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What's going on in the alternative media and their spin on communitarianism?

The Madville Times writer who told me there are many other dedicated anti communitarian writers is ridiculing me again, but this time in a new post, lol! He's so close to getting it, he already got it.

My last blog post detailed the exchange I had with that Madville writer. I did wonder about why my posting my background in this subject became the focus of his refutation of my comments. So I posted the exchange here and on facebook. I asked all my friends if they were aware of any other dedicated anticommunitarian researchers, besides Jeri Ball, who have written an original thesis against it, studied it enclusively, or kept up with it. One friend from France explained anti communautairistes in France, which was very helpful, but he did not answer my question.

The latest article by Debra Rae at reads like an attempt to prove the Madville Time's point. This article has no citations or any explanation of how Debra arrived at her opinions and conclusions. Looks to me like Rae borrowed heavily from many of our ideas, because she copies almost verbatim explanations of communitarianism I have written in the past.

"communitarianism is a collectivist social philosophy, political theory, legal system—even theology—" COOLECTIVIST MINDSET: RECIPE FOR REVOLUTION
By Debra Rae
September 7, 2012,

This is the first time Rae has written this line that exists anywhere online. I can find it nowhere in anything else she's published. But I know it's not the first time she's seen it.

"Communitarianism is the philosophy, the theology, the political theory, and the legal system for all new "community governments."  Niki Raapana, wikipedia "Talk Communitarianism" page, 2005
"Twenty-first century communitarianism is a philosophical, political, and legal theory." Niki Raapana Communitarianism is a Three Level Con-Job, 2006
"Modern Communitarianism is a philosophy based in the Hegelian dialectic, an economic and social theory based in Soviet Marxism, a legal theory based in Chinese communism, and a metaphysical belief in the Kabbalah-Torah-Talmudic Law, Lucifer and/or The Holy Bible. Dialectical reasoning began more than 2000 years ago. (For clarification of the ACL co-founder Niki Raapana's position on religion, see: The Role of Religion in the Communitarian Synthesis.)" Niki Raapana 2006

A keyword search for "Debra Rae Communitarianism" leads to five articles, including: published in 2011. Rae doesn't mention this article by Bob Johnson that reported much of the same on the Communitarian Church Growth Movement in 2009: Johnson cites us at length, emailed several times while he was writing his article about it. 

Rae writes about the Hegelian connection to communitarianism now too:

"Hegelian Dialectic
To foster collectivism, communitarians (meaning “members of a commune”) employ Hegelian Dialectic, also known as conflict resolution or the Delphi technique. German philosopher George Frederick Hegel (1770-1831) achieved group consensus under peer pressure by (1) posing a thesis, (2) offering its antithesis, and then (3) synthesizing the two. Debra Rae

Many people have written about Hegel and the Hegelian Dialectical methods and the Delphi technique. The difference between those writers and us is we named Communitarianism in our research on the Hegelian dialectic, it was the focus of our opposition argument, and we said the theory of communitarianism does a lot more than "foster collectivism".
Our original theory showing it's the final Third Way Hegelian synthesis is What is the Hegelian Dialectic? Part One of our Anti Communitarian Manifesto  was first written in 2002, posted online in 2003. Our original antithesis to communitarianism has been copied and reposted all over the internet. It's been in paperback since 2008.

Many webhosts have asked permission to reproduce portions of our antithesis, like Berit Kjos:
What is the Hegelian Dialectic?
By Niki Raapana and Nordica Friedrich
October 2005
I've also written numerous other articles about the Hegelian synthesis called Communitarianism. Many were published at newswithviews where Rae's latest article is posted. Owner Paul Walter requires an exclusive when he publishes a piece, and he also has very high standards for references and citations. How did Rae's unethical attempt to claim our ACL work as her own get past him?
Rae's written a long list of articles for newswithviews. I didn't open and read every one so if she can show where she made her conclusions prior to 2003, if she has anything at all that backs up her claims, I will back off on my accusations. But in 2010, Rae was using the word "commonism" to explain Communitarianism. I rememember reading this article back then and being irritated that she seemed to be purposely avoiding the real word. 

"When global super-capitalism is mated with communism, the result is a world socialist government called “commonism.” By transforming private intellectual assets and nationally-controlled natural resources into the global commons, commonism effectively weds the bourgeoisie and the working proletariat—allegedly, for the greater good."

By Debra Rae
July 3, 2010
An active JBS member, Tom DeWeese, began pushing the term Commonism in 2000.  He was still pushing it in 2007. Deweese doesn't use the term communitarianism once in this article:

May 23, 2007
There is no definition of commonism in the online dictionaries, which redirect viewers to their "communism" pages.

In 2007, I bought the domain address for because I was advised to. I used a weird GoDaddy program and put up a five page short overview of my position. I listed the people I was aware of who knew the word. By then I was sure the word was breaking out and they would write more about it. Instead of picking the term up and running with it, most of the anti Agenda 21 writers I contacted decided to not use the word "Communitarianism". I was being generous when I made this list in 2007 (and I'm not sure why I left Jeri Ball, who we cite in 2020 and TACM, off it):
Other writers/speakers who study political communitarianism:

Michael Shaw (stopped using the term in 2009, replaced it with Tyranny)
Paul Barnes (contributor from Canada to our book 2020)
Chris Gerner (disappeard off the internet)
Nancy Levant (disappeared, returned, stopped writing about it)
Constance Cumby (went on her radio show once, huge fight with her readers over Zionism)
Charlotte Iserbyt (wrote encouraging email about our ACL research)
Devvy Kidd (close friend of Jeri Ball who has recommended our work over the years)
Bobby Garner (not sure what happened to him)
Berit Kjos (still researching communitarianism, reproduced pages from the ACL at her site)
Phillip Worts (we cited him in our antithesis. never used the word)
Darren Weeks (still has a radio show, uses the word, we're no longer in touch)
Joan Veon (she used the term once or twice, we were never in contact)
Dr. Michael Coffman (I don't think he ever used the term)
Tom DeWeese (he used it in one article that I know of)

I don't claim to be the only writer who's ever written about communitarianism negatively. But I have been at this for too long to not know if anyone else has written an orignal antithesis to the philosophy, the law, or the religion. I followed the communitarians and continued to write about it in articles, letters, blogs, books and the MOST boring FaceBook status updates, continuously, relentlessly saying the word in every way possible. The topic of Communitarianism has defined the course of my life for over twelve years. Exposing my countrymen to the term has been a number one priority ever since I learned the new system's name.  That's what I mean by dedicated, and yeah I know, now it looks like I'm a fanatic because I cared about exposing Communitarianism so much I made it my life's work.

One time I put up a list of every opposition writer I knew of on wikipedia's Communitarian page, but it was quickly removed.  I always hoped there would be a lot more opposition views as the years went by.  What I envisioned was fresh ways of seeing it, coverage of areas I hadn't touched so I could learn from them too. It is still my hope that my work reaches and inspires people with the honorable qualities shown by Tomas Wood, Donna Martin, Terry Mendleson, Berit Kjos, Bobby Garner, John Francis Walker, the Angry Cheese and many others who directly cite or link to our work. 
For over a decade the majority of the anti-Agenda 21 "community" ignored us. Oh well. We persevered without those connections or financial backers, and mainly because of us,  the term has worked its way into the most controlled "alternative" news sites and Right and Left Wing groups in the U.S. It's becoming obvious that the communitarian's "best use" of our materials is to steal from our original works and change it just enough, calling it "communism".... so that it leads everyone straight back into the dialectic.
Here's what Rae wrote about Gaia and Mother Earth religion months ago, this past April. She doesn't write one word about the Pachamama or the Communitarian  Pachamama Alliance. She uses our definition of Communitarianism and says it's "even theology" although when she learned that it was Communitarian theology remains unclear.
Rae doesn't mention the lively discussions over Communitarian religion that are popping up in the mainstream press, either. I can find nothing she's written on the Pachamama or Bolivian Communitarianism either.
Rae's article was published five days prior to nwvs on September 2 at the Conservative Crusader. Our original antithesis to Communitarianism is being subtly changed into a Right Wing Conservative Christian viewpoint. According to Debra Rae, another "dedicated?" anti communitarian researcher:
"Countless terms identify this “new order.” Despite subtle nuances in meanings, most can be used interchangeably to mean the collusion between big business (Super Capitalism) and big government (Communism).
Free enterprise capitalism is distinguished by private ownership of property and resources coupled with competitive free enterprise in supplying goods and services. In contrast, super-capitalism is highly concentrated finance capitalism that tends toward anti-capitalism.
Technically speaking, communism is the final phase and goal of socialism (i.e., big government). Based on the theories of the political philosophers Marx and Engels, communism is socialism distinguished by a planned economy (with common ownership of the means of production) and imposed by revolution." Debra Rae
Here's the main reason I have to strike back at Debra Rae and any others who are twisting our work to fit their Right Wing Christian Cabalist message. Our Anti Communitarian Manifesto poses that Communitarianism, NOT SOCIALISM, is the final phase in the Hegelian Dialectic. We wrote a two part paper showing our theory, sharing the methods we used to prove and/or disprove our thesis. The evidence we used has been called into question and either was removed from our work or the citation was found elsewhere. Everything we write can be vetted, all our sources are valid (and thank God for the WayBack Machine, eh?). We were meticulous in laying out the exact foundation for our anti communitarian position, and there is nothing remotely close to it published anywhere else in the world.

Here's another place where Rae takes a sharp turn away from the more contentious aspects of our Anti Communitarian studies: George C. Lodge's Managing Globalization in the Age of Interdependence was published in 1995. According to Debra Rae, the term communitarianism was coined by George Lodge. I have seen this claim made elsewhere over the years, we have also cited it, but it appears nowhere in our thesis. If it's an established fact, with anything other than Lodge's claim to back it up, then it sucessfully refutes our placement of Amitai Etzioni, the Tree of Life from Zion. Yet the only source that exists for Lodge's claim appears to be Lodge himself, and the writers who cite his claim.
"In Managing Globalization in the Age of Interdependence, Harvard Business School Professor George C. Lodge coined the term, “communitarianism,” for what today has emerged as interdependent globalism. " Debra Rae
Interestingly, Debra's latest article doesn't mention Dr. Amitai Etzioni, the Father of the Communitarian Network, the Responsive Communitarian, the "Israeli terrorist turned guru" Founder and Director of the Institute for Communitarian Policy Studies at GWU. Debra Rae borrows heavily from our published works, she uses our definitions, she includes areas only we've identified, yet she completely leaves out our primary focus. Rae didn't tell you who introduced the term communitarianism into upper academia and English in the late 1980s, and who built an entire movement around it.
In 1995, when Rae tells us Lodge coined the word communitarian, Dr. Amitai Etzioni was already described as:
"Amitai Etzioni is America's communitarian-in-chief, the most prominent figure in the movement to balance rights with responsiblities, shore up the family, and knit together neighborhoods--while keeping the Right at bay. A liberal intellectual worried about the decline of civic virtue in America, Etzioni, who teaches sociology at George Washington University in Washington, DC, holds out a vision of community grounded in dialogue rather than demand, uncoerced community consciousness rather than fundamentalist censorship."
Amitai Etzioni: America's communitarian-in-chief
It's hard to imagine a thinker who disproves the idea of the social prophet as scorned, solitary visionary more than Amitai Etzioni does.
January/February 1995

In 2010, former President Bill Clinton, who's dropping the term Communitarian into speeches across America, was also said to be the "inventor" of the term by journalists in Montreal. The facts about where the term originated are getting as fuzzy as the theory itself, unless you read our account of it, but any semi-serious investigator will at the very least find it was in use at the same time the English began using the term Communist, in 1847.

"While the term communitarian was coined only in the mid- nineteenth century, ideas that are communitarian in nature appear much earlier."
"Communitarianism," Encyclopedia of Community, From the Village to the Virtual World, Vol 1, A-D Karen Christensen and David Levinson, eds. (Sage Publications, 2003) pp. 224-228
That "much earlier," according to ACL research, goes back to the Hebrew's captivity in Egypt.

Debra Rae is also telling her readers that the EU and NAFTA are a "prime example" of communitarianism. Rae provides no evidence or sources for how she came to this determination. She throws out aspects of my research that have absorbed thousands of hours of my time as if it's something everyone knows and needs no sources the back up the claim. But it's not known, it's not established as even part of the theory, and I have fought hard and long to include the Communitarian Justice system in encyclopedia definitions. I have begged, pleaded, prodded and pushed the river on the very basic fact that Communitarianism is also LAW. It is still discounted by most Americans. So how did Debra Rae decide to state it as a fact and feel no need whatsoever to provide a source for that information that was not her?

"A prime example of merged capitalism and communism (communitarianism) evolved from the European Economic Community as the European Union. In turn, American and Pacific Unions, to evolve from NAFTA and APEC respectively, are scheduled to follow. " Debra Rae
As far as I know, I was the first person in the U.S. to publish anything on Communitarian Law that connected UN Agenda 21, the European Union, the WTO and NAFTA as Communitarian Legal Agreements.
The ACL's Communitarian Law page went online in 2003:
My legal research expanded over nine years to become the most comprehensive list of Communitarian Laws, Attorneys, Schools, and Courts in existence.  The first chaper in "2020: Our Common Destiny" is all about Communitarian Law. In fact, our entire book is really all about Communitarian Law! In 2006, I submitted my first article to News With Views, a two part explanation of Communitarian Law called "CAFTA, the EU and Communitarian Law". My articles always list or link to my sources.

"The European Court of Justice is occassionally referred to as the Communitarian Court of Justice. CAFTA officials openly discuss using the EU as their model for communitarian case law. Communitarian Regulations govern the archiving of EU legal documents. The term communitarian law is in hundreds of online law journals. It's taught in several foreign law schools and there are degreed law professors of Communitarian Law. The Jean Monet program sponsors symposiums on it at U.S. universities. The D.C. Communitarian Network sends out a communitarian law newsletter. It's a widely understood term in Europe, Central, and South America. Still, Communitarian Law is so unfamiliar to U.S. Americans (and their attorneys) that most have never once heard the terms used." 
CAFTA, the EU and Communitarian Law

Part Two of my CAFTA article explains a little bit more about why my research must be co-opted and controlled. I include every piece of the dialectic in my work, and Debora Rae took another thing out of her barely veiled plagiarizm, Community Policing:
"In the communitarianized U.S., former KGB spies and Mossad assassins train cops to use high-powered technology. Some COPS are military snipers. Cops wear bullet proof vests all the time now. New COPS have fifty nifty new gadgets hanging all over their uniforms (while our troops in Iraq send home for 12 gauge shotguns). And, in a major shift in American public policy regulations, communitarian COPS sit on "citizen" committees. New cops help rewrite local zoning regulations to incorporate communitarian laws. Actually, the COPS help suggest the problems. Then they suggest new ways to get around the individual rights of the problem people, rights which are too strongly guaranteed by a binding legal contract called the U.S. Constitution. They write the exact same laws in every community in America to address the exact same locally identified, citizen suggested problems. They call it holistic, local, grass roots, "participatory democracy" in action."
CAFTA, the EU and Communitarian Law

After that piece went out to newswithviews readers, two other writers plagiarized it and republished parts as if they wrote it. One of them, Philip Jones, a British ex-cop new to reporting, modified his article at Rense and put quotes and attributions under my words. The other plagiarizer, Dave Hodges, an American at Freedom's Phoenix, did not. So seeing our theory and words come out of other writer's pens is not new to us at all.  Akin Akinboyewa took off our names entirely:

Here's another place where a portion of our ACL antithesis is quoted, without quotation marks, and no attribution is made to us as the authors of this, posted at by Anonymous in Dec 2011. This is stolen from the conclusion of What is the Hegelian Dialectic?:
The Communitarian Third Way

A. Constitutional Republic - The United States of America - Government of the people - American's Individual Freedom (1775 - ): power inherent in the people; individual rights of the common born man: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. (God given, unalienable, constitutional rights that are national law)

B. Communist government - The former Soviet Union - government of the State - Marx's theory of world communism (1847 - ), power inherent in the state. "For The Common Good of the Party", sacrificing the individual for the good of the state. Frederick Engels revised Hegel's theory to suit his needs, and then passed them on to Karl Marx, who rewrote them and published The Communist Manifesto in 1848.

C. The coming New World Order / Global Governance / Communitarianism / Third Way, etc. - Government of the Community. The Communitarian Third Way (2002 - ) power inherent in the global community: enforced through mandated duties and responsibilities versus individual freedoms. The Third Way: Elitist social justice enacted by sacrificing individual rights. It will institute communitarian laws (by way of facilitators and agents of change), launching state and corporate interventions in private matters; easing the way for confiscation and redistribution of individual wealth in the United States of America. Its elements includes: faith-based initiatives, community governments, community policing, limiting individual's privacy, and the total elimination of individual's right to bear arms.
What's new is the way our research is being twisted into something it is not.
ACL research on Communitarian Law was actually (and quite surprisingly) the most contentious area we looked into, before we began tackling the relgious aspects anyway. I've personally had numerous, long, online debates over the issue of whether Communitarian Law is "real" or not. Everyone from the editors at wikipedia to Christian scholars like Bobby Garner have told me "there is no such thing as communitarian law." Vicky Davis, the highly respected author of sent me an email a couple months ago and told me EU Communitarian Law evolved naturally and has nothing to do with Etzioni's Communitarianism. I emailed her a free pdf of our book, linked her to a few of my research articles on Communitarian Law, to ACL: Communitarian Law, and I never heard back yet. Until this article was published at newwithviews yesterday, I was under the impression that the Christian Right had completely rejected my position on Communitarian Law and were continuing their blackout. Now I see they're adopting it as if it's their own idea, with a twist.

In a radio interview with Sharon Hughes on September 5, 2012, Debra Rae "broke-apart" Collectivism. Huges set up the dialectical argument between the Republicans and the Democrats, introducing it the same way the religious leaders and various right and left wing "truthers" have been introducing it. The final balance between Individualism and Collectivism is underway.

At 8 minutes in she defines communitarianism as just one of the many ways to descibe the supranational world order. Then she goes on to explain communitarianism is and I'll have to transcribe it because the way she described it sounded very familiar. Free Market Capitalism is her definition of the original System of American Political Economy.  Her entire argument is a repeat of the Religious Right's position. (Hughes has no idea who Aynn Rand was either.) Gorbachev is mentioned, but not as the co-founder of Communitarian Socio-Economics with Amitai Etzioni. Both women stay within the confines of the Right Wing argument against Global Governance. They talk about Communitarianism and then put it smack dab back in the middle of a useless dialectical "debate."

What else can we learn about Debra Rae from Sharon Huges' radio archives? They've done several shows on the Qu'ran, What Every American Needs to Know About the Qu'ran Pt 4, and one called

"WOMANTalk: The Destinies of America & Israel, With: Sharon, Debra Rae & Audrey Russo.  Debra Rae &Audrey Russo join Sharon to talk about what scenarios are in America's and Israel's future. Will the U.S. continue to stand with Israel...against Iran? What needs to happen for these nations to fulfill their destinies? Plus, some of the most unbelievable news stories of last month."  

Hughes' show is "freeing the minds of the brainwashed masses." (LOL!) At 5:00 Debra Rae quotes Biblical scripture as the basis for OUR COMMON DESTINY with Israel, of our "symbiotic relationship" and insists our destiny is tied to the destiny of Israel.  

The ACL is not Right Wing.  We are not Christians and we do not quote any religious texts to support one religious view over another. We do not support Zionism, and we have published numerous articles and papers on the role Judeo-Christian Zionism, the Talmud and Israel plays in establishing Etzioni's Communitarian Global Supra National State.

We are not anti Semites because we report all the facts as we find them, and we have written about the Catholics, the Muslims, the Mormons and Methodists who are also promoting the Communitarian synthesis of religions. My focus right now is on the emergence of the Pachamama, the World Mother, She whose roots are a 500 year old "Communitarian" tradition. The synthesis between the religions is a very important piece to us, and it looks like Debra Rae spent a good deal of time researching it.  But she crossed the line when she stole ACL ideas and gave them the Zionist slant, which is always to simply take out any references to Zionism, or if that fails, accuse the writer of anti-Semitism.

We know that's what the next round will bring. We have heard it all before. It won't stick. We're not anti-Semitics. We're not anti-Christians. We're not anti-Muslims, we're not anti-Mormons and we're not even anti-Pagans. We're just Anti-Communitarians. We oppose the false conflicts between ideologies that lead to the final Communitarian solution.  Our use of the term Anti Communitarian in the USA is backed up with years of copyrighted, dedicated research. What's Debra Rae's research based upon?


angry cheese said...

Accurate referencing or citing, linking to the original article, is a basic research convention. This is a basic student rule. There is no excuse not to. It is a matter of good manners as much as anything else. If you accurately reference, you avoid charges of plagiarism and can reproduce anything you like in any context - what could be better or easier? These monkeys are up to no good, the lot of them!
All their degrees and qualifications and they have no manners and do not understand what plagiarism is? I want to kick their cheeky backsides!

Paul Barnes said...

I think it is VERY important to point out that


Are two different things.

In almost every instance in which I read text made available to the public eye.

The the face of one is invariably used to mask the other.

Bobby Garner said...

"Bobby Garner (not sure what happened to him)"

I'm still here, and still learning new things about "World Government", "Citizens of the World", and other related matters such as Geographical Information Systems (GIS), which appears to provide the enabling technology for regional and ecological planning, and other nefarious projects such as Cancer Prevention and Control, and mapping, land use and landscaping architecture as practiced by WRT, also approaching their 50th anniversary.

The USGS uses it as a "Science for a Changing World".

David A. Wallace, and Ian L. McHarg, founders of WRT, are among the interesting characters in the plot.

After all of these years no one has ever offered to steal my work.

Sean said...

Well I'm still here too. And no one has even MENTIONED me. **pouts**

After all, I've made countless blog comments, even my own blog POSTS, i've written numerous emails, and even made at least two dozen personal phone calls...

Most importantly I've struck up conversations IN PERSON. I Chit chat with friends and family, make random comments to strangers, have
mild political debates with co-workers and clients...

And I toss 'communitarian' in there at least 40% of the time. What credit do I get? NOTHING. (Well I'm sure people at least think about me occasionally, and for that I'm truly thankful.)

Personally, I miss the good ole days of debating disinfo shills in forums. At least they knew why they were there.

These 'true-believer' types are much less fun to do battle with. They have no idea what they think. But they KNOW what they believe. (they can't explain it, but that don't matter...)

Takes the wind out of my sails and gives me this kind of pathetic sympathy for them.

After all, if any of us were really DOING anything the Communitarian-British-Israel-Christian-Zionist-Masonic-New Age-Illuminati-Jesuit-Feminists didn't like:


Am I right?

Niki Raapana said...

Thanks cheese, Paul, Bobby and Sean! I'm having a hard time keeping up with the ACL anymore, and responding to comments was never one of my strong points.

Cheese I aprreciate that, you know how many thankless hours it took us to produce what we have, and yeah, I want to kick their cheeky backsides too!

Paul, it's great to hear from you too! I think that's one of the reasons why the right avoided the word communitarianism for as long as they could. They've kept the focus away from the word Community (unless they're talking about Obama's Community Activism training).

Bobby, damn it's good to hear from you, glad you're still writing, and the GIS was an interest of mine too back in 99, all the data the COPS gathered went into a GIS mapping program HUD passed out called "2020" and of course the DOJ's COMPASS. Looking forward to reading it. I don't know if you can be so sure nobody has stolen your work.. there's so many new websites and "researchers" now who just go around lifting whatever they want, from whoever.. and you've got a lot of good research that if they haven't stolen it yet, they will when they find it.

Sean I'm sorry I haven't mentioned you!!!! I've always been grateful for your input and I knew we needed to make Certificates of Appreciation! I miss the old days too, before I knew almost everyone I was meeting was something other than they seemed. The more I learn about the levels of deception the less motivated I am to step up our game and join the fray. The louder it gets out there, the quieter I've become.

Now the book is about to change all that, and if it DOES anything other than what's it's DONE so far, then things could get interesting, fo sho. But we're still such nobodies, and that's been our best protection all along, and it was part of Nord's "strategy" to keep us out of the limelight. I think I may have been happy to fade back into complete nobodiness until I found them stealing my work. So now, if they want to send hexes my way or send assassins, we'll know why!

Bobby Garner said...

I said I was still learning, not still writing.

According to some who appear to have an inside track on "The Plan", Europe is about to explode, and it will arrive on our shores soon after the coming elections. (GEAB)

Others who appear to understand the nature of the problem, for example, here and here, fail to grasp the reality that their own recommendations will, in the end, support the outcome.

The outcome is to be world peace under a counterfeited "Kingdom of God".

"Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated", if you support any part of the old system or actively resist it's replacement. It's The False Dichotomy of Good v.s. Evil, which nearly everyone seems to fall into.

As of October 8, 2012, will fade off into the sunset.

The Truth is freely available for those who earnestly seek it "as for hid treasure"(Proverbs 2).

Anonymous said...

Debra Rae, like the vast majority of "alternative" news media writers, is paid for with unlimited central banker monies to facilitate the ongoing dialectic. They purchase their opposition to control their opposition. Then they make the opposition focus its energy on wasted efforts.

Anonymous said...

Killer article, as usual Nikki,
A lot of these Clown School graduates in the alternative media don't have the journalistic credentials to research and write in a professional manner. They also lack the intellectual and philosophical abilities to wrap their heads around this issue-it's just too much for them, and it's not sexy enough to ring up the hits on their website counter. This is why I am grateful for my Catholic education, followed by years of travel overseas and a hell of a lot of reading and researching. "Meaning well" is not enough-this is an intellectual grown ups game, and living in the Bible Belt, I can tell you that the Baptists, Assembly of god squad, and all the others on their team just aren't equipped with the tools to sort through this all. Etzioni told me on the phone his vision was for America to be a nation of kibbutzes. That's all we need to know when it comes to intentions. The American sense of entitlement so ever present today is the perfect breeding grounds for Amitai to have his way.

James said...

Many commentators greeted the onset of the financial crisis with the expectation that this heralded the end of the neoliberal era. Yet four years later, the ‘neoliberal’ model of policy-making has exhibited a resilience which such people would not have predicted. William Davies argues that this increasingly common framing looks at the problem in the wrong way and that we are instead witnessing the emergence of what he terms ‘neocommunitarianism’.

The Emerging Neocommunitarianism