Friday, September 14, 2007

Yellowstone to Yukon-Wildlands Projects

There are literally thousands of conservation organizations that say the exact same things. Every new agency and coalition in the world claims to be promoting a "sustainable" future. Many also promote "community decisions." Here's one of the emerging leaders: the Sonoran Institute.

Small Town and Rural Subdivision Design Workshop
The Sonoran Institute will be holding a Small Town and Rural Subdivision Design Workshop, being held September 25th and 26th, 2007, at the historic Sacajawea Hotel in Three Forks, Montana. The workshop is open to those who are involved in small town and rural development in the Northern Rockies: landowners, engineers, city and county commissioners, planning board members, planners, realtors, and others... (

Sonoran has Big Plans for the U.S.
The Sonoran Institute's new strategic plan sharpens our focus on the goal of a West "both prosperous and healthy, with a civilization to match its scenery," as Western writer Wallace Stegner envisioned. The Institute is devoted to realizing this vision which embraces civil dialogue and collaboration as hallmarks of decision making.

Sonoran has the grants to make their vision happen.
The Sonoran Institute through its local project, the Montana Smart Growth Coalition, announced the launch of the Gallatin Area Planning (GAP) grants program. This grants program will serve as a catalyst for citizens to envision, plan for and manage growth that protects the region’s unique quality of life.

Sonoran welcomes our Community participation.
"Participation by diverse community members is key to successful collaboration. Decisions that conserve a community’s natural and cultural assets are more effective and enduring when made and embraced by local people. When assisting communities, the Sonoran Institute staff seeks a broad spectrum of interested groups and individuals to engage in civil dialogue and develop practical solutions that promote healthy, resilient natural and economic systems. The Institute also provides training and other resources for people interested in the management of change and growth in their communities. " (> Community Members