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Eight year old ACL blog posts recovered by Nordica

It's springtime in Alaska and it's been a busy month for this crazy winter camper. I've finally decided that as long as there are still utilities available to our civilization, then I want them all! Of course I still choose to live in a Gertee. I am going to start designing and building them with plumbed floors for drains and hose attachments for clean water. I found a spot in Wasilla right on the Parks, and once again I will be tearing the 20' down and moving it to a new home/retail location. But unlike the Chitina fiasco last summer, this spot has VISITOR TRAFFIC, electric, water, sewer, laundry, playgrounds and wireless! Over the summer I'm going to make a documentary of how I locate and get donations for all the materials to build new Gertees.

I'm grateful to have tried living a most primitive lifestyle while still being provided for within the infrastructure around me. After all these years of this trial, I'm fairly certain that 80% of the Americans I hear talking about how they plan to survive "off grid" or in the "wilderness" are in for a very rude awakening.

Nordica is finishing up a lot of the things that went on hold because of our new baby Tomas, and most importantly she's almost finished with the revision of 2020/TACM! She recently sent me a few of my old blog posts from the very first ACL website. They're filled with all kinds of interesting bits of information that are still relevant to current events. Like this one:

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Peter Myers forwarded author Bruce Murphy's April 5, 2003 "Kristol's Weekly Standard leads the way."

Murphy's article focuses on the men, the money, and the newspapers behind the influence over the U.S.- Iraq war. He tells us DC is buzzing in reaction to less than favorable worldwide reports regarding the New American Century group's neoconservative influence over Bush Jr. Murphy's article (a version was published in the Millwaukee Journal Sentinal) led me down an interesting path.

Murphy tells us,

[begin quote] "Under Joyce, the Bradley Foundation made 15 grants totaling nearly $1.9 million to the New Citizenship Project Inc., a group Kristol led and which also created the Project for a New American Century, a key proponent of a more aggressive U.S. foreign policy. The foundation also is a significant funding source for the American Enterprise Institute, a Washington, D.C., think tank with many neoconservative scholars." [endquote]

Sources at Media Transparency provide us with the grant data matrix for the New Citizenship Project, which was also called "The Bradley Project on Citizenship and the New Century." Back in the mid 1990's, at the same time "liberals" like Clinton and Gore were creating the National Partnership for Reinventing Government, the New Citizenship Project funded research for the hazily defined "Projects to restore self-government and civil society."

The New Citizenship Project funded important research into the causes and prevention of crime, and they funded start-up for the Council on Crime. All of these projects fit nicely into United Nations' Local Agenda 21, the 1992 Rio blueprint for nationwide efforts to rebuild the world into communitarian civil societies.

The John M. Olin Foundation, listed by Media Transparency as a heavy contributor to The Project for A New American Century, was also the primary funder ($227,500.00) of Ronald Radosh's fellowship grant while he was at The Institute for Communitarian Studies, at George Washington University, DC. Radosh is the former communist turned conservative who needed a total of $277, 500 in grants to write the book, "Commies; A Journey Through the Old Left, the New Left and the Leftover Left."

Just a quick perusal of his articles posted at FrontPage is enough to show an observant student of the dialectic how creative (and well funded) the communitarians are.

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