Monday, September 17, 2007

Building Livable Communities

Since 1991, every branch of the elected and appointed (and created) US government changed their job description. While all are required to swear to uphold US constitutional law (which they still do in every swear-in ceremony), they have, collectively, quietly agreed to enforce the "sustainable development" ideology. Sustainable development nullifies all other legal contracts.

I say quietly, because most Americans haven't got the first clue what it means. I say enforce because there is nothing voluntary about going along with the sustainable development ideology.

Sustainable development is a plan for rebuilding a "livable" world. A communitarian world is a planned global community. It addresses valuable social dilemmas like social inequity and over-consumption, greed and individual and "outdated" national selfishness.

Most importantly, the new meta-system teaches the blessings of sharing. Don't want to share your hard earned wages? Tired of supporting the communitarian system with your federal taxes? Sorry. Can't help ya there. This is not a representative system and you hold no rights in it as an individual. Your rights are only part of the "collective, common good." As an individual you mean nothing. It's managed by hundreds of levels of unelected "experts" who are appointed because of their total belief in the new "party rhetoric." Think they care about you as an individual? Their new rhetoric says humans (especially the selfish ones) are the biggest problem the world faces. It's basically a new religion that places the earth above humans, kind of a nice Hegelian twist on the Judaic-Biblical version of man's role under God. (Bobby Garner at has done a beautiful job of disecting the writings of Alice Baily on this subject)

In the U.S., our law is based on the premise that each individual is born with certain rights. We are born with them. Men did not give them to us, and therefore man cannot ever take them away. Americans are not born with rights "granted" from a benevolent master. We own them.

The main premise for this new system of governance is that people cannot be allowed to roam the earth freely, because human activity harms the natural environment. The goal of Agenda 21 it to catalogue and control every inch of the planet. This vast GIS/GPS/RFID/NAIS merger will direct all human (and animal) activity based on the information gathered and stored in the global community mapping database (ACL: COMPASS).

Newly created citizen councils are empowered use the database to determine where humans live, where they work, how they commute to work, and where they can shop. According to their platform, this global totalitarian system of sustainable development will bring everlasting peace and harmony. (Nancy Levant has published hundreds of articles at outlining the exact procedures for the harmonious transition to global peace and justice.)

Across the globe, members of every political party and organized religion, including pacifists, neo-cons, Christians, Zionists, Jews, Muslims, fascists, feminists, progressives, communists and socialists have all merged under the umbrella of Communitarianism. Even though this entire idea is the absolute antithesis to U.S. Rule of Law, both Democrats and the Republicans have openly "embraced" the new system. Everybody uses their "buzzwords" now. But hardly anyone ever mentions communitarian law... not even the anti-globalist/NAU crowd. (Rep. Ron Paul, the leading candidate favored by the anti TransTexas Corridor/SPP/NAU/ movement will not respond to our requests for clarification on his position on communitarian programs in the U.S.)

The best part of the plan (to an opponent such as myself) is: since nobody knows what the terms mean, and even fewer people know what the philosophy is that supports the theory, then anyone who learns the terms AND the meanings has an edge during community "visionings." This means if we can share the terms for the new partnership agreements with each other, then more of us might have the good old American opportunity to make an individual choice about it.

It can be shown that 9 to 10% of the American people support sustainable development and the communitarian system of "values" rather than fixed written laws. (see poll on ACL homepage) So what about the rest of America? What is their real vision for their local community? Can 2 opposing systems such as a Soviet and a Republic exist simultaneously in the same "Region?"

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