Sunday, September 30, 2007

winterizing gertee

Is it even possible to live outside the mandates for Agenda 21? No, it is not. Today, just being born requires us to be some part of the physical manifestation of the dialectical con game. We are either part of their banking system, we use their money, we use their fuels in our autos and homes and bbqs, we vote for their candidates, we take their drugs, our children atend their schools, and that's just a small part of their influence.

Then, the really hard part to accept is, as far as I can tell, there is no place left in the USA where the legitimate, established government protects the property and privacy of its free and independent, sovereign state citizens. There are scattered citizens who fight major battles for our "outdated" American liberty, they do it in courtrooms and along most dams and streams... but they are fighting a new communitarian system, and there is no legal constitution included in the reinvented government of these United States.

American property rights have been under assault for a century, and most individuals do not win in the millions of cross-state battles against public-private partnership land "deals."

So, like everyone else, I'm living completely under the watchful eyes of Big Mother. I've been in the COMPASS database since the 2000 DoJ piolot test, and after 5 years of being stuck or walking, I have a new "Etzionized" AK DL. I got insurance and tags for a car that quit running as soon as it was legal. But I'm not a victim of gang-stalking (that I know of anyway), and unlike some people (like Barbara down in Nebraska), my phone line isn't tapped (that I know of.) I don't even try to travel if I can help it, but last time I flew I got through with just a few feels and xrays. Daily interference from the comms isn't really part of my daily troubles.... yet.

Everyone has their own idea of what it means to live free. To me, part of it means having the choice to see if the "ultimate" plan for humanity is even possible. It's ironic that all my attempts to learn to be more self-sufficient tie me into their plan to train us all to be more "sustainable."

But I've been homeless a few times since I started working as a volunteer for the US government (in exile), and I'm just looking at ways to make my own housing. I'm learning to use power tools like chainsaws and drills, and someday I'd like to know how to rely on myself more, and not have to always look to a City or Borough for my heat, lights, water & sewer & garbage. I'm one of those people who cannot imagine being in a city when "all hell breaks loose." I'm opting for a little more space than what's offered in refugee camps/human resettlements/etc.

Even up here in remote Alaska, where there's no local government or zoning ordinances telling me I can't do my own thing, "free" choice doesn't make my daily chores or tasks any easier. It just would be really nuts trying to do this with community inspectors out here bugging me to comply with international building codes.

An 18 foot gertee is the perfect size to build a platform out of 4x8 foot plywood. I just figured it out when I laid out the floorplan. So then I decided to go ahead and winterize the "summer" gertee I threw up when Nord came out to stay in August.

I put 2 more layers of felt and a new PVC tarp on the outside walls. Put the plywood floor in yesterday, Nord says I did it a really funny way but I kept burning up the screws trying to secure it so it doesn't have very many screws holding it down yet.

So yeah, my first floor ever wobbles, but it's dry and almost kind of level. Pulled all the moldy carpet, rugs and tablecloths out first, and then I sprayed Nord's teatree oil and burned Dave's incense.

Now it smells good, it's warm, tomorrow I'll finish the new roof, and then all it has to do is make it through six months of interior Alaskan winter. In the meantime I can get back to my "real" work and start writing again.

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