Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stuck in my own dialectic

1:12 scale 20' gets first spring visitors

20' front entryway

deck garden with real plants (until voles ate them all!)

1:12 scale Gertees, 5', 8', 10', 12', 14'

1:12 scale 14' Gertee cook shack, under construction

using cutouts now mixed with 3D pieces

the 14' fits a big woodstove, fridge, counter, shelves & sink

Woke up this morning feeling very strange after dreaming I was writing a new article about the impossibility of ever finding a way to live outside the dialectic. I went back to facebook a few months ago to keep in touch with my family, but seeing how deep people are inside the dialectic is almost more than I can bear.

Spring is always an anxious time for many Alaskans, especially those of us that survive in the winter by working summer jobs. Last year was such a bad one for me, except for my grandsons, so I have to focus on making money now, no matter how many ACL related articles or books I need to be writing. I'm sorry I haven't responded to the wonderful comments I've been getting. Gertee simply has more potential to feed and clothe me, so that's what I have to work on now.

It may be that my life took such a dive when I began "debating" Amitai Etzioni that I am doomed to fail no matter what path I choose. In that case I should probably keep researching and writing for the ACL until I starve or freeze to death. I'm known all over the world now, and a lot of people do respect my work, but many, many more think I'm crazy. In any case, like Connie said, all you have to do is type my last name into a google search and you find me. This limits my regular job options as any potential employer can easily find out a lot about me online.

I've been invited to speak about communitarianism at the Santa Rosa Democrats Post Sustainability Conference in September 2011. It's my first official invitation to speak since the Libertarian Convention in 2000. At this point, I have to decline. I can't afford the ticket down and I really can't go speak in front of anyone without getting false teeth first! It's not a paying engagement but I can certainly bring a bunch of 2020/TACMS along to sell. Maybe I 'm just a dreamer, but I'm hoping Gertee will fund my ACL work, since nothing else does anymore.

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angry cheese said...

You're not crazy, and people will eventually agree with you as things get worse. The world's gone mad. Look at what the UK Column have just reported:
Is it fair to fine fat people for not dieting?