Monday, April 11, 2011

Mini Gertee featured in my new youtube video

Gearing up for another summer of promoting Gertee. It's a challenge getting myself re inspired to work on projects I've put away, especially after a losing endeavor. I am getting used to it now though, must be because almost everything I've done could be filed under losses. heh. But some projects have a way of jumping back up to the top of my list, namely the ACL and Gertee.

What's okay is each time I return to writing for the ACL, my style improves. During the rewrite for 2020 I found so much good new source material it was almost as exciting writing as it was when I first found the theory in 2000. But the legal research is a brain drain, and I decided to take an extended break from the ACL. Now, I am suddenly engaged in a discussion about Communitarian Law with Peter Myers. Regular readers are familiar with my reposts of his elists. Myers is a highly educated national socialist from Australia (as opposed to the international socialists) whose research website called Neither Aryan nor Jew was tremendously helpful to my early and continued ACL education. I've been reposting his research for eight years now, and he's never shown much interest in discussing globalized communitarianism, let alone global communitarian law. This means I will, by default, be working on the ACL again! I will be revising the ACL Communitarian Law pages, using my back and forth with Peter to form my presentation. It's perfect that the first page back up at the ACL will be the law.

Last fall Nordica and Fred helped me finish the 20" interior. My 3 yr old grandson sat and looked into it for several minutes before he stated simply, "Gramma, I want to live in there."

My Gertees and I were featured in an article by Lori Leahy in the April 7, 2011 edition of the Copper River Record, under a story line called "True Alaskans."

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