Saturday, August 23, 2008

Community Policing and Local Agenda 21

Over the years I've read many references made toward "those who believe in black helicopters." I had my assumptions, but I never exactly knew what was meant by that. I only remember thinking it was very rude of the facilitators in community planning meetings to ask everyone who "believes" in black helicopters to shut up and sit at the back of the rooms.

Now I just read "Black Helicopters Over America; Strikeforce for the New World Order," by Jim Keith, 1994. The first 53 pages are a list of potentially (I haven't done this) verifiable accounts of run-ins with sky terrorists and livestock mutilations printed in local newpapers. Many of the complaints he cites against sky stalking include credible witnessess like local sheriffs. If Keith was accurate, then for more than thirty years, hundreds (and maybe thousands) of Americans have been subjected to these harassing fly-overs in unmarked helicopters, some of which ended in shootouts between Americans and the flight crews. I bet every one of my countrymen who resisted and asked questions has been subjected to ridicule and scorn ever since they courageously spoke out about their experiences.

Local Agenda 21 planning committees' bold assumptions that black helicopters are a conspiracy theory rubbed off on me without my even realizing it, because I never included it as part of ACL topic research. It isn't even included on my Conspiracy Theory page. I also confused the whole topic with BlackHawk helicopters. Keith explains a lot about the role foreign troops play in the planned evacuations and containments and incudes a sampling of foreign troop/vehicle sightings and the rare mentions of these excerises in the media. Now I have read a lot about foreign troops on U.S. soil and my Katrina research verified the fact that the U.S. government used New Orleans as a pilot test for NATO's new Rapid defense troops. Over the past few years I've talked to several special forces guys about the Army patrolling the streets of New Orleans, some who tell me the 82nd was used mostly to "clean up," while others tell me I don't have a clue what was "really" going on down there. This is where the facts about what is planned and what has already happened come together.

While there are a lot of references in this book that I would never use or cite, and Keith's membership in Scientology is suspicious, I totally agree with him about the usefulness of the alien theory and I wish he were alive to expand what he wrote on page 118:

" Sans fanfare, in 1989 the federal government passed laws in all of the states authorizing the use of government funds for the creation of a "National Police force," so-called by Clinton and Gore in their book Putting Poeple First. This Frankenstein monster of a police force is currently being stitched together by placing local and state forces under a single national directorate, with an intended total force of 100,000 federal agents, a figure rendered more impressive by the realization that other agencies, including BATF, DEA, CIA, the FBI and any number of other goon squads can be utilized simultaneously with the National Police Force."

Keith never tells us the name of the National Police Force. His book, published in 1994, must have gone to print before the program was fully incorporated into U.S. Law. He died at almost the same exact time I was first introduced to the COPS.

Here's where the "idea" for a National Police Force went:

The Violent Crime Act of 1994 authorized and funded the establishment of a new federal police force called Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS). Then President Clinton promised to put 100,000 new COPS in with local police across the nation. As most of my readers already know, I was conscripted into a COPS pilot test of new enfocement procedures inserted in my neighborhood plan 1999. ACL research started with our studying government directed sustainable land use regulations and expanded when I found the COPS program. COPS' ideas for warrantless searches were considered "innovative strategies."

My COPS' research expanded to include the COPS' COMPASS database in 2000. These new policing and data gathering programs are so real and so easily verifiable that my work is used by government agencies around the world and has been cited in a Ph.D. thesis. I was on the crime mapping elist for years and made copies of certain relevant posts for the Dawson attorneys. How many times did Dawson attorney Margaret Boyle ask me, "Where the hell are you getting this stuff??? At one point Crime mapping consultant Bill Granados considered me an "expert" in COMPASS, by 2002 I was invited to join the crime mappers and help to ensure the privacy of the people targeted under COMPASS in San Bernadino County, CA. I respectfully declined because the program is specifically designed to eliminate privacy.

Part of my COPS' research led me to the online pdf file of a Joint Report by the DoD and the DoJ in 1998, a printed copy is in my 28 hardcopy binders which are all still in storage. (The joint report is included in the COMPASS binder I made for Karl Caplan at the New York Times, the same binder Bill Granados copied when he came to visit in 2002. It's also part of my subpoena documents requested by the City of Seattle in Dawson v. Seattle and in Frankenfield v. Backmon.) The 1998 Dod-DoJ report explains how necessary it was to merge domestic police with the military, how they're all basically peacekeepers now, and why they should share technology and equipment. When I first saw the Patriot Act I was amazed at how much of that report was included in the "emergency" legislation passed after 9-11. The 1998 report no longer exists online.

The local man who lent Keith's book to me is a former U.S. soldier with the 10th Mountain Division. He was a Canadian border guard prior to relocating up to our neck of the woods a few years ago. I met him because he comes to Tim for hunting and skinning advice. It's sure interesting reading his notes in the margins where he personally verifies a few clandestine domestic military activities, and he continually asks the question, "Who ARE these guys?"

My neighbor also warned me that he suspects my recent visitor from Army intelligence was probably a "spook." I admit I don't care if he is or he isn't. He approached me as a human being and regardless of why he came here I learned a lot from him, and I liked him and his wife. I truly hate all the "cloak and dagger" crap that the spies play. I'm tired of speculating on who can be trusted. All I care about now is that a U.S. Army soldier warned me about messing with the Mossad.

Another illusion I cling to is that the U.S. Army's JOB is to protect me, my family and my nation from FOREIGN terrorists, including the ones from Israel. Why is Amitai Etzioni never included in ANY lists of Zionists with Influence in the White House? Does Etzioni, a self-professed Middle Eastern terrorist have a file in the FBI's known domestic terrorist database? Why did they never answer my emails about him? Is Etzioni in the DoD or CIA's database of foreign military terrorists operating inside the USA? If not, why not? Is it possible that I am doing the job we expect the U.S. Army to do? Maybe I don't just deserve my Ph.D for our original, undisputed thesis, but also a stripe or two for my "military" service to my country.

Can't help but wonder how my dad would have reacted to one of his fellow 82nd boys warning me to be careful about exposing foreign terrorists in the White House. Are Americans really supposed to cower and run from Zionist transgressors? If Israel is "the Harvard of anti-terrorism" does it stand to reason that the Israeli military helped train whoever was flying those black helicopters? Who leads the training for urban warfare in the United States? I know American COPS train in Israel, this is a well-publicized fact. Are U.S. servicemen under the command of Israeli commandos?

Maybe our intelligence services would better serve American interests if they looked at ALL foreign nationals with access to top U.S. officials exactly the same way. With all the evidence of Israeli spying in this country you'd think our sworn protectors would at least consider the possibility that Etzioni's close ties to Israel coupled with his illegal communitarian ideas pose some kind of threat to the U.S. Is it too much to ask the folks who swear to protect and defend our law to actually investigate foreign nationals who work so tirelessly to CHANGE our law? It's not a coincidence that the U.S. Supreme Court is incorporating Talmudic Law into our court system.


Anonymous said...

yes bless Ms Raapana your swedish anti communitarian link just wanted ta say i miss ya and am following ur work we will link forward in due time till then keep up the excellent work u have been an inspiration to me and my areas of study i have
sorry my clock just ran out till next time Jah Bless sincerely your friend and student Dave

lark said...

I guess it's simply considered jolly good sport in these elite supremacist circles to plan and execute endless sting operations (masterly scams and swindles) upon their many victims throughout history. When we determine which particular groups have held power the longest - the European aristocracy with their royal bloodlines extolling that "divine right of kings", noblesse oblige ethos of theirs, the infiltrated (harmonized?) Holy Roman Catholic Church, and the gangster banksters with their favored clients (moneyed elites, corporatists, pirates, monopolists, and Industrial Age plunderers) given to "scholarly" esoteric agendas, secret society intrigues, "experimental science in the public interest" and plain old pseudoscience (anything to make that next almighty buck, by hook or by crook) - sooner or later we'd have to expect these psychopaths might unite for some demonic common purpose. One might even have cause to think these power wielders are struggling to coalesce and behave like one big happy family...

... Especially, since they already OWN the planet... and, in their sick minds... everything on, within, and around it.

Anyway, I did recently draw some inspiration (hope) from Tom DeWeese over at News with Views with his latest two-part article; although I must say I was less than inspired after reading Alan Stang's latest four-part article.

BTW, have you seen this?

A few of the pieces I'd read from this researcher seem to support some of your contentions. When I read recently about the 7 Noahide Laws a few weeks ago now being a part of American law... I admit I had to get up from my computer... and go outside for some fresh air.

Today I'm wondering about this tender little remark:

"The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was the Work of Jewish Brains, Jewish Dissatisfaction & Jewish Planning, whose goal is to create a New Order in the world. What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia, thanks to Jewish Brains and Jewish planning, shall also, through the same mental and Physical forces, Become a reality all over the world."

-- American Hebrew, September 8, 1920

Yea, right - "excellent", indeed!

P.S. - "2020" arrived today...:)

Anonymous said...

This post reminds me of a favorite poem.

"Truth appears in light
falsehood rules in power
To see these things to be
is cause of grief each hour.
Knowledge, why didst thou come
to wound and not to cure?
O power, where art thou
that must mend things amiss?
Come, change the heart of man
And make him truth to kiss.

Gerrard Winstanley

Love you,

the tent lady said...

Hey Dave! Call your mother and Jeremy. Everyone says hello and we miss you lots. Come home.

Lark, What a great desciption of what you know about the plan!

Not only are the 7 Noachide Laws U.S. congressional law, the U.S. Supreme Court began basing decisions on the Talmud.
The history of freemasonry, Israel, the Bolsheviks, the Kaballah, Catholic scholarship and Zionism were the most difficult aspect of our studying Etzioni's communitarianism, but how could I ignore it when his name translates to Tree of Life from Zion. I also wondered why would the Catholic Pope endorse Zionist-British inspired global communitarianism?

I have included every relevant aspect of communitarianism in my ACL studies, and my knowledge of these truths has brought me nothing but grief.

"O power, where art thou
that must mend things amiss?
Come, change the heart of man
And make him truth to kiss."

Thanks Sue! I love you too!