Saturday, June 30, 2012

Gertee Traveler - My new home sweet home

10' Gertee Traveler beats the odds!

Tim Redington designs new Traveler frame, April 2010

Making new Traveler roof cover, spring 2011 
One layer plastic tarp (never enough if it's always raining).
One layer RadiantGuard reflective insulation
salvaged from the Gertees in Kenny Lake,
attached to tarp with grey duct tape.
One layer gorgeous fabric swatches bought
on ebay for $1 each (for pieces up to 20 yards long!),
attached with glue gun. Long piece of upholstry fringe
fabric hand sewed to outside tarp edge.

Kenny Lake Gertees. Traveler frame on left covered with
the same Girl Scout tent canvas I've recycled 20 times now.

Traveler in Big Lake, summer 2011

Interior summer Traveler 2011
Floor is a recycled pool and carpet pads.

Traveler with LightSpeed tent, summer 2011
Next design: Lightspeed Gertee!

2011 was a very wet summer!

The pvc walls combined with pvc roof poles
and the light piece of metal
made the roof too light for big Valley winds.
Those are bags of rocks.

Traveler Espresso open 24 hours a day.

 Making insulated floor for 10' Traveler, fall 2011

 2 pieces 4x8 3/4" plywood.

 The Traveler interior after rebuilt on insulated floor
 using new wooden wall frames, winter 2011/12

4' wide shelf (scrap from a remodel) wall piece.

Roll of construction plastic came in really handy.

Two 10' Travelers attached by a 4' wide doorway,
with small arctic entry on the front.

Traveler cook shack, winter 2011/12

Still have the same Hunter Drolet woodstove.

Left for 3 months in early 2012.

Record snowfall winter 2011-12

Heavy snowload on the roof.
3/4 inch electrical grade grey pvc roof poles are
SUPER STRONG and yet very lightweight.
 I painted them white (this is an uneccessary step).

 Entry area, covered the door with bubble wrap and felt.

 Close up of arctic entry
 Spring 2012

Building begins Summer 2012

New 14' Gertee Greenhouse Summer 2012
with the original teepee roof style!
Attached to front door of the Travelers.

New ad Nordica designed for Home4Life.

Photo by Kathy Kitts

What's waiting for me when I go back to KL.
The original 16' roof poles caved under heavy snow.
(Skinny, burnt spruce roof poles Tim cut in 2007)
 I took out the braces last spring when I redid the floor. 
Tim says it has about 500 gallons of water on the roof.
But, the billboard roofcover is holding it, so far!
The 20 footer looks fine, the center 14' was always a joke.


Anonymous said...

Niki! This is so exciting. I cannot wait to see you!

Stop Common Purpose said...

Hi Niki

I really do admire your resourcefulness and tenacity.


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