Friday, June 29, 2012

Book tour coming up soon!

The paperback edition of 2020: Our Common Destiny & the Anti Communitarian Manifesto combined into one book, is finally finished! Mail orders ship out next week. If you pre-ordered this book sometime in the past two (?!?!?!) years and do not receive one within the next 2 weeks, please be sure to let us know. International orders should be received within 3 weeks.

Arrangements are underway for a book tour to the lower 48 beginning sometime in August. I'll bring a short powerpoint presentation that will also be streamed from some of the locations where I'm speaking. Before I leave we'll be having a local book signing party in Anchorage, Alaska at the Tap Root in Spenard (the old Whitekeys Fly By Night club!), probably on a Blues Monday. More details on that will be posted here soon, along with a list of the radio shows I'm doing now.

I've got a reader who owns the original spiral bound version down in Northwestern Montana who's generously offered to set up the venues for that part of the state. My tentative plan is to fly to Seattle and have a book party there and meet up with a lot of old friends and initital contacts from 1999. I have a friend in Tacoma who may be making the arrangements in King County. From the PNW I'll head east on I-90, swing down to Walla Walla and back up to Spokane, Boise, and then on to Montana and Wyoming. Depending on how it goes, I'll be adding new destinations to my journey, but I'm certain I'd like to make it all the way to NYC (with stops in WI, Ohio, Amherst, Long Island and Staten Island for sure!). Best case scenario, I'll ride the train down the coast to Florida (where I've never been) and across the south to California, after a long tour of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

Documentary footage of the journey is another part of the project. If you'd like to assist with this endeavor, meet up with us for a day, or join the party and travel with us for a while, please be sure to let me know. Looking forward to meeting as many of my readers as is possible, some of you I feel like I've "known" for years.

Our return to the "fray" is also bringing the haters and the critics out of the woodwork. I'm sure I may have to deal with them along the way too. Maybe I'll find time to stop in DC and poke my head in at Etzioni's office, just to say hello, and thanks for the memories!

So much has happened since we started studying the plan in 1999, and there are a LOT more Americans who know something about it now. I get emails all the time from regular people across the states who have just begun speaking out against it in their municipal councils and meetings. Two state legislatures passed Acts forbidding implementation of Agenda 21 and sustainable development, and while those two items are only the tip of the iceberg, it's a great start! ICLEI has also been outlawed in over a hundred towns! America had a slow start, but it looks like it has the potential to rise to a fast finish. In some places the local governments still DENY that their local plan has anything to do with Local Agenda 21, and the mainstream press is painting all opponents as right wing wackos and conspiracy theorists. These defamation of character pieces breezily ignore the Democrats Against UN Agenda 21, and so many others like us who do not fit their right v left dialectical con. It's "the healthy instincts of the plain man" that's their biggest threat right now.

The updates on the outcome of Rio+20 are claiming it was a big failure. Haven't found anything new on the proposed Rights of Mother Earth, but I did get quite a few hits from Brazil last week on the Pachamama article.

I'm going to sublet my gertees month-to-month while I'm gone, so if you've ever had the desire to live in a rustic but cute yurt setup in Alaska, here's your opportunity. The 3 gertees connected to each other ten miles north of Wasilla are perfect for a single or a couple, but the RV park is also kid friendly. Have to haul water and sewage, and it's wood heat. Has electric and a well, sewage drains, shower, laundrymat, and wireless on site. Space rent is $450. a month. There's close access to the Parks Hwy and local stores. My email is

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