Thursday, September 20, 2012

The US version of Common Purpose UK in Millerton, NY

While the majority of people waking up to the real threat of Agenda 21 are allowing themselves to be manipulated into the right v left dialectic, there is a tiny percentage of people who are not. 
{begin letter}
Hi Niki:

I have been following your writing for quite a while and have much respect for your integrity and the invaluable work you have done.

I live in Millerton NY about 2 1/2 hours north of NYC in northern Dutchess County. There are less than 400 people in the Village of Millerton and I think a little less than 3,000 in the Town, which is called North East. Two and a half years ago I picked up the local newspaper and read an article that made bells go off. A lawyer for an affordable housing developer was quoted telling a resident at a local hearing that it was costing the applicant too much time and money to educate her. I don't even know specifically what I had read to that point to tell me this but I thought, "This is Agenda 21."

I have been fighting ever since and have had some good success at holding them off. Whenever someone's rights are threatened by the sustainable juggernaut I'm there, usually with just the few people who are directly affected. But we've held off the housing, and the unneccesary expensive sewers for the housing, and a few other things.

The reason I am writing now, is because something is happening here and I feel out of my depth. I think it could be a national story with legs, especially on alternative sites on the internet, but I don't know who to talk to. I believe if we don't get help from outside, Millerton and North East, may lose this one.

Of course, it's a story that will not be easily understood by those stuck in the left/right paradigm, so even though I considered some right wing sites/people, I'm not comfortable with that.

Brooke Lehman, daughter of Wendy Vanderbilt Lehman and Orin Lehman, former NY Parks Commissioner, grandaughter of the founder of Lehman Brothers, is before the North East ZBA and Planning Boards with a request for a Special Use Permit for an educational center she claims will teach sustainable farming and living and leadership skills, etc. The families who live near it are fighting this because thay know that Lehman is an anti-capitalist, anti-US sovereignty, Marxist, black bloc anarchist revolutionary active in Occupy Wall Street. We now know her non-profit Watershed Center is already supporting Occupy training programs through an entity called Occupy Manifest. If you read the story on RT/Russia Today website recently that talked about the Ntrepid Co.'s Tartan Metrics program (anarchist tracking) she fits the profile. I oppose illegal surveillance of the lawful, but she is one of those who should be tracked in my opinion. We also know Occupy is deliberately moving into rural areas like ours.

I am fighting her for all of those reasons and because the Institute for Social Ecology she taught at is Communitarian, her Watershed Center ( lists as a main activity Capacity Building on its non-profit profile and our local community council is fighting like hell to get her in. And then there's her obsession with "consensus." She either has "silver spoon" guilt or is well aware that what she is doing serves the class she was born into, that she is knowingly working for the very globalist system she claims to fight. I'm guessing the latter.

The Agenda 21 supporters have stacked the ZBA. Lehman is being treated like a prom queen, and no one seems to know about her radical/dirty bookstore, Bluestockings. Meanwhile, today my latest letter to the editor of the local paper was censored. They said they would cut "most of it" because they have suddenly decided not to print things that have already been gone over and are redundant in their opinion (it wasn't). So I said don't print at all. This, three days after a letter from Lehman appeared, asking the paper to stop the "personal attacks" against her (formerly known as "the truth.") Both boards swear there is no legal way to stop her, but it's clear that at least the ZBA which was conveniently given lead agency, doesn't want to. They dismiss the public and then reconvene after her opponents leave. The Planning Board dismissed the public and then called for public comment in a near empty room (myself and parther and Lehman were the only ones left.)

If you have any guidance I'd appreciate it. Feel free to post this on your site, if you feel it will get the ball rolling. 

Pam from Millerton
{end letter}

From the Watershed site: "The Watershed is pleased to announce that after a five-year land search, we have found the land and farming partner of our dreams. We have partnered with the illustrious and industrious Andy Szymanowicz of Sol Flower Farm (Ancramdale, NY) and together we are preparing our move to Mt Riga Farm in Millerton NY.

As part of this preparation, Brooke Lehman, who will own the land that we will be leasing is applying for a special permit from the local zoning board, and then applying for site plan approval, followed by board of health certification (etc…). It is quite an involved process, and yet it has also been a real pleasure to get to participate in a healthy local democratic process. The Watershed Center has received so much support from the community that it has made us even more excited about the prospect of settling in Millerton."
As our Canadian contributor to 2020, Paul Barnes commented on the last blog post I made, the definition of "community" is critical to understanding how the game works. I'm gathering research that focuses on the term, how it's used and how it's abused. EVERY plan I've ever read claims to have broad "community" support for the plan, and what that actually means is the Communitarians support it, not the people who actually live where the plan is being implemented. This Watershed Center uses the same language we've seen in Anchorage 2020 and the Seattle plans, and makes the same claims. Since it's a training center, it means the students will also become proficient at making it appear the residents support their programs for change, when the truth is most residents rarely know anything about the programs ot how they'll change the lives of everyone living in the "community."


Anonymous said...

yeah, the little non-profit "Acorn Organic" in the Atlantic Region of Canada has a plan to 'create a new generation of farmers' partnership with "Landshare Canada" cos we apparently have a shortage of available farmland [b.s.] - based on a UK model - equals commie farming for the brainwashed youth .. they wish to 'transition' farmers... and they won't stop.. I know these people well know .. I live near them and I find the small town has been a real education .. not much to be done I am afraid .. because these people are begging for govt intervention in their lives and how well they think they can 'manage' things .. they are the ultimate control freaks .. and they are a cult .. period .. not much can be done in my opinion .. they are funded, powerful, connected and determined.. thanks for this post tho Niki and those who are awake .. its a real bummer

Anonymous said...

Even South Seattle has its p-patch gardens and its urban farming center. The local online news site is a grant-driven propaganda arm and the ignorant local business owners jump on the local green bandwagon. This is being repeated throughout the entire US.

Here is the end goal (i.e., worldwide soviet-style communes governed by local unelected councils that report daily activities to a larger governing body), from

"We support the shift of our economic focus from transnational corporate “fusionism” to regional subsistence. Subsistence economy focuses on a “natural” way of living. This is not “back to stone age”. It rather means a spiral, wavelike progress out of the life-destroying habits of today’s so-called civilization and accepting and welcoming the complexity of life.

We support the development of sustainable, decentralized—that is local—high-tech production, combined with local use of local resources. and the redesign of our monetary system according to a fourfold model: 1) economy of gifting (a basic matriarchal feature), 2) counter-trade (barter) economy, 3) complementary local monetary systems for regional trade, and 4) unified currency (for example called “terra”) for interregional and global trade. In our eyes compound interest has to be abolished. Also the concept of “owning” land must be reconsidered.
Regional subsistence is committed to fair trade. It appreciates community, supports redevelopment of social structures and teaches the necessity and the pleasure to share resources—thus making regions ready to downscale consumption, shift values from material to social wealth and to deal with migration in a peaceful way."

Anonymous said...

pam is off base on this.