could possibly have missed something so significant as the Pilgrims Society. Or even more relevant to his particular interest, "The Jews In America", or "British Israel".

I've carefully checked my junk folders both on my PC and on my Web-server, and there is nothing from Peter today.

Now I'm really curious.

the tent lady said...

Peter sent out a new email, number 1- Buchanan, MacDonogh, Pilger Books explode Illusion of American Exceptionalism:

"Reese notes that it is the US that routinely commits "acts of aggression around the globe." The US government has no qualms about dropping bombs on civilians whether they be in Serbia, the Middle East, or Africa. It is all in a good cause—our cause.

"This slaughtering of foreigners doesn’t seem to bother the American public. Americans take it for granted that Americans are superior and that American purposes, whatever they be, take precedence over the rights of other people to life and to a political existence independent of American hegemony."

I'll post the whole article.

Bobby Garner said...

Are you saying that I've been bypassed again?

Ouch! I must have touch a very sensitive spot.

I wonder if he reads this blog?


Charles W. Krafft said...

Zad Rust! Wasn't that the nom de plume of Prince Michael Sturdza, the foreign minister of Romania? He wrote a very interesting alternative history of WWII, published by Western Islands (John Birch Society) entitled THE SUICIDE OF EUROPE. Published in l968 with an an introduction by Thomas J. Haas who states the Communist conspiracy is an Illumaniti front, this is one of the only books in English about interbellic Romania that isn't skewed by a post Holocaust Jewish exceptionalist perspective. ie moving the plight of the marginalized Romanian Jewish minority to the center of unfolding events there. Romania ultimately became the very thing Prince Sturdza
and the Legion of the Archangel Michael fought against from l927 to l941. It's a sad book.

Bobby Garner said...

Its amazing how rare some of this information is. I found one confirmation that Zad Rust is indeed Prince Michael Sturdza (Note 15).

As a Foreign Minister of Romania's "Iron Guard" cabinet, looks like he might know whereof he speaks concerning "some powerful organized Force of universal scope and character".

"His contention is that the fate of Europe in World War II was sealed by conspiracy on a grand scale; that the principal aim of the plotters is the end of Western civilization as seen in Europe in prior years."

Later years as well, and not just Europe, right up to the present. Looks like I need to keep an eye out for his books.